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Ye Sanshao’s ¥100 Prostitution

After a night of confusion and dubious passion.

Waking up, Cheng Anya, who ached all over from head to toe, immediately cursed Ye Chen a billion times.

Damn, this man was simply a beast, a beast!

She had been pinched all over by him and had countless purple marks to show for it. Ignoring the inflamed scratches she had made on Ye Chen’s back, Cheng Anya focused only on the pinch marks and hickeys she had received, cursing his ancestors all the way to the eighteenth generation.

Ye Chen had been tightly holding her petite body this whole time, and Cheng Anya had to muster up all her strength just to escape his grasp. Seeing that the sky outside was quickly brightening, she hurriedly began putting on her clothes. As every movement sent agony coursing through her lower body, Cheng Anya didn’t restrain herself from cursing Ye Chen a few more times. Finishing the difficult task of putting on her clothes, she went on to search her pockets. After feeling around in her pocket, she found she only had ¥100.


¥100 was enough to buy one thousand 10,000 taels of Ming money, right?

Whatever, the one who had picked people clean was him. She was the one who had suffered losses. It wouldn’t be enough even if he paid her back later.

Spending ¥100, she felt extremely regretful. Spending money to buy pain, she must have lost her mind.

According to Cheng Anya’s calculations, Ye Sanshao wasn’t even worth ¥100. If Ye Sanshao knew he was considered to have so little value, it would have made him want to cough up blood o(╯□╰)o .

Like this, as soon as she finished thinking about it, Cheng Anya set the money on the desk with a clear conscience and also, with good intentions, tore off a piece of white paper and wrote a few words: Damned beast, this is the payment for your body, see you later!!!

Cheng Anya sneakily left the room and, just like that, she escaped—slipping away!

Upon returning home, she immediately went looking for Lin Li to collect the debt. Daring to drug her, does she not want to live?!

If Ye Sanshao did eventually seek her out to demand the one thousand ¥10,000 notes, even if she sold 100 of herself, she still wouldn’t have that much money.

When Ye Sanshao woke up, the sky was already whitewashed and bright, and he was comfortably hugging a pillow to his chest. However, something didn’t feel right. After pausing for a few moments, he abruptly opened his eyes. In the room, he was the only person remaining. His eyes narrowed slightly and the look on his entire face became dangerous. In the morning light, he seemed to be relaxed, but deadly at the same time.

Wretched girl.

She actually ran away?

She ran away, but even so, there wasn’t anyone who could escape his, Ye Chen’s, influence. Rotten girl, at least she tasted pretty good.

Now that Ye Sanshao, who was still a little aroused, knew the taste of her, he wanted more.

Catching a glimpse of the ¥100 on the desk and a pink tint that was very visible to the eye, a bad premonition sprung up in his mind, unbidden. The corner of Ye Chen’s eye twitched severely, it would have been better if he hadn’t thought about that sort of thing.

Clearly he had underestimated Cheng Anya’s fiendish nature.

When he had caught sight of the white piece of paper and the beautiful characters written on it, Ye Chen’s gaze dropped and he emitted a murderous aura like that of Yama, King of Hell[1].



Money for his body?

Good, very good!

Ye Sanshao grabbed the piece of paper and crumpled it into a ball as he smiled twistedly.

[1] Yama is regarded as the king of hell who judges and determines the rewards and punishments of the dead. For more information, you can go here.

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