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The Father and Son’s Brief Encounter

This chapter begins seven years later.

A City’s airport.

A very pretty little boy was standing in the airport lounge. Fair skin, delicate facial features, a tender and cute face, yet also maintaining a graceful smile, looking remarkably like a miniature adult.

Every aspect was perfectly inconceivable, directly the majority of the travellers from grandmothers all the way down to the youngest baby.

“Ning Ning……”

“Mommy, I’m here!” Cheng Ningyuan stretched out a small hand, smiling as he greeted his much beloved mommy.

With Cheng Anya’s straight hair, sunglasses, rose red blouse, wide black belt studded with fake diamonds, three-quarter-length jeans, and red high-heeled shoes, she appeared both fresh and fashionable.

At last she had returned!

These past seven years, she’d missed her hometown. Even the air, compared to London, felt much more fresh and clean.

“My darling, how do you like my hometown?” Cheng Anya stopped, letting the suitcase she was pulling come to a rest, as she leaned over to plant a kiss on Cheng Ningyuan’s cheek. She really loved him a lot.

“Compared to London’s weather, it’s good.”

Cheng Anya took off her sunglasses, her pure and innocent face an extremely sweet smile, masking her devious thoughts. “Alright, let’s go extort Auntie Yun! Remember~, when we see Auntie Yun in a bit, you absolutely must be intimate with her! This way we can both eat a lot.”

“Yes, Mommy!” Ning Ning solemnly winked, both mother and child colluding together like villains as they headed to the exit.

Her son really was too intelligent.

“Sir, what are you looking at?” In the airport lounge, the Ye house’s butler asked curiously.

Mr. Ye’s keen gaze lagged behind the backs of the mother and child as he thought.

“Did you see that little boy from just a moment ago?” Mr. Ye’s voice sounded slightly cold, and the butler followed his gaze, just barely managing to catch a glimpse of Ning Ning’s young and tender back.

“What about him?” the butler was rather puzzled.

That child and Ye Chen resembled each other quite a bit. Although it was only a glance……

Their faces were similar. Even though that child was still young and tender, he felt like he had seen the very same young face years ago.

Mr. Ye’s face was cryptic as he shook his head, “It’s not important, I was probably mistaken. Let’s go!”


Li Yun was Cheng Anya’s last good friend from school. Their friendship was very sincere and she had returned to her home country three days before Cheng Anya and her son.

Once Ning Ning returned, he was embraced and was held close incessantly. The villainous colluding of the mother and child was completely unnecessary as they were immediately welcomed with open arms.

This restaurant was very well-known for its Hunan cuisine with the region’s distinctive flavor famous far and wide.

After getting out of the car, Cheng Anya went to the restroom to wash her hands and Li Yun allowed Ning Ning to get out of the car and wait there as she went to go park. After Ning Ning got out, Li Yun got out of the other side and beckoned for Ningyuan to follow her, “Darling, come over here!”

Ning Ning smiled and ran over. Not paying attention, he bumped into a man’s chest and almost fell over, his little foot stepping on him.

“I’m sorry!” Ning Ning hurriedly hung his head and apologized. Since he had grown up from childhood in the UK, his mannerisms were smooth like a little gentleman.

After apologizing, he saw the man didn’t blame him and only slowly walked past him. Li Yun, seeing that he wasn’t injured, was relieved and took him into the restaurant with her.

“Chen, what’s wrong?” A soft and delicate woman intimately hooked her arm in his and smiled sweetly as she asked.

He had been continuously staring after that child for some reason.

Ye Chen shook his head, his cold eyes faintly narrowing. He didn’t know why, but the child who ran into him had seemed to collide with the softest part of his heart and it was faintly pounding. Ye Chen was a little regretful that he hadn’t seen the child’s face clearly.

“It’s nothing, let’s go!” And the two people went into the Western-style family restaurant next door together.

This was the brief meeting of father and son.

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