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Strange Encounter

Cheng Anya and Yang Zekun arranged to meet at a French-style family restaurant for a meal.

Yang Zekun was Cheng Anya’s senior who graduated two years before her. His familial background was quite celebrated, he was handsome, and gentle like jade. Always mild and honestly smiling, he was an upperclass and well-known gentleman.

When the two of them were studying in the UK, Yang Zekun and Cheng Anya had been on very good terms. He was gentle, generous, and refined, something that a great number of women dreamed of having in their sweethearts. Like Prince Charming, forever gentle and noble.

Two years ago, Mr. Yang had formally called Yang Zekun back from the UK and officially handed Yaohua Corporation over to him.

This graceful and elegant man was extremely skilled in the business world. Lead by him, Yaohua Corporation climbed higher little by little. Knowing that Cheng Anya was to return to her home country, Yang Zekun had intended to recruit her.

Cheng Anya had considered it for a long time, and it wasn’t until yesterday that she had agreed. Who could have known that Ning Ning and Li Yun would set her up for disaster so that she had no choice but to reject him.

She was stuck in a traffic jam the entire way, so when she finally arrived, she was 20 minutes after the arranged meeting time. Cheng Anya was regretful that she hadn’t walked, hurriedly going in the direction of the restaurant. As she ran, she softly cursed A City’s terrible traffic.

Not being very careful, her high-heels treaded on air, and Cheng Anya shrieked as she staggered forwards, “Ah……”

Knocking against a man’s hard chest, the faint smell of tobacco assaulted her, giving her a cleanly comfortable feeling. Cheng Anya, in her hurry, subconsciously grabbed the man’s hand with hers.

So warm!

“Sorry, sorry……” Cheng Anya raised her head with the sincerest smile she could, intending to properly apologize, but suddenly…….her heart leapt violently, and her mind momentarily blanked.

Ye Chen had been waiting for Yun Ruoxi to go eat lunch. He had just gotten out of the car when a woman accidentally fell near him. Subconsciously, he stretched out a hand to catch her and a fragrance filled his heart. Cheng Anya’s supple hair dispersed, exposing her flawless white skin and a small, soft hand that appeared to be boneless. These were his observations and sensations, giving Ye Chen a sense of deja vu.

Beautifully full eyes like lacquer that were bright and beautiful like sunlight, brilliant to the extent that people would be unable to look away.

Fair skin, exquisite features, her plump cheeks flushed red from running, like soft and juicy peaches.

Cheng Anya’s smile stiffened.

How could it be him? It really was because her memory was too good that she still remembered seven years ago and how she had had a one night stand with Ye Chen. Although, everyday that Ning Ning opened a newspaper with an article about Ye Chen, she’d wish that she could forget, she never could.

Even that graceful temperament was the same.

The first thing Cheng Anya thought was that she should immediately run away.

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “Miss, am I really so scary?”

Instinctively, Cheng Anya shook her head.

“So why are you immediately trying to run away after seeing me?” asked Ye Chen.

Did he forget about her?

Forgetting was normal. Afterall, it had been seven years and they had only had what could be called a casual romance.

But how come her heart ached a bit at this thought?

Wearing a Yamani suit undoubtedly tailored to fit well in order to reveal his slender and fit build, and handsome beyond compare.

Graceful to the point of indifference, his chilly gaze surveyed every movement thoroughly with a king’s elegance.

Cheng Anya cursed, are all mb[1] such high quality? Are they all such evildoers? Truly sinful!

“I’m embarrassed that I’m late.” Cheng Anya smiled courteously and an astonished expression crossed his normally calm face as she walked into the restaurant.

The year she left A City to go to the UK, a month later, she had discovered she was pregnant. At first, she was startled, then she felt pleasantly surprised.

At that time she was studying languages, and it was very exhausting. In order to enter a college, many things needed to be prepared, so her aunt suggested she abort her child.

Although, Cheng Anya had stubbornly kept it, she was a bit regretful later when she had to delay her studies by a year for Ning Ning.

This child was her life!

No matter how this child had come, Cheng Anya was very grateful to Ye Chen for her child. Living in foreign lands, because she had him, she was able to bear the boundless loneliness, others’ mockery, and her difficult life.

Cheng Anya, like a ghost, floated into the restaurant, becoming aware that her feet were shaking. She really hadn’t expected to see him.

From a distance, Ye Chen’s eyes watched Cheng Anya’s back thoughtfully. Why did he feel like he knew this back? The sunlight fragments seemed to settle on his shoulders, the fragments of sunlight seemed to settle on his shoulders, producing a dim glow. Why?

“Chen, sorry I’m late!” Yun Ruoxi came over slowly, wearing a pale yellow, western-style dress, her gentle and beautiful features filled with regret.

Ye Chen suddenly realized it, the reason her back was so familiar. That girl’s eyes and back unexpectedly resembled Yun Ruoxi’s.

“Let’s go eat!” Ye Chen smiled tenderly, embracing Yun Ruoxi and also heading into the restaurant.

[1] If you don’t remember, mb = money boy = male prostitute. ^ ^

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