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7 Years Old – Chapter 35 – Unless It’s In the Middle of Work

Translator: Krrizis
Editors: Nahct & Wafflez


「….. This is the improved enchantment」

Surprisingly, Cecil-kun started a conversation with me. It must be because it’s work-related. Even so, he seemed quite reluctant.

Still, I’m glad that Cecil-kun kept his promise and properly spoke to me. The worst I’d imagined was that he might still treat me as though I was non-existent. Deep down inside, he really isn’t that bad of a kid.

As I gave him a thank you with a lovable smile, I took the paper filled with various kinds of patterns from him.

Although Cecil-kun seemingly clicked his tongue, he didn’t stop his friendly interaction. His actions made him seem like a tsundere. And since he came off as a tsundere, his actions seemed relatively cute so my heart remained at peace.

「Then, shall we test it out at once?」
「….. Please do」

After entrusting the task to me, Cecil-kun turned to leave. This was when I firmly seized his wrist. This time, without betraying the smile on my face, I looked at Cecil-kun who smacked his lips. He had an extremely scornful look, but I wasn’t disheartened by it.

「If the proposer isn’t even here for the experiment …..」

In other words: I’m not letting you escape.

Though his impression of me since the very beginning was the absolute worst, I wanted to forcibly change it on this occasion. I had no intentions of having him tag along, however. At least, during the required work hours, it would be good if we were here together. Of course, the first and foremost reason is that it’s for the sake of simplifying work.

By the way, this exchange occurred in the laboratory, so everyone was paying attention to us. Caldina-san was smirking and Felt-san had a gentle, luke-warm gaze whereas Melphondo-san had a panicked, flustered expression.

Taking in the expressions of the trio, an annoyed wrinkle formed in between Cecil-kun’s eyebrows as he brushed my hand aside. If you make such a face when you’re this young, wrinkles would definitely appear faster in the future, you know.

「….. Felt」
「Ahh, is it me today? No matter, I’ll accompany you」

Somehow, it appears that, based off of the previous experiment, in order for us to conduct the experiments together, having Felt-san along with us was a required condition.

….. I hated the fact that Felt-san was chosen because I felt that this person was a danger towards my body.





「Liz-sama, I’ll be starting right now」

This time, the experiment was an endurance test. It was to determine the extent of the endurance once the consumption was set in place.

In my mind, I overwrote an existing enchantment with one of Cecil-kun’s latest produced enchantments. The enchantment was amazing and I secretly admired it.

When it comes to the likes of creating new enchantments, even by utilizing all of the existing enchantments that I know, I still wouldn’t be able to do it. If it’s something like combining two invocations and producing a different result, then I could more or less do it. For example, making a smokescreen from steam through the combination of water and high temperatures.

However, when it comes to invoking enchantments by changing the sorcery, ever since the very beginning till now, I’m still unable to perform such an act. Hence, I chose the simultaneous invocation of two types of magic.

From the onset, if the function was incorporated into the enchantment, it would be easy to master and I wouldn’t have to use the two-part redundant magic. There was such a merit in the enchantment’s development, but it was simply impossibly difficult so I take my hat off to this youth, Cecil-kun, for being able to complete it.



「Will this do, Liz-sama? 」
「Ah, yes」

Because I didn’t answer immediately, I hurriedly nodded my head, readying myself. I was grateful to Felt-san who seems to have waited for me. Then, I firmly stood on the ground with both feet anchored carefully. It was important to firmly stick to the ground when defending. Well, this time, it’s an automatic defense.

In other words, this endurance experiment will involve me being attacked by sorcery aimed at me. If it exceeds the barrier’s capacity, I would have to make sure it’s negated immediately since I would otherwise take damage.

「Then I’ll begin.『Flame Lance』」

Since it was an experiment, I didn’t mind if the sorcery I faced had the ability to wound or even to kill a child without hesitation. However, by Caldina-san’s authority, it was rarely okay to use such abilities. The intention was to roughly inspect the same sorcery and do a comparison.

Flying towards me were cone-shaped lances with the size of an adult male. If I took a direct hit from those, I would get severe scalds. Although I was prepared, as expected, frightening things are frightening. Be that as it may, there was still room to negate it if the barrier gets destroyed.



The results were identical to the previous session; the flame lance was repelled by the automatic invocated barrier. The amount of magic power it absorbed was slightly less than before, and I also felt that the strength of the barrier had somewhat increased.

Although it was unlikely for us to verify all the prepared patterns, it was astonishing that there were already improvements in the results that came out.

「As the enchantment has changed, next, please do the honours」
「Understood. Fufu, it seems there are merits to destroying it ..…」
「Given that I won’t be able to inspect it if you do, please regulate your power」

For the time being, I intend to ascertain the entire enchantment.




「ti….. I’m tired…..」

Overall, we tried eight variations of Cecil-kun’s suggested improved patterns and when it was finally over, I sat down immediately. We stopped when only twenty percent of my magic power remained; if I had continued any longer beyond this, I would have been too tired to even move.

Cecil-kun looked at my sorry state as I was by the wall, but it was a look full of hatred. I inherited my latent magic power from my parents, so I wish that you would forgive me for it.

「How was it?」
「Overall, I believe the improvements we made was a success. Taking the consumption and endurance into consideration, I believe the first and fifth enchantments were the best」
「Like she said, Cecil-kun」
「That’s needless to say …..」

Cecil-kun snorted with a hmph and turned away. His coldness was the same as ever and his attitude towards me hadn’t changed one bit. Well, it would be just as troublesome if he really did change within a day.

He glanced at the worn out me out before departing from the training room. But from my motivated eyes, there was still even more improvements to be made.

「Actually, Cecil-kun has a gentle side as well. He just doesn’t easily show it to Liz-sama」
「Ahaha, that’s because he hates me」
「No matter how much he hates you, him acting this way is still surprising. By the way, it’s been a while but could I draw some of your blood–」
「I refuse」

I ignored the unnatural sad face Felt-san made at my instant refusal.

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