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7 Years Old: Chapter 32 – Details of the Request

Translator: Krrizis
Editor: Nahct & Wafflez


「So, how can I be of any assistance to you?」

Like usual, Cecil-kun deserted me completely so I had to rely on my memory to trace my steps back to the laboratory. I approached Caldina-san, who was stretching after finally being freed from the ropes, inquiring about my objectives.   

For the time being, I’ve pledged in my heart to quickly finish the job. It seems Cecil-kun really can’t stomach having me around. So for his sake, I was anxious to promptly leave as soon as possible.

For what it’s worth, I wanted to be on good terms with him ….. However, no matter how hard I tried, it didn’t seem to work out favorably. Of course, I did make the effort.

「Ah, you didn’t hear the details from Welf-sama?」
「I was told that I’ll be assisting the creation of a magic tool. Now then, where’s Father?」
「Welf-sama said he was busy so he left for the other departments. Furthermore, he punched me before he left. Isn’t that cruel~ doing it to a young maiden like myself」

Though she stuck out her tongue when she grumbled about Father, it didn’t seem like she particularly disliked him. Rather, it seemed like she enjoyed it. As it was an everyday occurrence, was she really a person to hold a grudge against another?

I would like to insist, as a victim, that either way, she was paying for her actions from earlier.  

「And, about the creation of the magic tool. We have the shape, all that’s left is to make sure it’s operating properly, like verifying the flaws and fine tuning it. After which, there’s the issue of maintaining the output and sense of stability. These minor works is why I plotted to enlist the highly sensitive with large volumes of magical power Liz-chan’s help! ….. Haa~ What’s with that face?」
「No ….. I can do the work」
「Un~fair. Doesn’t this seem like you’re being entrusted by the section chief?」

While saying 「Liz-chan’s so coldhearted」and feigning crocodile tears, she came over to cling onto me but I quickly dodged to avoid contact. If she caught ahold of me, sexual harassment difficulties lay ahead.

Caldina-san seemed dissatisfied that she failed to seize me. However, when I warned her with a single phrase,「Father」, she obediently withdrew.

Of course, Father wouldn’t have usually witnessed such a scene as he was the Magic Institution’s No. 2. It was easy to report and have the unabiding subordinate be punished; Caldina-san as well was no exception.

「Haha, Caldina-san doesn’t get along well with Welf-sama」
「Too noisy! People like Welf, Mel-chan and Cecil-kun are just the same kind」
「Haha, no mistaking it」

At the sound of Felt’s teasing voice, Caldina-san puffed up her cheeks. How should I put it, from Caldina-san’s appearance, her actions and conduct were a little childish. Or should I say, youthful?

On the contrary, Felt-san’s previous aged appearance gave me a sense of stability until the end. However, on the occasion when he mentioned drawing my blood, my instincts told me that he could not be completely trusted.   

「In any case, let me first start by introducing you today to the magic tool. Mel-chan, bring the usual~」

It seems she has finally stopped crying and, in a rush, flew into the back of the room ….. 「Su—ahhhhhh」came the sound of her falling. After which, I heard a crying 「Fueeeeeeeeeahhhh」sound and in my heart, I affixed the clumsy label to her.

「Ah~ Mel-chan fell over again. However, at least the magic tool isn’t broken」
「I think Caldina-san’s also at fault for leaving the documents on the floor」
「Let’s just tidy it up …..」

It seems half of that was Caldina-san’s fault. However, I felt that Melphondo-san was also the cause of it because of her being considerably careless.

「Hiccup~ *sniffs* I’ve brought itttt~~~」

Despite having just stopped moments ago, Melphondo-san was once again crying and sobbing convulsively as she brought several accessories in both hands. The skin on her forehead, that was slightly visible from the gaps of her blue hair, turned bright red due to the fall.

As expected, it was pitiful so I healed her using healing magic and gazed at the accessories that Melphondo-san had obtained in her hands.

「Haa, it doesn’t hurt」
「I casted healing magic on you. And so, what sort of magic tool is this?」
「I’ll explain! This is, well, a secret item that was requested from a certain client. To create this, we had to go through various troubles—」
「Please make it brief and concise」
「Aaah! Liz-chan’s cold! You see, this is~~ a certain magic tool that can convert and nullify magic!」

「How’s that」Caldina-san said, brimming with confidence with her hands on her hips.

….. Convert and nullify magic. In other words, it was an unrivalled item under specific conditions.

「….. Isn’t it impressive?」
「Isn’t it isn’t it! Praise me praise me~!」
「If you have to praise someone, then praise Cecil-kun. Liz-jou, this enchantment was designed by Cecil-san」

Cecil-kun’s design. ….. No matter how I look at it, Cecil-kun’s age wasn’t any different from mine. Even if I were to estimate, he was probably a year older than me. He appeared younger than Klaus-kun who I’d met just the other day. However compared to Klaus-kun on the inside, he was matured, or rather, harsh.

It’s this person who had constructed an enchantment through his own abilities. Isn’t that really remarkable?

「He’s amazing ….. A genius」
「Hey Liz-chan, you’re pretty weird as well. When I was about Liz-chan’s age, I wasn’t even able to use sorcery」
「It’s because I had the assistance of an excellent teacher」

That’s right, Gilles was amazing. After all, it’s expected since when Gilles first taught me, he was approximately at the age of an upper elementary school student. Gilles was also amazingly extraordinary for being at that age and for being so composed.  

….. Does that mean he had looked at it in the long term?

When I was frankly admiring Gilles, Cecil-kun looked over here and somehow clicked his tongue. Th–that’s not adorable ….. No, was I somehow disliked, hence why he’s taking that attitude up with me?

Hmm ….. Could it be that I had hurt his pride?

Since I was a child, I’ve always held this magic power. For Cecil-kun to be at the Magic Institution means that he’s considerably good at casting sorcery. As far as he’s concerned, I, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, was probably like a thorn in his side. Well, it’s probably conceit.

….. Even so, that hateful style wasn’t unusual.

「Since it requires a large volume of magical power, I was unable to produce the enchantment. That’s why I’m very envious of abilities like that」
「Buttt~~ Cecil-ku~~~n」

Saying in a stupid voice, 「Isn’t that great~」, Cecil-kun’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. His eyes were filled with such animosity that it surprised me to see him visibly disgusted.

「….. Liz-chan?」
「If it’s just our first meeting, I have an idea  ..…」
「Hoho. In other words, you’re the type of person who teases the girl they like」
「It’s not what you think. Look, Cecil-kun’s scowling at us senselessly」

Given that I said what shouldn’t have been said, please just drop that passionate gaze and stop clicking your tongue…

「Ah, let’s see ..… For starters, can you fully fill that pendant with magic?」

Caldina-san picked up an object from the accessories that Melphondo-san was carrying and dropped it onto my palm. *Clink* Verifying that it was the sound of chains that chafed against each other, I closely looked at the shining metal.

The ornament itself was ordinary — a simple tear shaped pendant. If I had to call out it’s compelling characteristic, it would be that its body was made out of a shining bluish metal. How am I supposed to handle this tiny jewel?

「It’s made out of mythril, therefore it’ll nicely absorb your magic~」
「An expensive object yet again ….. You’ve definitely made fine arrangements」
「That’s because it’s by His Majesty’s request, so I have no choice but to use the best materials」

….. From His Majesty. Was it alright to get assistance from a girl who’s an outsider to help manufacture an item that was ordered by His Majesty?

But well, I do understand. By nature, the automatic invocation of defense sorcery was so high that the number of people who could use it was restricted. It’s still impossible for me, at least, not consciously.

As danger was unavoidable for royalty, having this sort of self-defense magic tool was indispensable. All the more if they leave the castle or the country. The risk of assassination was always possible.

Since I’m indebted to His Majesty, this can be considered a form of repayment. In all seriousness, it’s just paying the debt with my help.

Suddenly feeling motivated, I poured as much magic as I could into the tear shaped pendant in my palm to fill it up, pouring as much as it could contain ….. But would it really do just that?

「That can take a wholeeeeeeeeee lot of magic though」
「Of course, since it’s mythril. Previously, because the enchantment consumed a lot of magic, I was flat out exhausted after invoking it about two to three times. Even when I went all out, I couldn’t tell if it completely absorbed everything」
「Even on the first day, I wasn’t able to fill it up completely no matter how many times I tried. The most I could do was four to five times」
「This is really non-standard. Even Liz-chan would be worn out by this magic tool. To make it easier for His Majesty to use, it is our job to provide our thoughts on the adjustment and if possible, the application. Making these improvements is Liz-chan’s job」

As Caldina-san finished it off with a pleasant smile on her face, I sighed.

….. It seems like it’s going to take some time making these adjustments. It doesn’t seem like it’s completed yet and there’s still the experiment that needs to be performed to see to what extent it can withstand sorcery. For now, everyone is tackling three issues: improving its durability, the stability output, and the consumption constraint. When it’s time for it to be filled up, it’ll probably be left to Father to handle.




It’s going to be a while before I head home, and remembering the faces of Gilles and Maria who are doing their best, I let out a deep breath.

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