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Chapter 1 – Who the heck am I?

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Nahct & Karma


I unconsciously groaned from the pain in my body. The slightest of movements was enough to cause intense pain to course through me.
Where is this? Am I in the hospital …? The pain I’m feeling seems different from the usual seizures.
Hold on, what usual seizures?


Little by little, I began to recognize myself.


I opened my eyes. Somehow, just this action required me to use a lot of strength.
It seems I’ve fallen onto the ground.
I knew it was the ground from the muddy soil I felt on my cheeks. Lying face down, I was unable to move because of the pain. Furthermore, there was a peculiarly sickening and ammonia-like smell, similar to food scraps and gum, or something that was burning. The various stenches blended together, making me nauseous.


This place smelled awful compared to my bed.


Hnn? Bed? What is a bed and where is it?


Startled by my own thoughts, I was taken aback that I hadn’t realized I had gone into a daze. Something felt extremely amiss. What in the world could it be?


My … My name is Nakamura Yuudai … eh? Nakamura Yuudai*? Naturally, a doubt rose from the sound of the name that had just come to mind.
In the midst of the confusion, I caught sight of my hands that were tightly grasping the soil on the ground and gasped at how small they were.
However, in the next instance, the dumbfounded gasp turned into further confusion.


Because that hand is my hand. That’s right … it’s Asnord Flaska’s hand.


As soon as I recognized it, various things flooded into my mind.
The depths of my eyes warmed and there was a painful ringing. My head felt hot, like it was about to explode. I had no idea what was going on.


I couldn’t tell how fast or slow time passed, but when I finally came to, I remained in a daze despite finally understanding everything.
My name is Asnord Flaska. Presently, six years old. Three years ago, my parents passed away and I was taken in by my relatives and later, abandoned. It seems they had also taken all of the money that remained. As I was just a six year old kid, I wouldn’t have been aware of it. Even if I had, that was something that happened before. However, the present me understands it.
That’s right, for the present me has obtained knowledge.


The knowledge I have inside of me … is probably referred to as a past existence? I was Nakamura Yuudai, a 26 year old boy. In my family of six, there was father, mother, my older sister, and my twin younger brother and sister. We were just an ordinary family.
The last memory I had of my 26 year old self was the white ceiling of the hospital. I had been inflicted with an illness that had consumed all of my strength. Vaguely, I remembered how my last moment went. That was how it should have went…
My eyes closed again, as I was unable to fight against my fading consciousness.


It was a mysterious sensation, as dwelling within my body were two sets of memories. Both were also me. However, comparing the two, there were more memories from the 26 year old self that shrouded my 6 year old memories.


Ah… Awful… That’s right, I was awfully exhausted. However, there was still a matter of great importance to deal with.
Though I would like to ponder over it, my mind had already given up thinking.


Within the pitch black darkness, my mind floated away. It simply floated away; however, is it alright to just drift away? I couldn’t tell up from down, left from right. There was no ground or walls, or anything to understand, as there was nothing in the first place. Only the perception of myself, whoever I am, remained.  Wherever this unknown space was felt mysterious and unintimidating.
It was just me thinking within myself.


I thought that if these memories were true, then who am I…


TL Note:


  1. Nakamura Yuudai is written 中村雄大 first. When he repeats himself, he uses ナカムラユウダイ in katakana to reflect that it’s a foreign name.
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