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Chapter 38 – Special Training and Motive

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


After getting soundly scolded by Gilles, the very next day, I — once again — headed down to the training room with Cecil-kun. By the way, he loaned me his bed again for an extra day; I could feel his attitude has softened up a bit.

「Cecil-kun, let’s also defer today’s experiment」

Cecil-kun looked at me suspiciously while being slightly apprehensive. After all, the two of us came to the training room, right? And there was no one else around.
The training room that we were in became a bit worn-down with lingering marks of sorcery everywhere. Seeing the torn-off tiles that had been scattered about, Cecil-kun slightly averted his eyes.

「Today, I was thinking of doing some special training for Cecil-kun’s magic」
「Ha–….. HAA!?」

Discussing it with Cecil-kun was meaningless so I informed him of today’s objective. Cecil-kun’s eyes widened, after which he glared at me. I could understand Cecil-kun’s feelings; his magic had rampaged just recently, and yet, the victim declared that they would hold a special training session just for his sorcery.

However, I’m not going to be a prick and pick on his trauma, nor do I have any intentions of ridiculing him. I somewhat have a plan, even if it’s rash.

「….. You were injured quite badly last time, you know」
「That’s true, but isn’t this a good opportunity? Bear in mind, it’s best to master it before you forget the sensation of being able to control magic as you did the other day」

The other day when it rampaged, I did lend him a hand but, in the end, it was Cecil-kun himself who controlled it. If he got used to it, then I’ll dare say he’ll be able to control it completely after this, though that’s just my personal opinion.

「Besides, I more or less understand the matter with Cecil-kun, including the reason behind your lack of control」
「….. urk」
「….. If Cecil-kun hates it, then I won’t insist. But if you’re fine with it, I will assist you with all my strength」

I could only trust him to make the decision for himself. Since it would be Cecil-kun who’ll be controlling the sorcery, if he doesn’t desire for it that much, then I won’t do anything. To me, I felt the special training would be useful for situations in the future.

What will it be? I asked whilst looking into his face. Cecil-kun stared at me as if there was a target on my face but… In the end, he nodded his head in agreement.


I’m sure Cecil-kun also thinks that this shouldn’t go on anymore. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have accepted my suggestion. He dislikes me, after all.


However, compared to when we first met, he was far more approachable. He no longer smacks his lips whenever he bumps into me after all.

「That being the case, let’s tackle it immediately. Err, let’s see….. At that time when the sorcery was controlled, I noticed a bit of Cecil-kun’s idiosyncrasies」
「….. Idiosyncrasy?」
「Yes. Cecil-kun, compared to others, your magic is denser and right now, it’s severely condensed」

Those doubting eyes….. Did Cecil-kun not notice it?

「It seems that using a small amount can display tremendous effects. Therefore, it’ll go out of control when you use the standard amount for sorcery」

In layman terms, let’s assume there’s a canal. When you pour a cup of water into it, the water spreads out and demonstrates its effects. However, Cecil-kun possesses condensed water; pouring a cup of water would be equivalent to two or three cups, and it would cause the canal to flood.


After he familiarizes himself with it, he could increase the volume of the canal itself, but if he isn’t able to first control it, he wouldn’t be able to do so.


If the solution was that simple, we would be able to reduce the amount that overflowed. However, because it isn’t that simple, he has to practice it.

「So I would like Cecil-kun to remember to economise. Although, rather than economise, it’s closer to moderation. When I first diluted your magic, it was possible for you to gradually control it」

Explaining it like that, I grabbed Cecil-kun’s hand and tightly grasped it. Cecil-kun, who had listened to my speech, was astonished by my conduct. He tried to shake my detestable hand off but….. I wouldn’t let go. I mean, if we weren’t stuck to each other, I wouldn’t be able to transfer my magic power.

「If you dislike holding hands, we could just hug instead?」

「….. Hands are fine」

It’s not a problem for me though? When I said that cheekily, Cecil-kun’s face stiffened and he immediately squeezed my hand. I swallowed my displeasure; it must have been quite a shock for him — who disliked me — to go to such an extent.

Using our palms that were stuck together as a medium, I poured my magic powers into Cecil-kun, regulating the density. As expected with Cecil-kun’s MAX state magic powers. Taking a look at the possibility to lower an ordinary person’s magic density, even with all I’ve got, it was simply impossible.


Therefore, I did my best to dilute it to the best of my abilities. If it was about 50% less, he should be able to control it somehow.

「….. It’s warm」
「Is it? It’s probably because of the magic power that is flowing out」
「I would have sensed it if there was an unexpected amount but…..」
「Well, if you were unable to, it would have been difficult to control it. To a certain extent, once Cecil-kun’s able to control it, you can gradually increase its density」

This was getting tiring. I wished for him to be able to control it as quickly as he could so that I could let go of his hand. Because his magic power has been diluted sufficiently, Cecil-kun should probably be able to control it now.

「Please use a suitably weak sorcery. Ah, the amount of magic should be rather small. Please reduce it by about forty percent」
「….. Are we really doing it?」
「Didn’t I suggest it on my own accord? It’ll be fine. If push comes to shove, I’ll get rid of the magic」

His magic powers had been diluted and even though my power was weak, as long as he used only a bit of it, I’ll be able to sufficiently handle it. It would have been better if I’d brought an adult along as I originally intended to, but Cecil-kun would certainly have disliked it.

Do your best, I cheered, making a fist as Cecil-kun bit his lips. He proceeded to initiate a sorcery with his magic powers, going slowly and cautiously.


From what I could make out, there was fluctuation in a bit of the flow and I feared it would rampage like it did previously. What should I do if it rampaged again? Filled with those feelings, I pondered about it.

Quietly, I turned to Cecil-kun’s back and, taking care not to provoke him too much, I hugged him gently.

「Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of」

While softly whispering, I wrapped my palm against his once more. I wasn’t going to help him to control it. Naturally, if it failed, I would step in. This was just to calm him down.


Cecil-kun was surprised by my sudden behavior, but after casting his eyes downwards for a few moments, he took a deep breath and began to even out the flow of his magic power….. Ahh, it’s okay already.

Splash and a water sphere fell before Cecil-kun’s very eyes, bursting on the ground. It was a simple enough sorcery, but it was definitive proof that we had succeeded.

「….. Well done」

My face softened as I honestly praised him. Cecil-kun hugged me and said,「Yes」happily.


「Ah, that reminds me. There are some things I would like to hear from you」

As expected, he didn’t cling onto me for long as he disliked me. While attentively gazing at Cecil-kun, who was leisurely seated next to me, I spoke about the matter that was on my mind.

「In the end, do you still hate me?」

Even though I asked the question, I wanted Cecil-kun to not say his true feelings and tell me yes.


Compared to when I first saw him, he looked much gentler now, and although his words still stung, his hostility had more or less eased. In the first place, if I was still abhorred, he wouldn’t have a conversation with me nor would he obediently hug me.

Cecil-kun opened his eyes and blinked before he looked at me, averting his eyes after giving me a complicated scowl. I could tell that there has been some progress as, in the past, his response would have been to completely ignore me.

「….. You were irritating」
「Is that so? By what, specifically?」
「….. Being blessed. You possess what I yearn for, so it’s only natural」

As I thought, that was the reason he disliked me. It was also the reason why I had hurt him. Because I had been quick-tempered in prioritizing my own circumstances.

「I….. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been somewhat abnormally smart. Feeling sick from my surroundings, my sorcery would rampage and people would be injured. Both Father and Grandfather shunned me」

….. Oh, it was then that I became aware of the true nature of his unusual sentiments.

When we had first met, I thought I had seen him somewhere before, feeling like it was a deja vu.


That was probably how my future would have been like. Although, if I had been in his situation I would have pushed forward despite the difficulty.

I’m blessed. I, who clearly did not have child-like thoughts, am accepted by my surroundings. There were people who loved me. I had people who accepted me.


That was the only difference that led him and I to walk towards different futures.

「I thought you were similar to me….. But you were able to laugh frivolously and looked quite happy. That irritated me」
「….. And that’s why Cecil-kun looked at me with such eyes」

Nodding my head in agreement, I somewhat understood why he did that.


….. Cecil-kun must have thought that it was unfair that only he had to suffer. Even though we came from similar situations with similar conditions, the difference in the way we were treated and the abilities we possessed were like heaven and earth; the contrast was so great that it brought about hatred. Of course, it was reasonable. If I had been in his shoes, I imagine that I would also be jealous.

However, for me, it was annoying that he treated me like that despite having understood his circumstances. Hurting someone just to watch them suffer is somewhat heart-breaking. I could never bring myself to make Gilles angry to such an extent.

「….. You’re weird. Normally, I would have been slapped in this situation since I had utterly hurt your feelings. It’s okay to even blame me for everything」
「Yeah, but I never once thought of blaming you…..」
「I permit it」
「Uh~….. The reality is that it was certainly a painful experience….. However, I’ll blame the gashes that were terribly painful」
「….. Uh-」
「Being ignored and being met by the click of your tongue, and having to sleep on the sofa….. Of course, that was Father’s fault for not making the arrangements. Then there’s the rampaging sorcery. If you had been frank with me, you would not have to use sorcery, no?」
「….. I’m truly sorry」

Then I remembered the things I’d done and, well, come to think of it, they were quite unreasonable but we’re starting anew. Father being Father would definitely not say a word….. Oh, good gracious!


Cecil-kun himself isn’t mad at me, I think. He had seriously reflected upon it and had yielded when I pushed him. Even if he was being blamed for pretty much everything besides an attempted murder, Cecil-kun would be serious.

「Nnn~….. Then, you owe me one」

Because Cecil-kun seemed quite apologetic, I laughed and smiled while making a fist. Then, I dropped it on top of his head — putting a fist down on Cecil-kun’s stubbornness.


I was also suffering from the pain from hitting his head, but it was just like Cecil-kun to be flustered from the sudden pain.

「With this, the matter of being glared at and being ignored is settled. As for the matter where I almost died, I’ll view it as a debt. Pay me back in the future with interest」

I won’t allow you to jump the bill, you know? and laughed whilst I held my index finger against my lips. Cecil-kun looked at me like I was someone impossible to deal with. And then, he sighed.

「….. Easy-going, aren’t you」

「That’s something I’m frequently told」

「….. Moreover, repaying you back in the future means I’ll be associated with you from now on」
「That’s how it is」

Please take good care of me, ne? I tilted my head and laughed. And with some unwillingness, Cecil-kun laughed as well as he nodded his head. Does this mean we’ve become friends? Well ….. whatever it is, it’s good that we’ve reached a compromise with each other.

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