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A Million and Ten Million

By the time the door to the room closed with a bloated sound, Ye Chen was already at the limit of his patience, turning around and pressing Cheng Anya against the door. One hand covered her forehead, as he ferociously kissed her lips.

His handsome face was terribly flushed, filling the air with an impassioned, scorching heat.

As he tore at her like a wild animal, Cheng Anya became frightened, “Wu……wait a minute……wu, bastard……let go……”

“What, playing hard to get, now?” Ye Chen’s eyes, his deep voice, his flushed face were all filled with danger as he depravedly lifted Cheng Anya’s chin with his fingers. “This is the fire you provoked. You have no choice but to take responsibility and put it out!


Fuck, could you say a less common speech?! Cheng Anya felt a bit frustrated all of a sudden. Stage talk had all sorts of these types of speeches. Fire, fire, careless fire! You should go burn to death!

Cheng Anya swallowed her saliva. Going back, what could she do now that she really was a little scared? But why was it that she was hot and wet in between her thighs? Her body kept heating up more and more and her complexion also became more and more flushed. Seeing this, Ye Chen’s gaze revealed his reckless desire as his mouth began to water.

She wanted to kiss him……wanting to touch him……


What kind of horrible thing did Lin Li give her to drink?

The unfamiliar feeling made Cheng Anya’s eyes fill with confusion. Originally, she only drank wine and was drugged later. That she could still support herself after so long could be considered a miracle!

“Were you drugged?” Finally, Ye Chen discovered she wasn’t in good condition, from just a moment ago where it was immediately obvious that her body temperature was extremely high. He even thought that……the young girl’s cheeks were flushed, her coquettish glances like silk.

This was a fragrant and seductive scene, a work of beauty and life that no man would be able to resist.

“Damn it, you came to this kind of place by yourself and were drugged without knowing?”

Indignant, the cold Ye Chen was unable to to restrain his anger. What if just a moment ago this girl had bumped into someone else first? Was it that……who it was didn’t matter?

Once he thought about another man being able to see her alluring appearance as well, Ye Chen wanted to kill someone.

No, to kill her!

Cheng Anya’s mouth was dry and she couldn’t help but to stretch out her tongue to lick a corner of her mouth. When Ye Chen saw this action, inside there was no doubt that that was enough……absolutely enough.

Ye Chen smiled charmingly and demonically, lifting her chin and chafing her soft red lips with his fingers. Heat attacked her and spread all the way to the tips of Cheng Anya’s ears as an electric current ran through her entire body.

Damn, this man was really an evil spirit! It had nothing to do with how she felt increasingly embarrassed or anything, she wanted to get caught in his trap, %gt;_lt;%!

“If you really are playing hard to get, congratulations, you have succeeded!”

Bowing his head, he wanted to kiss her.

Damn. Even if I was playing hard to get, isn’t your narcissism excessive?

Cheng Anya swept away her smitten look and replaced it with a sweet smile, “First, let’s complete negotiations. How much is one night with you?”

If it was too expensive, she certainly couldn’t afford it. Originally she wanted to wait until Ye Chen said a price, so that she could say that she couldn’t afford it after, and then escape without a trace. God knows, plans and change always oppose each other.

Ye Chen’s complexion became ashen, fuck!

When did he, the grand Ye Sanshao, fall to the degree that he could be bought by someone, this damned girl.

He was so angry that he burst into laughter, raising Cheng Anya’s chin with demonic charm. The anger hidden in the depths of his eyes possessed a seductive charm that could lead people astray, making Cheng Anya become unable to resist being absorbed in them. “¥1,000,000, I’ll buy you for one night!”


Cheng Anya’s brain exploded with a bang!

Fuck him, what she currently hated the most was someone wielding their wealth without being in touch with reality in an infuriatingly arrogant manner.

Exploding with anger on a cataclysmic level, Cheng Anya smiled sweetly as she haughtily raised her head, with a queen’s imposing manner, arrogant and aggressive, “¥10,000,000, I’ll buy you for one night. How about it?”

Damn, comparing who has more money? I, this young lady, can also use money to crush you to death ah, ah, ah!

How ever much Ming money[1] you want, I’ll burn it for you!

[1] Ming money, or spirit money, is paper money you burn for the dead at burial ceremonies, so that the dead can have money to use while they are in hell.

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