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Genius Son 2

MBS International, Chairman’s Office.

Ye Chen sat on the leather couch. He was wearing a well-fitting Yamani suit which, combined with a suitably evil-looking appearance and chilly gaze, gave the young Chairman a kind of graceful, yet cold and detached aura.

Sunlight slanted in from a window, fragments skipping on his body and covering him in an awe-inspiring glamour.

Ye Chen, 27 years old, was the third son of the Ye house. He graduated from Harvard University and took over MBS International three years ago. By only relying on his own abilities and talents, in just a few years his reputation was that of one of the most successful people in the business world as he brought MBS International to new heights.

Running his company with an iron fist and always firmly making strategic decisions, this young Chairman was sure to always be successful in the business world as he was always tricky and changed constantly.

At the same time, Ye Chen was also known for being fickle in love. Worth millions and millions, and handsome as well, young women would fall over each other in their eagerness to curry favor with him. Not only that, but he was also the object of affection of superstars and celebrities. All sorts of people surrounded him, and he needed only to pick.

There was a rumor that Yunshi Finance’s Yun Ruoxi was his main girlfriend and they were already at the stage of discussing marriage and every big newspaper even published their intimate pictures.

Even so, Ye Chen changed women at the same flabbergasting rate as before: a movie star, a debutante[1], a girl from a wealthy family, a pretty girl from a humble family. As long as Ye Chen took a fancy to them, they couldn’t run away.

All except for Yun Ruoxi, never before was a woman able to stay by his side for over ten days. Ye Sanshao’s rule was to always part with no hard feelings. With his looks and wealth, people would rush to him like ducks. With his unfeeling personality and iron fist, people would not dare to bother him excessively.

As a result, that he was a Chairman who was fickle in love was quite fitting.

Presently, his dark brows were furrowed as he was quite displeased, his chilly gaze directed at his secretary You Lili.

You Lili’s whole body was covered in cold sweat. Although she was the wife of his close friend, she couldn’t help but to be scared by a single sweep of his chilly eyes. Who could have known that a sudden pregnancy would have lead to her having no choice but to take a vacation, “Chairman, I can select a suitable secretary to replace me.”

“No need!” Ye Chen said coldly, his slender eyes narrowing, “Go notify HR that we’re recruiting!”

You Lili hesitated a bit, risking being scolded by saying, “Chairman, I have a suitable candidate for recommendation, could you please consider it?”

Heavens, Ye Chen’s face really was awful. Was she going to fail before she had even finished?


“Yes, I have a friend, who was the secretary for GK International’s Chairman for a year after which she returned to her home country. She is currently trying to find work, and her abilities are outstanding. She is quite likely even more qualified for this position than I am.”

GK International? To be able to work there as a secretary for a year, her ability was definitely not something he could comment on. That Cross was very abnormal and would change secretaries once a month. He had many eccentricities and strict demands, rejecting starry-eyed infatuation and people who were only pretty faces. Generally if someone could last more than three months under him, they could be considered to be the best secretary on the earth.

“Immediately hand their resume over to HR, she doesn’t need an interview!” Ye Chen said decisively, “Have her officially start work on Monday!”


In a certain apartment building.

After Cheng Anya received Li Yun’s phone call, she was dumbstruck and remained silent for quite a while, “Fuck! Li Yun, you must be especially crazy! You actually gave my resume to MBS, ah ah ah, I’m going to kill you!”

“Hello, Big Sis, it was only with great difficulty that I was able to get Lili to speak for you. Are you dissatisfied? The monthly salary is ¥70,000. If I had the ability, I would have gone instead of you, you know? Also, your darling Ning Ning asked that you agree. Until I gave your resume to Lili, aiyah! No matter, no matter, anyways, the matter of your work is settled. On Monday you need to go directly to the Chairman’s Office on the 32nd floor of MBS to report. Did you hear that? I’m a bit busy right now, so I’m going to hang up. Talk to you in the evening.”

Cheng Anya(⊙o⊙)…

“Mommy, I’m sorry. I thought you urgently needed work, so I made Auntie Yun promise to help.” From beside the dining table, Ning Ning pressed his eyebrows together to express his feeling of being wronged, his delicate face shining with the urge to cry.

“My darling, my darling, it’s alright. Mommy had just originally promised Uncle Zekun to go to Yaohua Corporation……it’s not important, at worst I’ll just be rejected. Mwa-mwah this isn’t a big deal, Mommy will just go look for Uncle Zekun and explain.”

“Mommy really doesn’t blame Ning Ning?”

“Although Ning Ning sold Mommy, Mommy can still help Ning Ning count the money.” Cheng Anya kissed her son’s soft and tender face, simultaneously missing the crafty smile that flashed across his lips.

Mommy, I really did sell you!

[1] “a young girl of note”

[2] Human Resources, Personnel Office, the group in charge of hiring people in a company.

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