TL: mandarin

TLC: Piroton, Queen (part), DanDG (part)

Editor(s): Bigredcomrade, Qwaztop (part)

Master and Disciple are Predestined to Fail Together

   Even if you can’t fight monsters, that doesn’t mean you can’t level up. This was something Ning Xin learned while digging, and she put it to good use. Sure, she couldn’t really kill monsters or complete missions, but what was there to fear? She could dig! And digging gave experience!

   After unearthing a single clump of iron ore using Ore Excavation, Ning Xin’s experience bar went from a pathetic 3% up to 100%. She then happily brought this ore over to Xiao Yudi, and the two added each other as friends. After saying goodbye, Ning Xin excitedly rushed off to dig up more ore around the Beginner’s Village.

   One day, two days, three. . . .

   One month. . .

   As time passed, Ning Xin continued to practice her digging to the extent that her movements became smooth and fluid. To her, it was now as easy as breathing, and she often became so absorbed in her work that she never tired. 

    She had turned a perfectly good MMORPG into a simple digging game. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

   Following three months of great effort, Ning Xin’s crafting skill rank, prestige, and even her level rose. However, after passing level 25, she encountered a significant problem. In this game, the grade of harvested ores directly corresponded to the level range of the map. This posed a problem for Ning Xin, who currently relied on the experience from excavating ore and primary grade stones to level up. As her level increased, no matter how much she dug, the experience she gained slowly began to dwindle. For example, a single piece of iron ore used to reward 30 EXP, but now it barely gave 5 EXP.

   To Ning Xin, something as trivial as being unable to level up was unimportant, mainly because she just didn’t care. After all, she truly loved harvesting materials. However, as a direct consequence of being unable to level up, she couldn’t enter intermediate to advanced level maps! As a result, leveling became the most important part of gameplay for her.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Xiao Yu, I think I’m going to cry.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Why Big Sis Xin~? Don’t cry, don’t cry~, who bullied you~?

    [PM] Ning Xin: A GM bullied me.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: (+﹏+)~ I’m no match for a GM, but tell me what happened~?

    [PM] Ning Xin: I can’t level up anymore because I’m not getting as much experience from harvesting as I used to.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Don’t scare people like that! You had me thinking it was something important! Big Sis, you should just find someone to carry you! Right now you’re only level 25, so you may be able to find a real master! If not, I can always be yours!

    [PM] Ning Xin: Please don’t! You still need your older brother to carry you, and I don’t want to involve you in this. Although, looking for a master does sound like a good plan, so I’ll try to find one and test it out.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Then I’ll get Big Brother’s friends to help you, they’re all really good. Wait for me at the waystone in Green Bamboo Forest, I’ll have Big Brother look for a master for you in the meantime.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Thank you, Xiao Yu (*^__^*) .

   Xiao Yudi was very fond of her big sis, Ning Xin. Ever since Ning Xin became a professional excavator, Xiao Yudi and her brother were never lacking in primary grade stones. On top of that, she gave them the stones for free! It was because of this that Xiao Yudi wanted to find only the best mentor for Ning Xin! She PMed her older brother, the guild leader of Heavenly Dragon’s Cry, on the spot, asking him to review the lists of both his guild members and friends. He was to eliminate those with a bad natural disposition, low level, or inferior equipment. They must be selected very carefully, as if they were picking the guild leader of Heavenly Dragon’s Cry’s own little sister’s husband. Each and every person who ended up being selected was excited like chickens.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Big Sis, I helped find you a master! He’s already arrived at the meeting place, so you should head over there too. He’ll be there to directly receive you as his disciple, so all you need to do is confirm it, ok~?

   Ning Xin replied not long after.

    [PM] Ning Xin: The master is here, but his name. . . . is so weird! 

   Xiao Yudi stared blankly at the name of the level 60 swordsman, Carefree Past, who she had intended to become Ning Xin’s master. Is this name really that strange?

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: . . .Is the name Carefree that strange? I don’t think it is.

   Xiao Yudi sent a message, but didn’t receive a response until a long time after.

    [PM] Ning Xin: [(^▽^;;)] Carefree? Is that another name for “Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO”?

   Not. . . Afraid. . . of. . . Censorship. . . X. . . X. . . O. . . O. . . .

   Xiao Yudi gnashed her teeth together as she slowly read out the character’s name, each and every word serving only to irritate her further.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Fuck!

   Xiao Yudi immediately opened up the guild chat.

    [Guild] Xiao Yudi: Censorship, you bastard, release Big Sis Xin! You’re not allowed to be vulgar to her!

    [Guild] A Romantic Night: Oh hey! Censorship, you dare to touch the boss’ precious person, why haven’t you stuck your head out for me to chop twice yet?

    [Guild] Sheep like Stars in the Sky: Xiao Yu, what did Censorship do?

    [Guild] Tender Heart: And how does it concern me?1 Xiao Yu, what does Censorship have to do with me?

    [Guild] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Miss Xiao Yu, why are you making such a big fuss~? Shouldn’t you be thanking me for accepting your older sister Xin as my 18th concubine instead? In fact, I did a good thing by not naming any names, unlike you. Your older brother doesn’t want us to talk openly about this matter, understand?

   Xiao Yudi trembled with anger as she closed the chat. After thinking of all the different skills she could use on Censorship, she finally managed to calm down and PM her older brother.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: [Wailing] Big Bro, why did you have to pick someone so unreliable? At this rate, Big Sis Xin will end up being accepted as Censorship’s disciple~! She’s a very pure girl, so you can’t let him harm her! Quickly make Censorship revoke it!

    [PM] 10 Thousand Silent Years: . . . .

   10 Thousand Silent Years had no choice but to remain silent. Xiao Yudi was saying that her big sis Xin was pure, but he wasn’t so sure. During several of his meetings with Ning Xin in the past, he had taken a look at her status to determine the value of her character’s attributes. When Silent shared her information with his peers, even they could only react with “. . .”. These three dots perfectly expressed the feeling of regret surging in his heart. This Miss Ning Xin was not pure, not pure at all. She has already transcended beyond that classification of ‘pure’, directly into that of pure stupidity!!

   In the month that she took to reach her present level of 25, he had observed her daily. Every single day, this girl did nothing but mine. Her perseverance and toughness were godlike! Originally, when Xiao Yudi asked him to help Ning Xin look for a master, he immediately became distraught. This girl, who could possibly raise her?!

   As for his sister’s request for him to stop them from becoming master and disciple, Censorship had already accepted Ning Xin as a disciple. Even though she was right about him being quite casual and vulgar, he couldn’t exactly break up their master-disciple relationship now. In any case, no matter how much the two of them tormented each other, it wasn’t his problem anymore. While Silent thought about this, his peers continued to send comforting messages to his little sister, Xiao Yudi.

    [PM] 10 Thousand Silent Years: They’re already master and disciple, and I’m not capable of undoing it right now. Let those two be for now. If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll get Carefree to carry her instead, alright?

   In the meantime, Xiao Yudi continued to chat with Ning Xin. The latter consoled her friend, saying that she was just happy someone was willing to carry her and how changing masters now would be too troublesome. In the end, Xiao Yudi dropped the subject and began repeatedly spamming the guild chat instead.

    [Guild] Xiao Yudi: Censorship, if you dare bully my big sis Xin, I will have my brother castrate you!

    [Guild] Xiao Yudi: Censorship, if you dare bully my big sis Xin, I will have my brother castrate you!

    [Guild] Xiao Yudi: Censorship, if you dare bully my big sis Xin, I will have my brother castrate you!

    [Guild] Xiao Yudi: Censorship, if you dare bully my big sis Xin, I will have my brother castrate you!

   While Xiao Yudi was angrily expressing her dissatisfaction in the guild chat, the two subjects in question met in the Green Bamboo Forest and exchanged contact information. Of course, this interaction was entirely one-sided.

    [Master&Disciple] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Disciple! You’re actually a girl, right? Master doesn’t take in guys pretending to be girls, so please don’t torture my poor little heart!

    [Master&Disciple] Ning Xin: . . . .

    [Master&Disciple] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Xiao Yudi wanted to help you find a master from her guild. But I, your master, am an unrivalled god who bravely faced down all the other applicants in order to take you under my wing! You should be happy!

    [Master&Disciple] Ning Xin: . . . .

    [Master&Disciple] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Now tell me, what are your three sizes? Quickly, quickly, tell me. Disciple, you must know that your master loves you dearly, hehehe.

    [Master&Disciple] Ning Xin: . . . .

   God, please send down lighting to strike this person before me. Even if I’m branded a traitor, I’ll gladly accept it.

   To Ning Xin’s grief and indignation, she watched as on screen the level 61 Demonic Road stumbled into a danger zone. Tears immediately began streaming down her face.

   However, 10 minutes later, it was instead the cheeks of that Demonic Road master of hers which were streaming with tears.

   Oh God, please let me go back in time! I won’t try to overshadow Carefree Past, and I definitely won’t snatch his disciple while he’s away! How is this accepting a disciple? More like receiving an ancestor!

   A level 25 Spiritual Pivot with 250 HP, he couldn’t deny that it was shocking.

   A level 25 Spiritual Pivot with a Physical Attack of 2-5 and a Magical Attack of 3-8; even more shocking.

   As for her Defense, Critical Hit Rate, Agility, and Accuracy. . . . They were fleeting, fleeting! Her stats were as small and delicate as her physique. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this girl, when attacking a group of monsters, were to fall before a single monster died. What was this situation? Not even a radish would be this brittle, nor would tofu be this soft. 

      What equipment was she wearing? Beginner’s Equipment {{{(>_<)}}}

   In the end, he was an aggrieved and indignant Demonic Road, a worked up Demonic Road, a Demonic Road in shock—all times a hundred.2

    [World] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    [World] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

   After repeatedly flooding the World Chat ten times, it began to flare up.

   Censorship was presently level 61 and one of the top 50 most well-known players. His equipment was above average and his control was excellent to the extent that it was no wonder he was, at the very least, respected as one of the server gods! When someone of his stature were to shout like this in the world channel, people all over couldn’t help but be confused. One after another, they expressed their heartfelt concern.

    [World] A Bowl of Spring Noodles: Older Brother Crab3, what happened to make you like this? Can’t satisfy your desires?

    [World] A Bowl of Spring Water: He’s venting his desires.

    [World] Yue Wan: Are you crazy, flooding the world chat like this? Are you feeling overburdened by money or something???

    [World] Chongqing Spicy Chicken: Aren’t you the same.

    [World] I’m an Alien: +1

   . . . .

   To flood the world chat, you’d need a loudspeaker. To buy a loudspeaker you’d need a Flower Ingot, and those cost RMB. Not only that, but it was a bored man’s leisure! All of them clearly had too much money(*@ο@*).

   While other players were busy making a ruckus in the World Chat, Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO continued to cry until he ran out of tears.

    [Master&Disciple] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Elder sister, let’s break off our Master and Disciple relationship. I can’t take care of you.

    [Master&Disciple] Ning Xin: . . . .

   In the end, Ning Xin and Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO’s Master and Disciple relationship was kept because the disciple had come from his own guild, so he couldn’t just kick her as he wished.

   However, whenever he caught sight of Ning Xin, Censorship would deliberately avoid her. Even so, Ning Xin’s ore and gems had still found a new recipient: her master in name, Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO. This master, who was a master in name only, had never been aware of any sense of justice, propriety, integrity, or honor. As a result, exploiting his disciple was in his nature.

   The two were considered master and disciple in name, but the reality was quite different. The master would occasionally exploit the disciple, and the disciple never dared to disturb the master. Contrary to expectations, both people were able to live together in harmony. Well, at least until the perverted Demonic Road grew fond of a seductive Immortal Fox.

   As for how the story began, Ning Xin was also unsure. She had only heard bits and pieces from Xiao Yudi whenever the topic of her vulgar master came up . As it was commonly said, once a vulgar man has vulgar thoughts, his lust would kick into overdrive. 

   Although Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO was vulgar, it hadn’t prevented him from becoming an expert. He was ranked in the top 20 after all. This kind of person, even if his words were vulgar, or his personality perverted, it wouldn’t keep him from being viewed as an object of worship in the eyes of other players. As a result, he was able to pursue a level 40 Immortal Fox without meeting much resistance from others.

   It was then that Ning Xin revised her view of this master of hers. Her master, who never cared for her or thought twice about oppressing her, was actually capable of being quite affectionate. Not only that, but his affection was also surprisingly cute and innocent.

   Instead of joining his brother’s in arms for raids, he would accompany his wife to view the scenery. He would unceasingly sell equipment for money 24/7, just to help his wife purchase fashion items so she could have a different outfit every day. He would, for his wife, have a falling out with his friend to the extent that they had a life and death duel in the wilderness, all because his friend said that his wife was using him. He would, as a husband, leave his guild and desert his guildmates for a beauty, but he would never say even a single malicious word to his wife.

   By now, the game was nearing the end of it’s beta testing phase. Because the developers had capped the maps and players to level 65, no beta testers would lose their data. Once the game officially began, all of their characters and equipment would be fully ported. The only thing that would be lost would be the existing guilds and their alliances. Everything went smoothly until a week before the closure of all the guilds when a shocking piece of information appeared in the announcements.

    [Announcement] Player Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO has killed the Floating Cloud Pavilion’s Hua Feihua. Truly the younger generations will surpass the old in time.

   Whenever a rank 5 guild’s leader was killed in the wilderness, there would be a system announcement. If this announcement had only occurred once, then people would’ve been unlikely to care; after all, this kind of thing happened frequently. However, this announcement appeared not once, but 15 times—one after another. Even slow people like Ning Xin were aware that something major was happening.

   Floating Cloud Pavilion was not a small guild, and yet the leader had been killed so many times. Now, revenge was inevitable.

   Even though Not Afraid of Censorship was not a good master, he was still her master in name. Once in a while, he would even help Ning Xin by answering her questions. Watching him offend Floating Cloud Pavilion made Ning Xin feel uneasy, so she PMed him.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Master, what happened?

   Ning Xin waited and waited and waited and waited, but Not Afraid of Censorship never answered. Ning Xin, without a better alternative, went to Xiao Yudi.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Xiao Yu, what happened to my master?

   Xiao Yudi replied quickly.

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: That slut Qian Yu was caught fooling around with Floating Cloud Pavilion’s Hua Feihua by your master. And to think your master treated her fondly! He even quarrelled with my brother and left the guild for her sake, and this is how she repays him? Big Sis Xin, I really don’t think Censorship is worth it.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Is it problematic that my master offended the leader of Floating Cloud Pavilion?

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: Hua Feihua and that slut will definitely get revenge. Also, since Censorship has already withdrawn from Heavenly Dragon’s Cry, my brother is saying it’s too annoying to get involved. Not only is it his own business, but it’s also hard for two arms to resist four. To be honest, I think this master of yours is in big trouble now.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Then what’s to be done? Is there any way to help him?

    [PM] Xiao Yudi: I don’t know. Big Sis Xin, you shouldn’t involve yourself in this matter. To begin with, you couldn’t help him even if you wanted to.

   Ning Xin understood that with her weak stats, even a level 5 Wild Boar could snout her to death. What could she possibly do against the numerous members of the Floating Cloud Pavilion? Besides, a Spiritual Pivot was meant to help the dying and heal the injured, not to fight. But, even though he was only her master in name, he was still her master. Although he took advantage of her several times and she herself had felt the urge to eradicate him, in the face of a great catastrophe like this, Ning Xin still felt a bit worried.

   Even though her master was currently preoccupied with slaughtering people and venting his anger, as his disciple, Ning Xin at least wanted to return the favours he’d given. In any case, Ning Xin could  use the master and disciple list to find Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO’s coordinates.

   The map that Censorship was located in, Wutong Valley, required you to be at least level 40 to enter. As a result of persevering in her digging, along with Xiao Yudi carrying her on a few missions, Ning Xin was already level 45. As a result, going to Censorship’s location wouldn’t be a problem. Ning Xin knew that she wouldn’t be of much help even after entering Wutong Valley, but even so, as master and disciple, she couldn’t just stand by and watch her master be bullied by others. All Miss Ning Xin wanted to do was to watch from afar, and in doing so, hopefully provide some sort of spiritual comfort. After teleporting to Wutong Valley, she immediately felt foolish. She helplessly sat in silence as she waited 15 minutes for the map to load. During that time, Ning Xin truly felt like she was suffering tragically.

   When Ning Xin finally found Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO, he was surrounded by a large party of people all bearing Floating Cloud Pavilion’s emblem. One after another, the members of Floating Cloud Pavilion unceasingly pounded Censorship’s body with their flashy skills. Ning Xin could only watch from the sidelines as this previously proud and perverted Demonic Road was repeatedly brought to his knees whenever he resurrected. 

   Censorship’s equipment had already been thoroughly destroyed, leaving him with only the useless system-created Beginner’s Equipment to cover himself with. This left him helpless before the group of people who were repeatedly tormenting him by killing him as soon as he respawned.

   This was just a game, so when one died they’d only have to pay some of the game’s virtual currency in order to be resurrected. However, this □□ scene on bare ground that she was now facing appeared to be a sadistic exhibition.Unexpectedly, Ning Xing was beginning to feel anger and regret stirring within her heart . Even if this world wasn’t real, people should still take others’ feelings seriously. This was not just simple entertainment!

   Miss Ning Xin’s heart grew restless as she watched the events unfold before her eyes. Steadily, courage began to well up inside her, but before she could find the source of it, she had already rushed to Not Afraid of Censorship’s side and cast a spell called Clear Heart. It almost flew past Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO in vain, but just barely managed to brush him, refilling his HP. That one unrestrainedly carefree action was shocking enough to silence everyone present.

   WTF, a level 45 Spiritual Pivot was unexpectedly able to refill the HP of a level 65 Demonic Road with just one Clear Heart spell (Beginner Healing Skill)?! Everyone present was so astonished they sank into a bout of confusion.

    [Just Now] Nei Liu Man Mian4: Boss, come to my position! A tiny level 45’s Clear Heart just restored 10,000 HP! I’m in shock, one for 10,000, omgomgwtf.

    [Just Now] Distressed City by the River: [mokugyostrikemokugyo] Striking a mokugyo5 calmly and collectedly, striking mokugyo calmly and collectedly, calmlyandcollectedlycalmlyandcollectedly. . . . Flips the damn table, I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!

    [Just Now] Green River Grass: We’re just fooling around, we’re just fooling around. . . .

    [Just Now] Siji: Where’d this recklessly small number come from?

   Ning Xin stared blankly at the screen and read through the Recent Chat, speechless. Good, good, the target of their campaign was no longer her wretched master, but rather Ning Xin herself. Before she could open her mouth to begin explaining, Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO beat her to it by sending a private message.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: What are you doing?

   Ning Xin mulled over her response for a bit before deciding to just tell the truth.

    [PM] Ning Xin: At first I thought I’d support you by cheering you on and encouraging you, but I got a little worried after seeing how they were overwhelming you with numbers and recklessly decided to get involved.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Go away, as far away as you can. This is none of your business.

   Flipping the table, Ning Xin was infuriated after glancing at Censorship’s words. Damn, you’re still trying to play the hero and pretend to be cool even now? You might as well hang the master and disciple title out to dry!

    [PM] Ning Xin: You’re my master and I’m your disciple. Because you’re involved, I’m involved. You get lost! I’m not moving.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: . . . .

   This time, when Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO collapsed, he didn’t resurrect again, so the many gazes of the Floating Cloud Pavilion’s guild members turned to Ning Xin.

    [Just Now] Siji: Not Afraid of Censorship’s disciple, kill her.

    [Just Now] Green River Grass: I’m coming, I’m coming. I’m a newbie Basic Questions, we should PK.

   When Green River Grass, a level 50 Basic Questions, said she wanted to PK with Ning Xin, the other members of Floating Cloud Pavilion encircled them. At the center of this circle was Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO’s body, but no one seemed to mind as they were too busy thinking about the good show they were about to watch.

   Ning Xin thought that calling it a PK was foolish. She couldn’t even fight a monster, so how was she supposed to PK another player? Wasn’t this simply courting death? Unfortunately, our Miss Ning Xin still hadn’t opened her mouth to speak, so Green River Grass flung a skill at her and Ning Xin splendidly collapsed to the sounds of birds calling. Her screen darkened to the color of ash.

    [Just Now] Floating Cloud: What the fuck, a one-second K.O.!

    [Just Now] Green River Grass: I-I-I. . . . I just used a Blood Needle Prick.

   Blood Needle Prick, a Beginner skill for Basic Questions that does minimal damage, but causes bleeding.

   The continuous damage from bleeding wasn’t terrible, but the fact that Ning Xin had died a violent death before she could even be afflicted with it was.

    [Just Now] Siji: OMG, she only has 450 HP! 

    [Just Now] Green River Grass: . . . .

    [Just Now] Distressed City by the River: . . . .

    [Just Now] Nei Liu Man Mian: Boss, one bowl of tear-stained noodles6. . . .

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: WTF, put away the master and disciple title! It’s really unbearable for me. ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

    [Just Now] Ning Xin: I’m not ashamed for it to be visible to people, alright. . . .

    [Just Now] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: -_-||| It’s me who’s embarrassed for it to be visible to people, alright?!

   Ning Xin sighed internally a thousand times in frustration as she was once again looked down upon.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Teleport to the Lost City of Flowing Light

    [PM] Ning Xin: Why?

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: To run! If we stay here we will be met with their oppression! I’ll have you know that I don’t have any masochistic tendencies.

   Ning Xin was speechless once again. Was Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO really not a masochist? Then a moment ago, who was the one who kept resurrecting and dying over and over again? Who???

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Quickly, teleport to the Lost City of Flowing Light. I’ll run away first.

    [PM] Ning Xin: If we run now, they’ll still be able to kill us.

   Once again Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO went silent. This really was his mistake, he never should’ve thought this girl would know that it’s possible to choose your resurrection point by using a soul flag.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Do you still have the soul flag you were given by the system when you first started?

    [PM] Ning Xin: Ah, that. Yeah, I still have it.

   So she can be taught! Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO was about to reply, but before he could, Ning Xin managed to make him almost choke to death on his own saliva with just a few words.

    [PM] Ning Xin: In storage.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Wtf, I’m not going be sadistically killed by Floating Cloud Pavilion, I’m going to be buried alive by you [sheds a tear].

   Both master and disciple once again sank into silence. Looking at her already ash-colored screen where the many members of Floating Cloud Pavilion were celebrating their victory by dancing with joy around their dead bodies, Ning Xin inevitably began to feel somewhat depressed, but her grief still wasn’t even a tenth of Censorship’s. However, before she could lament any further, the system notified her that she had mail with a ping. After clicking to open it, she found that Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO had traded her 10 soul flags for 0 gold.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Take a soul flag and break it. After you do that you should be able to see the soul interface. Then, select Lost City of Flowing Light. Remember to select Lost City of Flowing Light. Lost City of Flowing Light, okay? I’ll repeat this a thousand and one times so you don’t forget.

   -_-# I got it, I got it. Why are you repeating it over and over, I’m not stupid. Ning Xin ruthlessly broke the flag and, sure enough, the teleportation interface appeared and she obediently selected Lost City of Flowing Light.

   *Taptaptaptap*. Afterwards, two golden lights flared up. Two people, Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO and his disciple, turned into golden light and left, leaving behind only the crowd of Floating Cloud Pavilion’s members.

    [Just Now] Nei Liu Man Mian: Fuck, they ran away.

    [Just Now] Hua Feihua: Find them!

   After Floating Cloud Pavilion’s guild leader sent out an order, the numerous members of the guild scattered in every direction, scouring the entire map in order to search for the master and disciple who had escaped. However, while the members of the Floating Cloud Pavilion were running amok, the master and disciple who were hiding just inside the gates of the ghostly Lost City of Flowing Light were having an argument.

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: I told you to leave, so why didn’t you? Was making me lose face not enough to satisfy your resentment of me?

    [PM] Ning Xin: *Bangs table*, I should have known you were such an ungrateful person. Because you’re so ungrateful, even if you beat me to death, I still won’t teleport to Wutong Valley! Even if you die under the oppression of others, I still won’t feel sorry for you!

    [PM] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Who would even want your pity? Who do you think you are?!

    [PM] Ning Xin: Who aren’t I? It’s just unlucky that I am your disciple. You don’t even treat me like your disciple, and to think I thought of you as my master. Serves me right to get killed. I’m going to leave now so that you don’t have to trouble yourself seeing my face, hmph!

   Ning Xin strung her words together at the speed of lightning, but when she finished typing, the only thing she felt was the sudden urge to cry. She was about to leave when a single sentence appeared in the Recent Chat.

    [Just Now] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Little girl, don’t take offense. It was my mistake. I’m sorry.

   System Notification: Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO has hugged you.

   Ning Xin was stunned; Ning Xin was horrified.

    [PM] Ning Xin: What are you doing?

    [Just Now] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Little girl, this time you called me out as your master, rushed to help me, healed me, and died alongside me. Do you know that you are the only one to have ever done so?

    [Just Now] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: My brothers, whom I treated with the utmost sincerity, have abandoned me. Even my wife, whom my love for was as deep as the ocean, betrayed me. I have gotten along with many people in the past, but, in the end, the one who helped me was the one I cared the least about.

    [Just Now] Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO: Foolish little girl, inside the game, one must never mistake it for reality. Once you do, then you’ve already lost.

    [PM] Ning Xin: Hey, did something happen that set you off?

   System Notification: Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO traded 1 Imperial Edict Divine Scroll to Ning Xin for 0 gold.

   System Notification: Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO has cancelled their master and disciple relationship with you.

    [Just Now] Ning Xin: What is the meaning of this?

   Ning Xin was furious, for the response she received was not from Not Afraid of Censorship XXOO, but rather a system notification announcing that he had gone offline.

1 – 温柔的心 = Wenrou de Xin
心 is the same character used in Ning Xin’s name, creating the confusion.

2 – 一百遍了 it’s a joke to do with punishment, how if you do something wrong the punishment is to write a sentence 100 times, run 100 laps, copy 100 times, and so on. If you want to see the explanation, you can find it here (for those of you who can’t read Chinese, don’t worry, it makes sense Google Translated, I checked 😉 ).

3 – Censorship’s name is composed of the characters 不怕河蟹的XXOO, literally translating to Not Afraid of River Crabs XXOO. 河蟹 (River Crab) is Internet slang for the great firewall of China, so “Censorship”

4 – his name, 内流满面, is the internet version of this 泪流满面 meaning tears, to shed tears, tears flowing down the face, cheeks streaming with tears, etc.

5 – a type of instrument made out of wood, also known as a “wooden fish

6 – as said before, his name, 内流满面 = 泪流满面 means cheeks streaming with tears (idiom) and 面 is the same character used for noodles, so “one bowl of tear-stained noodles”

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