Hey guys!

So you may have seen my header turned green and snow is literally falling down all over the blog.

Well, early Christmas, everyone! I hope you guys enjoy the sprinkling snow because this is the closest that I’ll get to ever seeing snow (for now). God bless living in the tropics! <.<;;;

Just a few updates for y’all to read: 

  1. Pim, a fellow Thai reader, has asked for permission to re-translate Happy Life into Thai. I’ve granted her permission so Thai fans can enjoy reading the novel in Thai. Happy early Xmas, Thai kids! Do check it out over here.
  2. Google Ads on the top header of my blog! Dear readers, please make sure to disable ads. We need the additional revenue so it’ll mitigate the cost when I pay for next year’s domain again. It may seem like a small amount for you but it cost x4 for me and really, every penny save goes towards buying more books for you (aka the readers).
  3. I’ve reorganised my blog again. There’s a couple of new sections in lieu of the new ads on my blog. To cover us, there’s a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service page. I also have a spanking new section for Recruitment. So if you know anybody interested to give translating and proofreading a shot, check out the page and get in touch with me. (P.S. Proofreading includes TLC. More on that definition in the Recruitment page).

Happy Holidays, Folks.

See ya closer to Xmas where all I’m going to shower everyone with presents 😀




P.S. Guess what is my favorite all-time Utada Hikaru song. :0

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