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Fateful Brief Encounter

A City’s old-fashioned slums.

Old-fashioned and ruined buildings, dirty and fishy-smelling streets, thronging crowds, in all aspects this part of town represented the lowest rung of society and the livelihood of the miserable. This district, surrounded on all four sides by high rise apartments, was the only area that looked completely crushed.

Cheng Anya, dragging a small suitcase, went out into the congested street.

“Anya, my sister-in-law is living well in the UK. Don’t worry about Papa, focus on studying well. Sorry that Papa has let you down.” Papa Cheng’s eyes were red and swollen from crying the whole night after he had married Lin Li’s mother. He was always ashamed when he faced Anya. “Papa is incompetent, living a mediocre life and letting things take their own course. What I haven’t done, you should do. Fortunately my sister-in-law has offered to take you abroad, so you need not experience the same hardships as I. Now I’ll finally be able to face your mama properly and explain.”

“Papa, don’t say that.” Cheng Anya hugged her papa, “I’ll go to the UK. And stop thinking like that, it’s not like I won’t come back. Don’t worry, Papa. After I return, you’ll be able to live comfortably.”

“My older sister’s husband, I assure you that I will take good care of Anya.” Gu Meiling said affectionately.

“Papa, Lin Li’s actions outside aren’t very clean, and she owes people a lot of money. Whatever you do, don’t get involved in it. It would be good if you just lived out your days peacefully. After all, she’s already an adult, so she can handle her own problems. Besides, you aren’t obligated to do anything for her, remember?” Cheng Anya emphasised these points worriedly.

Papa Cheng nodded.

After she came back that day, Cheng Anya had immediately beaten up Lin Li. Don’t just take her at face value, because beneath that fresh and pure appearance was an extremely fierce spirit—one capable of pressuring Lin Li into confessing. Nevertheless, Lin Li didn’t stop plotting to grab Anya and sell her off to an underground auction. Fortunately, Anya’s aunt had invited her to study abroad in the UK, or else it might have been difficult to avoid a catastrophe. Even so, she was still very worried for her father in her heart.

As the taxi started moving, Cheng Anya cried as she watched her father’s hunched figure slowly become smaller and smaller.

Papa, wait for me to come back, I’ll make sure you can live a happy and comfortable life.

A silver sports car stopped at the traffic light. Ye Sanshao had been in a bad mood recently. Soon he would be going to the US, and he still hadn’t found that girl’s whereabouts

That rotten girl, he absolutely wanted to capture her and skin her alive, but he couldn’t find her. Still, nobody had ever dared to play with he, Ye Chen, like this before. Even if she ran to the ends of the earth, he would still find her and make her pay him back.

Those magnificently bright and beautiful eyes were so captivating!

Her taste was also quite alluring, to the point where one could easily become addicted to it.

Rotten girl!

That night wasn’t the first time they had met, he had actually seen her at the beach once before. At that time, he absolutely captivated by her. However, at the bar, she had humiliated him so much that he couldn’t let her escape his grasp.

Ye Sanshao didn’t want to give up and let the things between them end. In his heart, there was a voice shouting, it’s her, only her. This kind of unusual feeling would make one’s heart beat, and he was no exception.

While lost in thought, Ye Sanshao raised his slender eyes, then abruptly paused. Wasn’t that the rotten girl?

Meanwhile, back in the taxi, Cheng Anya was also lost in thought as she looked at the charm her father had given her, not noticing Ye Sanshao’s gaze at all.

The light changed color and the car started moving. It was rush hour, so there was quite a lot of traffic, so Ye Chan had no choice but to follow closely if he didn’t want to lose her.

Driving like this was quite dangerous.

On a high speed, winding road, as the taxi began to turn, he pressed on and recklessly followed. The result was a disaster, as a truck collided with his sports car from behind, causing his car to flip over several times.

Rotten girl, wait, don’t leave……

Before Ye Chen lost conscience, he only had one thought: he mustn’t give up!

In the taxi, Cheng Anya’s heart stopped and, feeling a stab of pain, she looked around confused. Did someone call for her?

“There was an accident on the highway,” the driver stated.

Cheng Anya felt somewhat uneasy. This feeling lasted for quite a while before her heart finally calmed down.

While an ambulance was rushing Ye Chen to the hospital, Cheng Anya was boarding her flight to the UK.

The young lady smiled brightly and beautifully as she shouted, “O glorious motherland, wait for me to return!”

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