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TL: Krrizis

Editors: Nahct & Karma



The cool, fragrant breeze of summer… That was the apt expression for a day like today, I guess.

The wind carried with it the fresh fragrance of various beautiful flowers in full bloom from all over the country and the scent of fresh verdure from the trees that were lined up in a row.

Not exceedingly warm, the rays of the sun were comfortable, gentle, and calming.

It was very, very pleasant.


Yes, it should be very pleasant.

Despite that, I felt the complete opposite of it as I let out a burst of laughter from deep inside of me.


「Ah … What am I even doing here. I don’t even understand the meaning of it」


I surveyed my surroundings.


There were some who looked truly exhilarated as they began their life anew, a few appeared somewhat insecure, and still others simply drank in the circumstances of their surroundings… They were varied; but, even so, I caught sight of a spark of overflowing hope for their future within everyone’s eyes.

In comparison to the extremely cheerful surrounding atmosphere, I alone felt differently.




The place where I am now.


My life was at a place where it definitely couldn’t, shouldn’t, and can’t be.  


「Haa… Why me…」


How many times in the world should I be saying these words? No, I’m already aware of it.

What the heck should I do from here on? I don’t know what else I should do.


There is only one thing I’m certain of. Only this is absolute.


「I’m alive. No matter what happens.

 I am me. Not anyone else but myself who will continue living」


That’s right, we only live once. There can only be one life.


I scowled at the blue sky that was comfortably spread out above my head.


My future is…
Ah. I want to see the cherry blossoms.


Although it can’t be seen… But I think I understood why I thought of them.

Even if I understood that, it was a form of escapism.


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