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Gilles’s Suffering

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct, Me3


「Good afternoon, Elza-san」

Having received permission to head out as long as I had a guardian accompanying me, which as expected was Gilles, I went to call up on Elza-san.

Gilles disliked the idea of me going out to town, but when I to clung onto his arm, he inevitably gave his approval. As long as I stuck close to him, he didn’t need to worry about me straying away.

And so, that was how we turned up at Elza-san’s store. Elza-san was a beauty as always — clad in a languid aura and lazing about at the counter.

「Oh? If it isn’t jou-chan and Gilles-bouya*. What’s up?」

Seemingly bored, Elza-san was running her finger through her ash blonde hair when she saw our figures and broadly smiled. I expect that that look alone would mesmerize any kind of men. However, it wasn’t effective on Gilles.

「I wanted to thank you for the magic tool. It was thanks to the ring that I was saved in various ways. Thank you」
「Ah, there’s no need to thank me since jou-chan had rightfully obtained it from your purchase」

Don’t worry about it. When Elza-san said that with her eyes narrowed in happiness, I bowed my head.

It was thanks to the ring that I was able to avoid death ….. Well, it brought out a bit of Gilles’s overprotective side, but even so, it had saved my life; I was grateful towards the ring. Holding it from the chain, I brushed it while giving a wry smile.

Besides, I was also grateful to Gilles. I had said the same thank you to him as well. Like me, Gilles also had the ring dangling from the chain around his neck.

「You’re an honest thing, aren’t you. So, that isn’t all for today, is it?」
「Ah, yes. I was thinking of studying up on magic tools through observation」
「Hee, no browsing around ….. Is what I would like to say, but since jou-chan had seriously thought it through, I’ll allow it this time. Look at em as much as you’d like」
「Thank you very much」

I didn’t expect Elza-san to be kind to a child. My eyes lit up and a gentle smile appeared on my face. A person who seemed to find things troublesome but was actually good at taking care of others was how Gilles defined her from our conversations.

As I’d obtained permission from the shop owner, I took a turn around the store. Each time I asked what something was, Elza-san would honestly explain it. Occasionally, there would be magic tools that were created entirely for a specific purpose, but there were so many of these type of things in Elza-san’s store.

「Jou-chan, how about something like this? It’ll be interesting」
「This is?」

When my eyes were captivated by the various assortment of items, Elza-san beckoned for me. While half running, I rushed over and presented before my very eyes was a glass bottle. Something that was blue and the size of a marble was stuffed in it; it glistened and shined under the exposed light inside the store.

「It’s a disposable item, though. When this sweet is eaten, something interesting will happen. Ah, but don’t worry. There are no risks or side effects」
「….. Something interesting?」

It appears the sphere was a sweet. Just for me to test it out, Elza-san shook the glass bottle and, with the sound of it rubbing against the walls of the bottle with a clink, it came out. Placing the blue sphere on her palm, she presented it to me.

「How about giving it a try?」
「Eh? But–」
「It’s not as if I’m charging you for it, and it’s not dangerous either. Rather, it’ll make jou-chan happy」
「….. Liz-sama, please do not trust Elza-san as she’s a hedonist」

I’m a bit interested but Gilles-kun seems wary of the sweet. You don’t have to be that concerned over it ….. Although I thought that, but because Gilles made a small grumble with「I’ve been played countless of times with the magic tools」, I couldn’t stick up for Elza-san.

….. Don’t tell me, he hasn’t recovered from the prank that she pulled on him when he was a child?

Ugh~, I groaned while hesitantly looking at the sweet and Elza-san at the same time. While making a sarcastic laugh, Elza-san slipped the candy into my palm.

Finding that such behavior was improper, Gilles threw a sharp glance at Elza-san but Elza-san just shrugged her shoulders.

「If you’re going to be that worried, Gilles, you can come along too. Look, she can test it out in that room over there」
「Well then…..」
「….. But I’m curious ..…」

If you’re told that something interesting will happen, then wasn’t it normal for a human being to check it out? There was a saying that curiosity will kill the cat, but Elza-san said it was not dangerous.

「I seriously won’t be in any danger, will I?」
「I guarantee it. If jou-chan’s injured, I’ll be making both Welf-bouchan and Gilles-bouya angry」

Since she knew that making both of them angry would be terrifying, I nodded my head in agreement to Elza-san’s words.

….. At the bare minimum, the two of them had smashed through a large-scale crime syndicate. If they were to be angered, I couldn’t imagined what would happen.

Besides, if a customer were to be injured whilst testing out a magic tool, it would affect the shop’s reputation. She wouldn’t purposely plunge herself into a disadvantageous situation now, would she?

「In that case, I’m going to test it out」
「Ah, go right ahead. Oh, and take these clothes to wear after you’ve eaten the sweet, it’s a freebie」

She threw a cloth bag at me which I caught whilst taking care not to drop the candy. It did not weigh much, but what in the world was this about?

However, when I asked Elza-san with my eyes, she steadfastly responded,「This is for later after you’ve eaten the sweet」….. Ah well, since it doesn’t seem to contain anything abominable, it would be better for me to just obediently receive it.

「Gilles, I’ll be fine because it isn’t anything dangerous」
「It’s because Liz-sama talks like that, hence..…」

Elza-san smirked at Gilles when he nodded his head; he seemed slightly disgruntled. It was amusing how Gilles was meekly abiding by my orders. Even when Gilles lightly scowled, Elza-san retained her taunting smile. For some reason, there were sparks flying between them.

「Then, I’m going to borrow that room for a little while. I just don’t understand why I need to change in the room..…」
「If it’s used in the room with all those magic tools, then on the off chance that something were to happen, wouldn’t it be dangerous?」
「I see」
「Liz-sama, please don’t trust Elza-san’s words too much. This is primarily how Elza-san influences others to do her bidding」
「….. Why are you being this cautious towards Elza-san?」
「This is because I don’t want any harm to come to Liz-sama」

Gilles, who insisted that he was a victim, held onto my shoulders just like that and urged me into the room. It seems that if anything were to happen, he would use magic to deal with Elza-san so I felt a bit uneasy.

「I wonder what is this thing that will make me happy」

After entering the small room that looked like a type of storage room and shutting the door, I took a look at the blue candy.

Certainly, I knew it was a magic tool because I could feel magic from it. However, I’ve never heard of an edible magic tool before. I would like to believe that it wasn’t a product that was designed to remain in the body for an extended period of time.

「I don’t know, but I doubt it’s anything worthless. If anything strange were to happen, we’ll go and demand for compensation」

I received a dry comment from him with a straight face.

….. Conversely, I became interested in what kind of suffering Gilles had to endure in the past. Next time when Gilles isn’t around, I’ll try and secretly ask about it.

「To–to that extent? ….. Then, I’ll begin」

If I hesitated, Gilles was bound to stop me, so I decisively threw the candy into my mouth .

Despite calling it a sweet, I couldn’t taste any flavor from the candy. And the moment I cocked my head in puzzlement, the solid candy disappeared, dissolving in an instant.

So because it was quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane, the tip of my tongue gradually turned warm, and it soon spread out throughout my entire body. A burning sensation erupted in my body as though it had been lit on fire. Feeling slightly dizzy, I collapsed then and there.


In a panic, Gilles stooped down and tried to verify my condition. The second he turned his head to look at me, I felt something on me burst open with a snap. Even though it was certainly not a bad feeling, it was a very strange sensation.

There was also a similar sense of discomfort that dominated my entire body. My whole body that was warm felt like it was expanding vigorously from the ends.

The instant I unconsciously felt the heat had reached it’s peak, a dazzling light enveloped my body.

To withstand the blinding light, I closed my eyelids. I held them closed for a while until I heard Gilles, who seemed to have recovered his vision, raise his voice and say「Huh…..?」in a panic.

「Urk–…..Why did I light up?..…」

Even when I opened my eyes, it was still very dazzling so I rub my eyelids. With slight disorientation, I looked up at Gilles and it was in that moment, before I knew it, that Gilles had stripped off his robe and covered me with it.

Straight away, the scene turned pitch black and because I had been forcefully covered up, I ended up letting out a strange, pouting voice. Having been struck by the fabric, my nose was a bit sore. Mou~ And so, I raised my voice with a bit of dissatisfaction…..

「Gilles, why are you suddenly—」
「Liz-sama, stay right there!」
「Eh, eh?」

When I popped my head out of the robe to complain, I saw Gilles exiting through the door with great haste. I couldn’t clearly see his profile, but his face was somewhat bright red. His ears had turned red and Gilles was using the palm of his hand to cover his face.

And then, I heard an angry voice coming from beyond the door.

「What have you done!?」
「Eh~~? I’m just letting Gilles-bouya see something nice」
「Why did you let me go in there!?」
「Isn’t it for the purpose of giving worry-wart Gilles some relief? Nevertheless, from the very beginning, I had intended for jou-chan to enter it alone」
「What am I going to do now! It’s inexcusable of me and I can’t show my face to Liz-sama anymore」
「Since you’re this bright red, you wouldn’t even want to show it to her in the first place. I say, you’re looking really nervous right now」

Elza-san and Gilles were fighting, or rather, arguing with each other. The unusual thing was Gilles that was being overwhelmed by her.

Which reminds me, why did he cover me with the robe?

I stripped Gilles’s robe from my body; thereupon was the sense of discomfort I felt at the very beginning.

….. Earlier, it was incomprehensible and I didn’t realized it, but why was I naked underneath the robe? I had worn long sleeves when I came over today so I should feel the fabric of the clothing over my body.

Despite sitting down, I looked down at my own body by accident ….. Ahh, I understand now why Gilles was acting so flustered earlier.

I mean, if suddenly I grew up into an adult from a child and was naked, wouldn’t you feel self-conscious?

….. Yup, I figured out what Elza-san was aiming at. When she smirked earlier, she smiled because she knew this was going to happen.

「This isn’t a manga ..…」

Remembering a certain manga from my previous life, I became a bit troubled by it. Why did this happen? Shouldn’t there be a typical pattern to this?

Letting out a sigh, I objectively assessed my body once more.

My limbs have lengthened quite a bit, haven’t they? Should I stand up? I would like to see how much height I’ve gained. I wouldn’t go that far, but perhaps I’ve grown into a typical adult woman.

My chest ….. Ohh, it’s splendid. I won’t go into details, but they’re not huge and neither were they decidedly close to the horizon. They’d inflated moderately; it was appropriate for the body of a young girl. My hips were also slender, probably, I think? There wasn’t a mirror so I couldn’t tell.

Perhaps I’m now in the body of my ten year old self. That’s the feeling that I get. I’m glad that I didn’t become fat.


My clothes had completely disappeared. Where it went was quite the question, but ….. Oi, oi! I should have asked Elza-san about that.

What am I going to do about being naked?

The robe that Gilles gave me to put on could only hide so much….. There was definitely a hole in the front. This was an appearance that wasn’t good for education, and strictly speaking, Gilles wasn’t an adult yet.

Because Gilles and Elza-san were still arguing on the opposite side of this door, I couldn’t leave.

What’s to be done? ….. And so, once again, I lamented as I caught sight of a cloth bag.

….. Didn’t Elza-san tell me to open it after I’ve eaten the candy? If she had anticipated this, then it wouldn’t be strange if there was one or two sets of clothes inside it. Or rather, I’m begging you, please be in there.

「Ah. Found it」

While semi-praying, I took out the contents of the bag and it lived up to my expectations.

Inside it, there was a set of clothes that had been tailored accordingly to my height. Whoever thought of this was extremely thorough, even underwear was prepared….. This was the string that was attached, wasn’t it? It was because she didn’t know my size, right? This wasn’t Elza-san’s hobby, right?

There’s no way I’m walking out naked so for the time being, I’ll just wear it.

「Ermmm….. Er, Elza-san…..?」

The clothes and underwear fit perfectly like a glove, and after putting on the shoes, I smoothly opened the door and made my way to the two of them.

Both of them were still quarrelling, but upon noticing my figure, the conflict temporarily ceased.

The reactions I saw were the exact opposite. Gilles was speechless. Elza-san broadly smiled as she sent Gilles a meaningful look for just a brief moment. When he caught sight of it, Gilles turned bright red which was somewhat refreshing.

「What’s the meaning of this?」
「Oh my, you’ve completely turned into a beauty」
「I wish you had told me about this earlier though」

If you had said that in the beginning, I wouldn’t have let Gilles in.

「Haha, but where’s the fun in that. So? Doesn’t it suit you?」
「I was quite surprised that it fit perfectly」

For a moment, the fact that the clothes matched my dimensions gave me the chills. Well, there was some leeway in the design of the clothes, but considering the measurements around my chest was just right, I don’t think it was meant to be a perfect fit.

Pinching the hem of the skirt, I sighed; I was unable to hide the sense of discomfort towards my own figure.

Although I was wearing a white summer dress, I was troubled by the differences in the various parts of the dress.

Under my bust was a tightly constricted ribbon that served to somewhat emphasize the bust. The stretched out fabric around this area was light and it didn’t stand out. The material for the skirt portion was thin so it was transparent. This whole set was created with several layers of fabric piled together.

Since it was a type of halter neck that was held up by a ribbon at the neck, my shoulders were exposed. As only the upper arms were concealed by a short type of balloon sleeve that was delicately tied together, the bare skin at the decollete area was still visible so it was extremely awkward. I didn’t usually show this much bare skin, therefore the cool and refreshing feeling was very uncomfortable.

「….. Gilles?」

I felt rather uneasy towards Gilles’s passive reaction. The attire wasn’t particularly ojou-sama summer resort style, so leaving that aside, if he could honestly tell me whether it looked good on me ….. was what I was expected of him. At least, this was better than being naked.


「What do you think? Does it suit me?」

When I held the hem of the skirt and twirled around, Gilles looked exceedingly awkward with his eyes wandering around. Ah ….. He has a troubled reaction because Gilles did see me stark naked earlier.

As for me, well, if it was shamefully seen, then of course it would be embarrassing. However, compared to being suddenly ashamed about it, I would first be dumbfounded by it.

Moreover, this borrowed form wasn’t something I was accustomed to, and since I didn’t think of it as mine, even if he saw my body ….. That was just how I looked at it. It felt like it was someone else’s problem.

「It….. It suits you perfectly, Liz-sama」
「Please look me in the eyes when you say it…..」
「It suits you!」

If you’re getting worked up just by saying this, doesn’t that mean it doesn’t suit me? I thought as such. I wished there was a mirror; perhaps my appearance didn’t suit the clothes. If I had a strong look, such pretty and neat clothes wouldn’t suit me.

Elza-san, the main culprit, looked exceedingly happy and was grinning broadly. She too had never seen Gilles look this confused before, so she couldn’t help but have an enjoyable expression on her face.

「How do I change back? Is it with a red sweet?」
「No. After three days, you’ll turn back on your own」
「That’s exceptionally long, can’t it be fixed sooner?」
「It’s impossible as it wouldn’t be good for your body. Moreover, since you’ve become an adult through such great pains, why don’t you just enjoy it?」

In other words, you’re telling me to pass the time like this. Got it.

However, it was reasonable for Elza-san to say such things. I should enjoy it for the time being since I’ve already obtained this impossible body by nature through great pains.

….. Gilles — as usual — kept his mouth shut while looking down at the floor.

「Hey Gilles-bouya, go escort jou-chan back home. If I let this girl out looking like that, she’s bound to be kidnapped again」
「It’s okay to hold her by the waist nonchalantly」
「I won’t! Please stop fooling around!」

Elza-san’s jesting tone made Gilles raise his voice. He quickly averted his eyes from me with an embarrassed look.

He didn’t have to overreact to this extent….. I’m still the same on the inside even if my body has changed.

「….. Well, it’s not like I can’t head home by myself, right? If Gilles dislikes it, then I’ll go by myself—」
「You can’t! ….. Let’s go back, Liz-sama, quickly」
「Eh? Ah, waitta— Gilles? Umm, Elza-san, thank you for the clothes and the shoes」
「Hnn~ it’s fine, it’s fine, I got to see Gilles’s amusing reactions. In return, as payment, you’ll tell me how Gilles-bouya reacted when you come back again」

When she finished those words that was said with wickedness in her smile, I was forcefully dragged by Gilles out of the store.

「Oh~ When I become an adult, my viewpoint becomes different」

Entering the main street from the alleyway, one could find the bustling stores as usual. Only, they looked different when I was shorter; just about everything seemed fresh. Even the goods lined up on the shop windows looked smaller compared to how I’d seen it before.


Gilles didn’t turn around and look at me. As expected, he continued to walk on. It was like he was distancing himself from me and wasn’t letting me touch him.

Of course, I was frightened of getting lost in the crowd so, just like how we were in the morning, I entwined my arms around his, and his body exaggeratedly shook. Like an unoiled machine, Gilles awkwardly turned with a creak to slowly face me.

「Liz-sama, please let go of me…..」
「Do you dislike it?」
「Rather than dislike, I’m not sure how to respond to it…..」

Gilles’s face was slightly red, and he was looking a bit lost. He disapproves of me clinging onto him, but if I had clung onto his arms with my body, then he would have fled.

I just noticed it now, but by entwining my arms around his, his arms were coming into contact with my breast a bit. It was an unlikely phenomenon when I was a child as I had forgotten about the existence of breasts.

「But Gilles still thinks of me as a child, right? If that’s so, then you don’t need to mind it」
「Even if you say that ….. 」
「Then, is it better to hold hands?」

Because I didn’t want Gilles to hate me, who was still a child inside, I obediently let go and entwined my palm around his. As soon as I did so, Gilles’s face looked relieved ….. I’m not saying anything against it, but if that was the case, was he dissatisfied? I understand that Gilles is a man, but that’s the complete opposite reaction. Is the size of my breasts that intolerable?

「….. Gilles, since earlier, you haven’t been looking at me in the eyes, isn’t that so?」
「That’s not—」
「Well then, why are you averting your eyes?」

When I looked at his face, his eyes were wandering around subtly. Our eyes never met, his eyes were constantly looking somewhere else.

「….. Do you hate it so much that I’ve became an adult?」
「That’s not what I meant. It’s just that, since Liz-sama is a woman, it troubles me if you touch me when you’re so defenseless」
「It’ll be nice if you could at least look me in the eyes…..」

Am I that different now that my form is that of an adult?

I understand that Gilles is perplexed. I knew that because, since I suddenly became an adult, he was troubled by how to handle me….. But, how should I put it. I am still me and that won’t change.

「….. I understand, then I won’t touch you」

Nimbly, I released my hand from where it was fastened and gripped the back portion of Gilles’s newly donned robe. My body wasn’t touching his, nor would I get lost. Like this, Gilles wouldn’t have any complaints.

Since he seemed troubled when he looked at my face, I followed Gilles from behind. Look! There will be no problems if it’s like this. I mean, since I’m right behind him, my figure won’t enter his line of sight.

「When we get home, let’s quickly explain the situation to Father and Mother. As long as I leave it alone, I’ll return to normal; I’ll just quietly stay in my room」

My lively feelings also took a dive.

It’s not like Gilles had done anything wrong, but I felt depressed. I mean, Gilles is a man and if a grown up woman had more or less touched him, I also knew that he would resist. However, ….. I’m not behaving like that sort of woman.

These complicated feelings that I couldn’t express were accumulating in the air around me. Even if I wanted to spit it out of my mouth, I held it in. I puffed up my cheeks; it was something like what a typical hamster would do when they were saving up their meal. My face probably looks ugly.

On the way, Gilles did turn around once. The moment he saw my face, his eyes widened but I wasn’t aware of it. After that, Gilles decided not to say anything. It’s fine if you don’t really want to pacify me.

「Is– Is that really you, Liz?」

After returning home in silence, I went past Gilles and went straight to Father’s study. The timing was perfect since Mother was together with Father flirting with each other, so even though I felt horrible for being a nuisance, I still reported it to them.


Father was surprised that I had barged into his study, but after Gilles came in and explained it, he understood. Just saying the words, “It was Elza-san’s doing”, was rather effective.   

「Oh, my ….. You’ve become surprisingly mature. Thank you so much for escorting her, Gilles」
「Not at all…..」

Gilles feebly shook his head beside me. However, I didn’t react to it and only gazed at Father. That couldn’t have been called escorting ….. It didn’t matter if I was the one being “escorted” because, in the first place, Gilles disliked me touching or looking at him.

I saw my expressionless Mother smile and, as though she sensed something, Mother slid her hand against my cheek.

「….. Gilles, what’s wrong?」
「Gilles, don’t tell me you…..!」
「Gilles didn’t do anything」

Father’s eyes lit up while his eyebrows raised in question, but I denied it. It wasn’t like Father was particularly worried like when I was injured — he wasn’t angry.  

Gilles’s eyes widened at my words. Still, when I just glanced at him from the side, he held back. All the same, although I no longer had the urge to puff up my cheeks, please allow me to make it short.

Seeing as how my mood took a dive from just a glance, Gilles’s cheeks stiffened, but I didn’t care.

「For the time being, I’ll just quietly remain in my room. After a few days, the effects will wear off」

「….. Liz, come here」

Upon finishing our conversation, Mother followed me when I exited the room and held my wrist. She forcibly brought me back to my room and set me down on the bed.

Mother looked at me, who had an unchanged expression, and let out a troubled smile.

「….. Did something happen between you and Gilles?」
「Nothing happened」
「Then you shouldn’t be treating Gilles coldly. You’ve always gotten along so well with him」

Her eyes carried conviction. Even though I knew that she had seen through me, I did not want to answer.

I was ….. Just sulking.

I know, it wasn’t particularly Gilles’s fault. I was just sulking selfishly. It was only because Gilles was bewildered when he saw the changed me.

The selfish person was me.

「Did Gilles say that you’re ugly?」
「He, didn’t, say that….. Rather, he didn’t say anything at all」

Even though it felt like he abandoned me, those were probably not his true feelings. However, he wouldn’t even look me in the eyes so how could I understand him?

It was not like I particularly wanted to receive compliments, but ….. I wanted, just a little, for him to say the words from the bottom of his heart. I wanted him to properly look me in the eyes and say how he felt. If I wasn’t cute, then that would be fine with me.

….. Although, that would be a completely different issue altogether.

As I looked down, Mother gently ran both her palms along my cheeks, then she bumped them together on my forehead.  

「It’s alright, Liz is cute. You are my child」

There was personally no doubt in my Mother’s remark.

Although I felt like an extreme narcissist when I thought of it that way ….. there was no element of denial.

Dripping milky-white skin, shiny amber-colored eyes, and thin, lustrous red lips — although these well-placed features looked a little child-liked, it was a face that was honestly beautiful. When she put on that soft smile, even if she wasn’t my parent, I would be charmed by it.

As Mother had said, I inherited Mother’s blood so there was no way that I wouldn’t be cute. Well, I think that, relatively speaking, I was no less charming than Mother ….. However, whether Gilles thought I was cute was another story.

「After all, Gilles believes that too」
「There’s no way of knowing that …..」
「Then let’s hear it from the person himself? Nee, Gilles. You’re eavesdropping, aren’t you?」

Mother cast her eyes at the door that had been left open, and having been lured over by her gaze, I looked at it repeatedly ….. With a troubled face, Gilles stepped through the door.

….. He heard it.

What’s with that timing? No, it’s because of the timing. If he wanted to catch me in a good mood, then the moment after I finished speaking to Mother about the situation would be the opportune time as the conversation would automatically transition from there.

「Nee, Gilles. Compared to that person, I am your ally, but please don’t make Liz put on a sorrowful face. You understand?」
「Then, that’s fine ..… Do it properly, ok?」

Mother gently brushed my head but looked at Gilles. Her refined smiled changed a little into the form of a roguish smile. You wouldn’t think a mother in her twenties would be this adorable, and yet, I was thankful I had inherited Mother’s blood and secretly sighed.

I’m fine with the way you are, Mother said in a small whisper, leaving my side. In exchange, Gilles made her slightly relieved as he drew closer.

Mother lightly patted Gilles — who in some respects had a stiffened expression — on the shoulder before making her way out of the room. Leaving me behind, there was only Gilles and I. It was probably Mother’s intention from the very beginning for this to happen.


As I kept silent, Gilles compromised by standing right in front of me. Because Gilles disliked facing me, I returned to my previous stance of keeping my head down. No, it was because I felt awkward that I looked down.

Without replying to his call, I tightly clutched the fabric of the summer dress while dropping my eyes. Gilles remained in front of me.

「Liz-sama, please raise your head. I wish to look at you properly」

As his words and deeds were the opposite of when we were returning, naturally, my shoulders trembled. Even though I wished and prayed for him to look me in the eyes, I was now getting cold feet. If Gilles deprecated me, I probably would be in a bit of shock and wouldn’t be able to recover. It was because the words were from his heart, his true thoughts …..

No matter how much time had passed, I wouldn’t lift my head so Gilles softly let out a sigh. Was he disgusted?

「….. Do you understand why I won’t look at you, Liz-sama? And why I hesitated to touch you?」

That was because Gilles was perplexed by my sudden transformation…..

「Because I’m a man. Even if we have a master and servant relationship, Liz-sama’s body is still that of an adult woman. Do you understand that it’s inappropriate for us to be intimate with one another?」
「….. Does it trouble you?」
「Let me just finish. Afterwards, it’s probably Liz-sama who will be troubled. If I were to succumb to my lust, then Liz-sama would become my target」

Lust. Lust …..?

In other words, Gilles ….. Is saying that he wants to do that? Certainly, Gilles is of that age and he’s grown up sufficiently for a guy but…..

….. For me?

Timidly looking up, Gilles had a slightly bitter smile and my eyes met his. Gilles properly looked me straight in the eyes.   

「Liz-sama should be a bit more cautious of me. Before being your valet, I’m a man. I might do a terrible thing to you」
「You won’t do such a thing, Gilles」
「Where are you asserting this confidence from?」
「….. Because Gilles is kind after all, and you would never do something that I disliked」

Because it was Gilles, it was unlikely for him to assault me. On the basis that he would never force me and respects my will. Moreover, assuming that he was unwilling but gave in, assuming I was assaulted …. I could put up some resistance with sorcery. Afterwards, Father could punish (restrain) him, so I knew such a thing wouldn’t happen.

Humans are in control of their actions. Even if they lost control ….. I am certain that Gilles won’t do such a thing.

Fixing my eyes on Gilles, I watched him intently and, for some reason, he let out a sigh.

「….. I’m also at fault for staying too close to you. Understood. I won’t do anything unless Liz-sama desires it, please be as defenceless as your heart desires」

I felt really amazed by it, but because it couldn’t be helped, I continued to gaze longingly at Gilles.

….. That’s because, as far as Gilles was concerned, I was only a child on the inside. Wanting to do such a thing was unthinkable. Just going after the body would be something Gilles loathes.   

「….. Can I ask you just one more thing?」
「About what?」
「Why didn’t Gilles look me in the eyes?」

I understood why he hesitated to get close to me, but it wasn’t necessary for him to purposely avert his eyes.

「….. That’s, Liz-sama’s change ..… I mean, your transformed figure was surprising」
「Did I change that much?」
「Yes. I can finally say this now, Liz-sama ….. You have become really cute」

It sounded like it was the usual compliment, but when I looked at the motionless Gilles, his cheeks were faintly red. It didn’t seem like he was lying. To begin with, I didn’t think Gilles would gain any benefits from lying to me.  

「….. Really?」

Asking to be certain, he properly replied and shyly nodded his head.

Since that’s the case, what a relief. Because the person I wanted to be praised from had said it, I was really happy. Naturally, my cheeks loosened and my eyebrows lifted. Even I was aware that I had a sloven face.

Seeing that I was drowsy and my smile was beginning to slack, Gilles faintly stood watch over me before sitting by my side. He gently stroked my cheeks as my smile became loose and the upper tips of my arch-shaped lips bent.

Gilles’s firm fingers were ticklish as he traced my cheeks.My itchy throat made a sound and although Gilles slightly hesitated, he extended his hands out wide to me.
There was only one meaning to that. Breathing it in, I leaned my chest into the body in front of me. Burying my head into his firm chest, I made the necessary preparations, holding his back tightly and sticking to it.

「….. This time, since it’s me, it’s alright, but when you’ve become an adult, please don’t attempt to do this sort of thing」
「I can’t promise that. Gilles is the one that calms me down the most」
「I don’t know anything even if you were to be attacked」

The amazed tone in his voice was as if he was saying that it couldn’t be helped. However, I understood it as that tenderness held sweetness in it.

The pleasant familiar smell of Gilles wafted up my nose. Gilles was different from Father. He had a strong smell, a smell that calmed me down. It was like the scent of refreshing herbs and soap mixed together.  

It was because of the current situation that I clung onto him, but Gilles hesitated for some time and, after thirty seconds had lapsed, he put his hand on my back. He used the other hand to comb through my hair with his fingers.

And by doing so, he combed the entire ivory colored hair that reached all the way till my waist, enduring as he brought me closer to his smooth chest with my cheeks rubbing against it.

This act of him passing his fingers through my hair was special. It was only for people whom I allowed. The only ones who could do so were my family and Gilles.   

Gilles’s warmth and the feeling of his strong embrace, the scent that I was fond of and the feeling of my hair being combed felt comfortable. All of these things together felt very pleasant and fuwafuwa*. The muscles in my cheeks began to loosen as though they had lost all functionality; my appearance was unguarded and sleepy. I just wanted to leave everything to Gilles.

「….. Nnn..…」

When I leaned closely to him and made a sound from my throat, he let loose a wry smile on top of my head. You’re like a cat. His whisper tickled my earlobes.

Slowly, I raised my head and cocked it to the side, and Gilles gave me a gentle look. It was different from when we were younger, his eyes were close to mine. Those green eyes felt gentle and depressed. If I’m not mistaken, there was only love for me reflected in them.

Though delicate, his strong fingers were moving slowly as he brushed my cheeks before tracing my lips. The feeling of his fingers gliding on my face was different from uneasiness. They came close to my nose and I let out a sweet sounding voice.  

Slightly catching his breath, Gilles panicked and released my lips. And then, because I felt lonely somehow, I sullenly embraced him, stuffing my face into his chest. From deep within Gilles’s chest, I found his heart — encased by his ribs — beating faster than usual.   

「….. Gilles ..…?」
「Seriously, you’re so defenceless, Liz-sama」

Slapping my back with a constant tap-tap rhythm, I felt myself enveloped in his warmth and closed my eyes.

Entranced by the sensation that was similarly comfortable, I unconsciously dozed off. The drowsiness made my thoughts melt away. A vague sense of euphoria and the comfortable fuwafuwa feeling was irresistibly pleasant.   

Just like the drowsiness that had entered my eyes, my hands around his back gradually weakened and slipped down. I was in such a state that my body was completely leaning on him, yet Gilles supported me so I wouldn’t fall down.  

With him tenderly clapping my back as though lulling me to sleep, I entrusted everything to him. Or rather, I should say, at this point in time, I surrendered myself to Gilles.

「….. Gillesh」

When I called his name with a lisp in my sleepy and unusually fatigued state, he replied in a mellow, soft voice that slightly quivered; it was so gentle that it barely resonated in my eardrums.   

I don’t know what was said as I was too sleepy to understand but ….. Though I barely understood, the words were very gentle.

It was just that I was very sleepy….. As though tempted by the warmth, my consciousness sank into the white ocean.

When I woke up, I felt lonely that Gilles wasn’t by my side and felt so dispirited that my eyebrows drooped, but I’ll keep that a secret. By the way, I wonder why Father’s smiling face looked angry? And Gilles couldn’t be found. Nah….. it couldn’t be.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. The return of jou-chan and bouya. Remember that Elza will constantly be calling Liz “miss”.

  2. There’s no way to describe fuwa fuwa but fluffy and blight. It’s just this soft, light feeling in your heart.
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