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Cheng Anya’s Violence

Li Yun gave the mother and child a rental room near the school, only a ten minute walk on the road to get there. This district had very convenient transportation, complete facilities, and a peaceful neighborhood. It was very suited for them to live in.

Cheng Anya took Ning Ning to go look for Papa Cheng.

Papa Cheng and Gao Mei were still living in the slums. Seven years ago, Lin Li had been snatched because of the large amount of money she owed the loan sharks and since then, they hadn’t heard anything from her. The other party was quite vicious, blaming Papa Cheng. Lin Li’s mother was exactly this kind of irritating commoner.

Because of their depressing livelihood, Gao Mei’s temperament became increasingly worse. Papa Cheng was a gentle person, and he could only tolerate her. The simple life was very exhausting.

These past few years, Cheng Anya had been busy with her studies, taking care of Ning Ning, and her temporary job. Busy during the day and muddle-headed at night. Additionally, she still hadn’t yet returned to her home country, but she would religiously call Papa Cheng to have a conversation about their daily lives every week.

Seven years passed, and the hair on Papa Cheng’s temples had turned white. Seeing this, Cheng Anya’s heart felt a great pain.

“Anya? This is Anya?” Gao Mei looked at Cheng Anya’s fashionable clothes, both her eyes bright with greed, “Anya, hurry up! Let’s leave! I’m fed up with this place, your father really is a good-for-nothing! Busy for a lifetime and nothing to show for it, at least there is such a good daughter as you. Hurry and take us away! No matter what I’m still your lawful mother, you have the obligation to provide for me.”

“I only have one mother. You are merely my stepmother.” Cheng Anya sweetly smiled.

Damn, bad habits really are hard to change, aren’t they. Even my obligations, if it wasn’t for Papa, I would eagerly tear you apart and reassemble you. If it weren’t for the greed for money of you mother and daughter pair, Papa wouldn’t have had to endure so much hardship these past few years.

“What did you say?! So unfilial! Why must I endure so much hardship in my life! Cheng Anya, no matter what, you must take me away from this place!” Gao Mei wailed, sitting on the ground and making a scene. Papa Cheng’s face was one full of helplessness as he watched.

Ning Ning pulled Cheng Anya’s sleeve, his young and soft voice sincere, “Mommy, last time you told me not to shout like an idiot, I think I understand why now.”

Gao Mei’s voice stopped in shock and Cheng Anya smiled innocently and beautifully, “Mommy’s darling is really so smart!”

“You dare to scold me?! You bastard……ah!”


Her penetrating shriek was swiftly cut short as Cheng Anya’s slap unrestrainedly blew past, “Do you have the guts to say that again?!”

The entire time, Cheng Anya maintained an extremely innocent-seeming appearance complete with a harmless smile that was unclouded and touching. Only those who were familiar with her talents would know that this woman was without a doubt a first-class con artist. Even if she wanted to slice you into pieces in her heart, she’d still be smiling outwardly as before.

At this moment, her sweet and innocent mask was finally being torn to pieces, her eyes flickering with rage. If they weren’t so poor, she would have broken off a stick to beat her.

If anybody dared to insult her little darling, she’d beat them, no matter how many of them there were.

Gao Mei was really frightened by her, beating her fists as she howled loudly, “The daughter hit her mother, the daughter hit her mother, all of you come judge who’s right and who’s wrong! Heaven will punish the offender……”


Why didn’t you go become an actress when you can so casually win an award for the best performance?

“Haven’t you made enough noise?” Papa Cheng was at the end of his patience. Taking Cheng Anya and Ning Ning with him, he left. Had he been blind all those years to take a wife like that? She had even slandered him the whole time!

“Papa, come live with me and let me take care of you. In the UK I worked a year and had a temporary job while I studied, so I still have a little left over. I can look after you and Ning Ning without a problem.”

Papa Cheng sighed, stroking his grandson’s head, “Anya, you shouldn’t be troubled by Gao Mei’s temperament. Don’t you know that if I go to live with you, she can also go? She is prone to gambling. Even if there isn’t money at home, it can still vanish. If she knows you have some money, she will waste it. Papa can’t burden you. With great difficulty my daughter now has a future, you can’t destroy that for the sake of your father. Besides, you also have NIng Ning to consider.”

“Pa……You want me to watch you suffer without being able to help?”

“Papa is used to it. So long as you are doing well, then Papa will be satisfied.”

“Then Papa, when I have time, can I take Ning Ning along to see you? You must also make time to come and stay with us for two days. Ning Ning would be very happy.”

“Yes! Grandfather, Ning Ning wants to hear Grandfather’s stories.”

“Such an obedient child. Alright, Grandpa will.”

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