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7 Years Old: Chapter 33 – An Adult’s Advice

Translator: Krrizis
Editors: Nahct and Wafflez


「….. Is it really alright for me to receive this?」
「It’s fine, as long as you understand your limits to a certain extent」
「After I receive it, what do you want me to do?」


Presently, I’m in a sorcery training space near the laboratory facing Caldina-san. It seems that the laboratory comes with such a space. Compared to the space used for the duel it was much smaller, but the members of the laboratory could use it whenever they liked.

If you’re wondering for what purpose I was brought here for, well… It was for the sake of reviewing the enchantment. In addition to getting a grasp on the room for improvement, we’ll be checking the level of completion at the present stage.


Standing behind Caldina-san was Cecil-kun. However, as always, he stared at me with a sharp look which was a little bit frightening.

「Didn’t I say it’s fine? For starters, I hope you will use the magic tool without invoking the enchantment. Liz-chan, you need to understand firsthand the minimal amount of magic it can absorb」
「Then for what reason is this pendant charged with magic? 」
「Because there’s another purpose to it. First of all, let’s assess the enchantment’s durability」

In other words, if I’m unlucky, I’ll end up serving as both the battery and the human sacrifice. No, it’s fine. I somehow got the gist of it …..

Incidentally, if it had been set to directly absorb magic from the practitioner, then it was fine to just use magic in that manner, but this foolish idea was denied by Caldina-san. As the practitioner serves as the form of which the magic is absorbed from, it seems the automatic self-defense invocation circuit would constantly be activated and therefore would be unable to use other enchantments. Invoking and extending it at a high speed at the same time was difficult for an average magician.

In addition, as magic is being collected directly from the practitioner, if they are of insufficient skill, it is very possible that they could faint from it. Since fainting and being attacked would be like putting the cart before the horse, the idea was rejected. However, since it’s me we’re talking about, we could still carry out the experiment ….. As expected, I’m the battery and the human sacrifice.

「Then, I’ll begin.『Aqua Spike』」

With complicated feelings of dissatisfaction and gloominess on the inside, Caldina-san had proposed water spheres. It was probably due to its limitations as the powers it carried within were the safest. In other words, the sorcery shot out lumps of water.


Although it was fine to stand naturally, as expected, having sorceries fired at me was a bit terrifying.

The moment when I was prepared to be struck as the water spheres drew closer to me, they were repelled at roughly the same distance as if I had both of my hands spread out wide. The water erupted, falling onto the ground without flying in my direction.


Simultaneously, I noticed that a tolerable amount of magic power had depleted inside of me. It was still tolerable, but I had poured some into the pendant, I know that I probably have five to six shots to go before it becomes quite difficult for me.

「How is it?」
「….. I think that, given the unusual consumption, there isn’t any sustainability to the defense enchantment. Although it’s able to repel attacks for now, suppose that if it was an advanced level magic; the defense will shatter like usual. Even if we take into account an automatic incantation to split the consumption of magic power, there may still be room for improvement」

It’s not something I should proudly declare but, frankly, I’d called it earlier.


Certainly, the self-defense invocation automatically activated, but taking into account the current magic power consumption, it appears that the power of resistance was almost negligible. For the magic tool, it’s not the enchantment but me who has to etch the enchantment, so I have to grasp the conversion efficiency. To what extent is there a surplus of magic power and to what percent can the magic power be split up.


Sensing it, I know it means there’s still room for improvement.

「But Cecil-kun」
「….. Got it」

Murmuring that much, Cecil-kun left the room. At that time when he left, he gave an instant unforgettable — and in some ways — honest glare at me.

「Well then, let’s just wrap it up here for today~」
「Eh? That’s it?」
「It’s that kid’s job to improve the enchantment so come tomorrow, we’ll be experimenting with multiple patterns」

That’s because Cecil-kun is excellent — said Caldina-san with a carefree laugh. And with a smile, she added — you’re also amazing.

「To tell you the truth, Cecil-kun wanted to personally test it out but ….. Cecil-kun’s magic can’t even withstand three shots. That’s why he’s envious of you, Liz-chan」
「….. But even still, his magic should be considerably above average? 」

It’s not like he had an especially low amount of magic power. I considered that being employed in some way by the Magic Institution meant that he possessed a sufficient amount of magic power. Cecil-kun’s inventiveness was far superior; I’m simply unable to imitate him.

Like a one-woman exhibition, I tilted my head in puzzlement and Caldina-san, upon seeing it, smiled bitterly.

「That’s true. But Liz-chan, it’s better to remember this. There are people in this world who would struggle till they die in order to obtain what Liz-chan has. To these people, Liz-chan would become an object of resentment for achieving it」

Ceasing her smile, Caldina-san fixed her eyes on me with a serious gaze. The piercing look in her eyes completely snatched the words out of me.

「If you’re strong, they’ll envy you for sticking out like a sore thumb and try to conform you. On the contrary, a person who doesn’t have it is excluded. This is how an adult’s world’s like」

Liz-chan probably wouldn’t yet understand that. And lowering her eyebrows, Caldina-san sorrowfully laughed before returning to her usual laugh「Well, let’s leave」and broke off. However, even if it seemed friendly, there was a bit of ….. rejection in her voice.

While staring at Caldina-san’s turned back, I noticed that the words weighed heavily in my chest.


From her words earlier, it was as if I was being blamed for it. That’s not right, it’s as if I ….. I was indirectly being blamed.


For hurting Cecil-kun’s feelings.

While being surrounded by harmonious people, I averted my eyes from outside criticism. Realising that there was a considerable amount of people who detested me was ….. agonizing. I knew they existed but to see it demonstrated so clearly before my very eyes was ….. painful. When it comes to Abbott Georg and Lord Alfred, their directed look of hate carried a different meaning.

My heart ached, whispering to me to escape from reality.

「….. How should I best proceed?」

Assuming that I had hurt Cecil-kun’s feelings, I assumed he resented me.


….. Even if I were to apologize, it would have the opposite effect.

Not knowing what to do, I left the training room and didn’t even return to the laboratory.





「….. Liz?」

While absentmindedly walking around at that moment, wandered into the castle when I heard a familiar voice. It was only after the owner of the voice had tapped me on the shoulder with a blank expression did I realized I was in the courtyard.


Just when in the world did I get here? Although I was allowed by the people of the castle to freely walk in, wouldn’t I seem rather suspicious, seeing as I had walked in and was wandering around? Still, I suppose my face is well-known.

「What troubles you so much that you’re in a place like this? I heard from Welf that you’re assisting the Magic Institution ..…」
「….. Nnn, I’m just mulling over some things」

His Highness looked at me and knitted his brows. After which, he took my hand and started walking. Furthermore, he was forcefully dragging me.


Somehow or rather, it seems he had been taking fencing lessons; his hands were barely sweating. From a short distance, the knights welcomed us and bowed at me when they noticed my gaze. It’s surprisingly that I’m standing out or rather ….. I’m reaping what I sowed.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the castle, we arrived at a shady place under a tree. His Highness let go of my hand and sat down, reclining against the tree while beckoning me to do the same. Accepting his invitation, I sat beside him. He then stretched out, grasped my arm, and pulled me towards him with my face on his shoulder.

「If there’s a problem, just tell me」
「Your Highness is so forceful, mou」
「Because it’s for the greater good」

Don’t laugh — His Highness said while tapering his lips. And without knowing why, I somehow felt relieved. He was still the same in that regard.


Relaxing my slightly stiffened body, I leaned on His Highness’s body.

「Your Highness, if someone envies and resents your power, what would you do?」

I struck His Highness with the question I couldn’t find an answer to. It wasn’t like I expected for His Highness to find a solution to my question; I simply was in need of his opinion.

「….. Let’s see ..… I wouldn’t do anything. In the first place, it’s normal for people to be envious and resent royalty」
「That’s true~」

I nodded my head earnestly as His Highness spoke — he was quite persuasive. It wasn’t unreasonable that His Highness, too, had people aiming at him.

「Hmm. As it can’t be helped that I’ve attained such powers, then it should be utilised to the maximum of its abilities」
「….. Even if it’s better to keep your head down?」
「Well, it’s more like a skilled hawk hides its talons. However, it’s a waste to not use what you have. I believe that it is our duty to give it all we’ve got if we possess that kind of power」

At His Highness’s unwavering declaration, I unconsciously throbbed slightly and, as time passed, my heartbeat hastened. I thought to myself, why was he acting so maturely?


When I first met him, having ran away from his training, he was just a child acting his age. Now, he has become a praise-worthy man ….. How quickly he’s grown from a child into an adult.

「….. Your Highness is strong. For me, it’s a bit impossible」
「Liz, you’re also strong. ….. It’s because Liz is kind hence you feel troubled」
「I’m not that kind ….. It’s just problematic that I’m not self-conscious」

Since I was born, it was normal for me to have this power. However, to others, it’s a power that they desperately desired. The fact that I can use it naturally becomes a reason for people who can’t to resent me.


But based on His Highness’s thoughts, this entire concept was laughable. What’s wrong with using the power that I have? The person making the allowances is being discourteous.


Both parts are easy to comprehend when they’re looked at subjectively. You could say it’s an extreme example, though. Speaking maliciously, it is an insolent and menial thought.

「Well, you’re aware now, aren’t you? Just be careful next time」
「Your Highness is optimistic…..」

Why was he so optimistic? Was it because it’s his inborn characteristic? Or was it because of the support from the people around him?


….. Most likely, it was probably both.

「Because a good policy can’t be invented backwards」
「Fufu, it seems the future king is reliable」

Having great faith in His Highness’s last words, I smiled broadly and, with a quiet feeling, leaned on His Highness and took a nap.


The fact that I was woken up with a warm smile from the knights was a matter that happened an hour later.


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