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Genius Son

After school, Ning Ning went to the grocery store to buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and a few dishes. Then, when he was passing by the park, he saw an old man sitting on the bench.

He wore a well-fitting Tang suit and his whole body emitted a very dignified aura.

Not far was a lengthened version of a Rolls Royce limousine parked at the curb. Another nervous looking man was making a phone call, urging people to come tow the vehicle.

It seemed that the car had broken down!

The two people were nearly directly opposite each other when Mr. Ye suddenly stood up excitedly, the complexion of his face changing greatly and startling Ning Ning.


Ning Ning was unable to make heads or tails out of it, and the young gentleman’s superb elegant demeanor took over as he gracefully smiled, “Hello Great-grandfather!”

Mr. Ye was astonished, that day he had encountered this very same little boy, and with only a glance he had thought he was very similar to Ye Chen. Seeing him again now, the similarity was even more pronounced!

Those features, that disguised grace, the resemblance was 99%.

“Who is your father?” Mr. Ye abruptly asked. He was really too shocked. The imposing lord of the business world for many years was unexpectedly unable to control his trembling voice.

“Great-grandfather[1], you are a stranger, why do you want to know who my father is?” Ning Ning smiled.

Mr. Ye breathing stopped, suddenly the telephone rang and he took it. Ning Ning originally wanted to walk away, but heard a word that made him pause.

“Ye Chen wants a new secretary?” Mr. Ye lowered his voice as he asked, his complexion gloomy.

Ning Ning’s brows raised, his face one of contemplation.

“Since it’s like this, let Ruoxi go. At least I’ll feel a bit relieved, look after him!” Mr. Ye’s voice was extremely cold.

The corner of Ning Ning’s lips gracefully rose, but with cold expectation.

His black, jade-like eyes flashed in derision, the look quickly disappearing and once again replaced with the look of a graceful young child.

“Yeah, do it immediately!” Mr. Ye hung up, and his eyes straightforwardly locked onto Ning Ning’s face as he repeated his question, “Who is your father?”

Ning Ning smiled especially gracefully, “He is a teacher, and you don’t need to know!”

Then he took a step and walked away.

Teacher? Mr. Ye pursed his lips and forced a smile. Maybe it was only a coincidence. Anyway, how could Ye Chen have this kind of ridiculous relationship with an ordinary person?

Ning Ning quickly arrived at the apartment building, took out his phone, and dialed a number, “Auntie Yun, can you do me a favor……”

[1] A respectful way to refer to the elderly. It’s a title.

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