One of my close friend just tied the knot yesterday (aka the 26th) and man, was I tired out from the event.

From the tea giving ceremony (I followed the heng tai (brothers) from the groom’s side) to the reception dinner, there was just so much to take in. I think it may be because I’m less of a traditionalist when it comes to weddings. Anything lavish or traditional feels exhausting. Therefore, I have to applaud both my friend and his wife for maintaining their smiles the entire day.

It was a blast attending the wedding. Thank you for extending the invite to me and may your life together be filled with many more joyous moments~

Ainushians, I’ve got some good and bad news to bring to you.

The bad news: I might not be able to post for the next two days because I’m flying to Japan and will be moving around to various places within those days.

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Chapter 37 – Scolding

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct & Wafflez


「So….. Liz, how many times must you be at death’s door before you’re satisfied」

Father was present when I regained my consciousness, giving me a stern look.

Before I’d realized, I’d been asleep in Cecil-kun’s room with my wounds completely healed and a complete lack of pain. It seems that Father had used healing sorcery on me; at least, that’s how it felt to me.

Judging by how I was lectured as soon as I awoke, it seems I truly worried Father this time. That’s probably why he was mad at me. I don’t know how much time has passed since then, but I know that I must have been sleeping for quite a while.

Cecil-kun was also there, standing several steps behind Father and observing me with mixed emotions that were shown on his face. Was he worried about me?





Given that my wounds have already been healed, I slowly stood up to check on my body. Yup, I’m changing my clothes. …… What will I do if it had been left to Caldina-san?

And then, I reminisced on what had happened so far.

There was basically one attempt of assassination when Gilles thrusted a knife at me. Then, there was also the attempted kidnapping. The duel was fine as there wasn’t any danger there, but this incident….. Well, I pretty much almost died? However, I think it was only at the level of being wounded.

Or perhaps I should say that I wasn’t injured too badly? However, if it wasn’t for healing sorcery, then right now, I would have the body of an unmarriageable woman.

「Including that time with Gilles, this is the third incident. I’m alright. As you can see, I’m not fatally wounded」
「….. I’m reporting this to Gilles」
「YAAA! No, you can’t! I’ll be scolded!」

The times when Gilles is “smilingly angry” and “expressionlessly angry” happens to be when he’s “seriously angry.” I’m afraid of both of these personas,  and even if he never looks at me with that deadpan face, he would scold me with that serious, smiling face nonetheless.

This time, he’ll probably be seriously, seriously politely angry — extremely angry. Although I’ve been asked to refrain from taking rash actions, it didn’t even take half a year before I’d gotten into trouble again, so Gilles is definitely going to be mad with me. I want to avoid that at all cost.

「So it’s fine if it’s me, but not Gilles ….. ?」

No, I said, accompanied with an imploring look that shocked Father.

….. I mean, it’s just no? Father’s hardly been seriously angry with me ….. Or rather, he hasn’t been so far. Because Father really really values me, what stood out more was his affection rather than anger.

Of course, Gilles is also kind and cherishes me but ….. Yup, if he’s angry, it’ll be terrifying and it’ll be stuck in my head for the next three years, hence why I said I really don’t want Gilles to be mad at me.





The only one I would like to avoid this being exposed to was Gilles. Seeing my stiffened expression caused Cecil-kun to stare at me in amazement.

「Close to dying as in?」
「Yes, I have a fair tendency to experience danger like when I was about to be assassinated or killed by kidnappers」

It couldn’t be helped since I had a hand in this incident, but I couldn’t help but feel that I get into perilous situations once a year. Nevertheless, I’m already fed up with being in pain.

Well, this time I’d provoked Cecil-kun, and because Cecil-kun used sorcery….. So both of us were mutually at fault.

「….. I’m …… sorry」
「Cecil-kun doesn’t have to apologise for this incident. After all, I’m also at fault」

Although I underwent a painful ordeal, the result wasn’t too bad; it allowed me to get closer to Cecil-kun. Even though the risk was high, it paid off in the end.

Still, facing Cecil-kun’s somewhat apologetic look, I burst out in laughter and beckoned to him. Although he was startled by my exaggerated reaction, he seemed to still harbor feelings of guilt, shown from how he obediently approached me.

….. Although, like I said, I have no intentions of blaming you.

「Don’t fret. I’m alright」


This time, I gently hit my forehead against Cecil-kun’s, making sure that it was along his, and said「ne?」with a smile. Cecil-kun just hung his head in shame while his body was continuously trembling. Yosh yosh, I said as I extended my hands to rub his back before turning to glance at Father.

Father seemed to be smiling warmly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Why didn’t he tell me that Cecil-kun’s control over sorcery was weak? Although Cecil-kun wasn’t completely at fault for the injuries, there was also the problem of letting him hold onto the painful memories. Clearly, this was just like picking at his trauma.

「Father, earlier you asked me how much more am I able to handle but…..」
「That was only because Cecil-kun wouldn’t declare nor give his permission….. Well, it’s fine now. Cecil-kun has also spoken to me」
「If that’s how it is, then I won’t complain to you, Father. Ha~~ ….. Well, I’ve lost a bit of blood so I’ll stay put—-」

….. Ah!


….. No no no, why! Why did Gilles come to the Magic Institution? I mean, Gilles should be at the estate and Father has yet to tell him.

*whoosh* My back started to sweat profusely.The muscles on my face stiffened and I was in the middle of hugging Cecil-kun in my arms. Remaining in that position with me, Cecil-kun was ….. No, seated atop Cecil-kun’s bed in that position, Cecil-kun reclined on me. Great, just great. The problem was, how was I going to run away from my valet.

Gilles, who had come flying through the door, glanced at Cecil-kun but didn’t tear him away from me. Instead, he glanced at me with narrowed eyes and, while baring his anger, approached me.

「Why were you being reckless! How many times do you think I’ve told you to not act rashly!」
「Wh–Why do you know—」
「The reaction of the ring, have you forgotten about it?」

Crap, there was the ring! Since we have a connection, he’ll know where I was in the first place and could sense my emotions flowing through it….. So this time, he felt the sense of danger flowing from it. Usually, it’s a happy thing, but why did I have to wear it on this occasion? I felt remorse over it.

My valet, who has really treasured me, was now very, very angry and was in a lecturing mode.

Since it’s boiled down to this, I have no choice but to meekly apologize to him. I’m not so foolish as to be all defensive because I could never win against him.

「I told you to refrain from taking rash actions, do you remember?」
「That’s strange, then why did you almost die? Weren’t you going to protect your promise?」
「I’m–I’m sorry」
「Have you truly repented? Do you understand? How worried I was」
「I’m ….. I’m sorry!」
「Gilles, don’t make Liz—」
「Welf-sama, please remain silent」

Father also couldn’t bear Gilles’s angry look and retreated. It was in that moment that the inequality of Gilles > Father established within me.

Since I knew I couldn’t rely on Father’s help from the start, I didn’t pay any heed to Father. I noticed that Cecil-kun, whom I was hugging, was also transmitting shivers from the bed, but there was nothing else I could do.

It seems that my fear of Gilles’s anger was being directly transmitted to Cecil-kun as he raised his face that was placed upon my shoulder, showing his eyes that were dampened with tears.

It’s the first time I’ve seen him with a genuine non-hostile look. I’m fine, I whispered in a low voice and although it was stiffed, I smiled at him. It was obvious that I was trembling in fear.

Gilles being Gilles, was extremely angry and somehow seeing the two of us made him even more angry. Or rather, he was past that point and he somehow looked worn out.

「I won’t be bringing you to town for the time being. Even though I’d thought you’ve settled down and had taken great pains to obtain permission so that we could go out together」
「I— I beg for your forgiveness, please at least permit that! I want to follow Gilles as you go shopping!」
「First, when I’m done with work, I’m going to restrain you to the estate–」
「Gi–Gilles, please forgive me, I have a reason for all of this」
「Is that so. But no」

That’s cruel. When you know how much I yearned to go out, when you know that being rejected for the fortieth time when I requested to go somewhere nearby….. I was unhappy, bored, and drowning in despair. The fact is, this injury and the permission to go to town was completely unrelated! Gilles is merciless. I want to cry already.

「……What a strange guy」

Seeing me depressed by Gilles’s revised and indifferent punishment, Cecil-kun murmured in a quiet voice.

….. That’s quite alright, I’ve become friends with Cecil-kun and can play with him. If I work hard enough, I have a feeling Cecil-kun and I will become good friends. Gilles, you mean jerk.


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