Why did I do this during mid-terms? What possessed my pitiful soul.

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Chapter 2-1: The Small Sage-sama

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The Ethereality shop was a slightly secluded place that existed in the shopping district.

The signboard was jointly decorated with Lapillus-Draconis’ common language that looks like kanji, and the language of the kingdom we’re currently staying in, Albero Kingdom.

However unfortunately I can not write or read the letters, so I have no choice but to guess it probably says the Ethereality shop.

However, I felt that my lack of knowledge is not determined by the fact that I am a mixed-breed. Perhaps this world’s literacy rate isn’t that high? When I walked through the shopping district, there was always an easy to understand drawing on the store front’s sign, in some cases there were places that didn’t have a drawing.

“E-ther-eal-ity-shop. Un. It’s here. This is the place that Boss talked about.”
“Clau, you can read the letters?”

I was surprised to see Clau staring at the sign next to us.

“Yeah. Mother taught me how. It’s better to remember the letters, as you can go anywhere with it.” 

Certainly that is true, but just preaching this to me isn’t helpful?

Alfa-san’s a master of the sword, what in the world sort of person is she? Well, it seems the troupe is a group that is comprised of people with special circumstances like me who need a roof over their head, surely she has that sorta reason.

There weren’t a lot of customers that entered the Etherality shop, so it was very quiet. When we passed through the door, we caught a glimpse of a cat-faced man sitting at the counter who looked in our direction and frowned. Nevertheless, they seemed to be doing business with a customer right now, so they did not come over to drive us out.  

Taking advantage of the situation, we advanced further in.

The things displayed on the shelf were not new, some were damaged in some respects and others were extremely dirty. There were strangely shaped pots, serpentine works of art, and the like. An abundant sort of mysterious things. The only problem was none of them stimulated my memory. Simply speaking, I can say with confidence that all of it was junk that I truly didn’t  understand. Their usefulness was truly incomprehensible.

From this, I have derived three possibilities.   

  1. Although it’s called the ethereality, it is not the otherworld that I know of. Furthermore, they’re objects that drifted in from another world.
  1. The objects here are for the sake of people from other countries with the exception of Japan, therefore people with past lives wouldn’t know about them.
  1. The memories inside my head are merely delusions.

For 3, I want to exclude this choice, if none of these things are related to my memories, I’m not confident they’re delusions either.

If possible, I would like to firmly pick them up and carefully assess them as I think it through but if it is situation 1, I can’t be restricted to thinking that it might not be a type of curse. After all is said and done, I can confidently say this world is already fashioned after an RPG. I’m seriously afraid that the equipment was the type of item that can’t be removed once it’s worn.  

“mmm … I’ve got nothing.”

The store itself didn’t seem very wide.

Although I only walked a short distance, I immediately walked into a dead end. Still, I wished they at least systematically grouped things together. Frankly speaking because of how they were placed, I had a feeling that I might have overlooked something. I returned once more and turned right.


The moment I turned around, I was shocked by a sudden reverberating noise. It sounded similar to an alarm. Looking at the source of the sound, Clau fell to the ground on his back.  

“What are you doing?!”

The cat man who was sitting in the counter grasped Clau by his collar as he blankly stared back and lifted him up. Clau’s body was easily lifted. His hand was gripping onto something egg-shaped. That was probably the source of the sound. *karan* and something made of metal made a sound as it fell under his feet.

“Let go of me!”
“You broke something in the store. This isn’t a place for children to play around.”
“I didn’t break it. I only touched it.”

At this rate, he might be handed over to the police.

I was going to negotiate when I noticed the object that Clau was holding onto was somewhat blinking. Recognizing it, I retrieved the metal thing that had fell down beneath his feet.

“Clau. Lend it to me.”

Taking the object that was clasped tightly in Clau’s hand, I stuffed a hook into the notch. Upon which, the bell that was reverberating noisily suddenly stopped.

Thank god. Everything went smoothly and my chest felt relieved.

“……What did you do?”
“It’s not broken. ”

I thrust the security buzzer which no longer buzzed at the cat man who had a doubtful expression.

“The security buzzer simply operated normally. Let go of Clau.”

Certainly, the sudden reverberating sound was our fault, but I don’t think it’s to the extent that warrants suddenly grabbing a kid by the scruff of his neck. After all, children and mixed breeds have rights.

The cat man who received the buzzer lowered Clau for the time being.

“Iya~, jou-chan is amazing.”

The man that the cat man was negotiating with not long ago approached us.

He had raven-black hair and blood red pupils that nobody in our troupe has. I noticed his ears were slightly pointed, I guessed he is one of those so-called people from the 『demon race』 that I’ve heard about from the boss earlier.

That man from the demon race came up before me and looked down at me.

“By the way, jou-chan. Where did you learn such a thing?”


Suddenly, I noticed that the words he said meant I originally shouldn’t be aware of it and hardened. Honestly, is it fine to even talk about my past life? No, probably not. Even if I tell such a tale, at most I’ll be treated like an insane person. Besides after singing the songs from the other world the words, “you’ll get kidnapped by bad people” were still on my mind.

Originally the shop assistant of the Ethereality shop had no knowledge on how to use the product. In other words, I practically shouldn’t be aware of knowledge from the other world in my present condition right? If that’s the case, just knowing this information should have considerable value.

….That’s too dangerous.

“….Mama taught me.”

I look down so that my lies won’t be exposed.

Mama, I’m sorry for using you as an excuse for my own convenience. But please protect me, I said in my heart repenting for my sins. But please protect me, I said in my heart repenting for my sins.

“The mother of a mixed breed? The heck, what kind–”
“Ahct is still in mourning so don’t ask any further. Ahct’s mother died.”

Clau spread his hands in front of me.

Clau, kakkoii. But sorry Clau. That isn’t why I’m looking down. However, it was convenient for the adults to misunderstand, and I left it that way. Un. I’m not at fault.

“Ah, that’s my bad. I apologize too, mixed child. Incidentally, did you happen to hear anything else?”

Appearing like I seemed frightened, I clung onto Clau’s back and secretly snuck a glance at the other party.

The cat man was hairy, so I couldn’t read much from his expression. The man from the demon race was smiling but that doesn’t mean that he was a good person. Presently, there was too little information for me to judge whether I should trust the other party. However, I immediately wonder if I would be able to return to the tent and speak to the others about it.

“If it doesn’t ring after this, is it safe for me to assume that the jou-chan and her friend broke it? Isn’t this an object that rings for eternity?
“….It won’t ring if the battery runs out”

I added in a whisper.  

Even so, this person is a very unpleasant listener. Just because it rang just now, doesn’t mean it’s our fault if it doesn’t ring hereafter. Nevertheless from the way he spoke, that didn’t seem to be the case. The cat man’s words earlier showed that he may unjustly accuse us.

Besides he probably doesn’t believe us, traveling entertainers have any money, and from his remark I can tell that he believes that he can step on people of our low social status. If you look at our clothing you can tell that we’re not from this country, but clearly traveling entertainers, and we don’t earn any profits from our job. In addition we’re children, and the fact that I am a mixed breed is also a disadvantage. It doesn’t matter whether the cat man believes it or not, I have no doubt we’ll lose.

“What’s a battery?”
“…..The source of it’s ability to move. It’s inside the part where you remove the head section of the screw.”

The cat man closely examined the security buzzer in his hand.

Saying this much should be enough. I pulled on Clau’s clothes.

“Clau, let’s go?”

An alarm sounded inside my head telling me it was better to quickly leave. I’ve already created enough trouble for myself already. There isn’t any further need for more.

“Wait, jou-chan. Since you’ve gone through such troubles, how about resting here for a bit longer?  Right, storekeeper?“
“Yes. Please do by all means. We also have sweets.”

….that’s a trick that kidnappers use. I openly look at the two people with disgust. Nobody is stupid enough to get lured in by sweets nowadays —-


Clau made a very interested and enticed face. Of course. Clau was different from me, he’s a genuine pure kid. Furthermore, he doesn’t usually get to eat sweets.

“Clau, no!”

At this rate, I couldn’t tell which of us was older but I shook my head decisively.

“There has to be an ulterior motive to such a sweet, delicious talk.”
“Do the sweets have an ulterior motive?”
“Ah– ….. Wait, it’s got nothing to do with the sweets.”
“Look, I brought it over.”

The cat man who brought the platter of cookie-looking things had slit-eyes. That was probably his smiling face. There was no mistake judging by his idle smile.


My face stiffened as I watched Clau heartily eat the cookie held out by the man from the demon race.

“….How much is it?”
“Can you afford it?”

Probably not.

I shed a flood of tears in my heart. If that’s the case, I made up my mind to work hard to become someone rich in the future, so nobody can take advantage of me, but it’s an impossible story for me to become rich right now.  

TL Note:


  • 正真正銘 – shoushin shoumei: an idiom meaning the real deal


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