Last side story from volume 1 of Happy Life.

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Imposing on Cecil-kun

TL: Krrizis

Raw provider: Solistia

Editors: Nahct, Me3 & Karma


「Cecil-kun, I’ve come to play!」
「Go home」

As a favor, Father took me with him to the institute, so I went to bother Cecil-kun, but “go home” being the first words he said when he opened his mouth was really heartless.

Although I did knock on the door, I also hurriedly opened it. Still, the cold glance that Cecil-kun gave me, along with the immediate rejection made me feel slightly dejected.

Even though I didn’t tell him that I was coming over, he didn’t have to go so far as to give me such a cold response… I’m just going to treat it positively!

「Didn’t you say that before~」
「Is there an idiot that immediately comes right afterwards?」
「We’re friends」

I won’t concede that point, ahem, and shallowly puffed up my chest in pride. With a snap, Cecil-kun’s eyes blinked open, and he began looking about in confusion. He probably still isn’t used to the word “friends.”

He gave me, who was smiling broadly, a complicated and uncomfortable look, and sighed.

「After this is done, I don’t mind …..」

I knew very well that he didn’t dislike it, so I cheerfully answered him with the words「Got it!」confusing the slightly blunt Cecil-kun even more.

Trotting over, I approached Cecil-kun from the opposite side of his desk and looked at his work.

Well, it seems he has undertaken something quite troublesome. This time, judging by the paper that’s scribbled with numerous patterns, it appears that he’s improving a sorcery. By the way, I felt refreshed that I knew what it was. After all, it’s only wind sorcery that I don’t understand.

「Despite being a child, it’s very well-done」
「But, generally speaking, doesn’t that also apply to you?」
「Does it?」
「No matter how I think about it, yes」

Cecil-kun, who had decisively declared so, was an impossibly intelligent child. However, as far as Cecil-kun was concerned, I was the same.

These types of thoughts had piled up inside me over the past few years, so my thoughts were similar to an adult’s. Cecil-kun was probably new to this kind of situation, but because he was childish and struggled with such thoughts, in a sense, compared to me, he was an extraordinary being.

「Frankly, you’re not even at a child’s level. Nor are you adorable」
「Doesn’t that also apply to Cecil-kun?」
「Shut up」

It’s none of your business if I’m not adorable. Even I am aware of that, so you don’t need to rub it in.

「Fufu, but that part of Cecil-kun that’s so much like a tsundere is adorable」
「….. Tsundere*?」
「Yes. Usually, you’re tsun tsun. When you’re unexpectedly shy….. Why, that’s what dere people do」

As expected, “tsundere” isn’t a word that you hear often in this world, but as I thought, Cecil-kun is definitely a tsundere. Compared to when we first met, he has softened up quite a lot, so you could say that that is why I think he’s a tsundere.

When we first met, he wasn’t a tsundere, but a tundra with no signs of the ice melting away.

Yet, now we’re talking normally to each other and I’m glad that we were able to become friends.

After explaining the meaning of the word to Cecil-kun, he more or less seemed to get a general understanding of it and clicked his tongue with the look of someone at death’s door. It was just like Cecil-kun to feel dishonored by the tsundere title. While giving me a glare, he continued to vigorously spit everywhere.

「Don’t be ridiculous」
「I think Cecil-kun is an intense tsun. Oh well, you’ll be affectionate to me sooner or later」
「That won’t happen」

Cecil-kun even disagreed with those hopeful words. Instead, he scornfully laughed at me as if he was mocking the fool that I was* and smiled.

Compared to that smile, I would rather see the usual expression of ridicule or even the bashful look on his face, but we’ve just become friends, so I shouldn’t have such high expectations. I would like us to slowly become the best of friends.

「….. But, you’re properly giving me the kind care that a guest deserves. Although, your hands have stopped working on work」
「….. Shut up」

But still, being made fun of like this was detestable, so I’ll point out a bit of his cute side. One way or another, Cecil-kun has been making eye contact and conversing with me, and he hasn’t voiced his displeasure of me approaching him.

After pointing that out to him, Cecil-kun scrunched up his face and looked the other way. Even that was cute — so to speak — but I wasn’t going to say it to the person himself.

「Fufu. You aren’t honest, aren’t you, Cecil-kun?」
「Isn’t your interpretation too forward」
「I’ve learnt that it’s important to not be discouraged when dealing with Cecil-kun」

Compared to Cecil-kun’s facial expressions and gestures, I knew that his harsh words were the kind that would stick in one’s head for several days. Even if we had reached a compromise with each other, this aspect of him won’t change. I think those cold words probably come out on reflex.

My words made Cecil-kun instantly feel uncomfortable. It seems Cecil-kun was also a bit concerned by it, as his eyebrows drooped.

「….. Sorry」
「No, forget it. I was basically too persistent 」
「….. It’s not like I particularly dislike you right now」

Cecil-kun had given his acknowledgement that he wasn’t alienating me~~. With the thing from before, I had started to wonder if Cecil-kun minded and if the person himself hated me? However, it looks like he’s moderately alright with me.

As his face began to soften on its own, I enthusiastically smiled back at him, causing him to turn away. I could faintly hear the sound of his tongue clicking, but when I looked carefully, I could see that Cecil-kun’s ears had turned slightly red.

I imagine he must have felt really embarrassed; however, from my experience and intuition, I knew that if I pointed that out to him, he would snap back, so I decided to step back and watch Cecil-kun as he tried to quietly hide his embarrassment.

However, right from the get go, it didn’t seem very believable. After ten-odd minutes of watching him, Cecil-kun relinquished his quill. I wasn’t sure why he looked my way, but it seemed that he was finished with his work.

「….. Oh~ So that’s how it works. This would put adults to shame*. Truly admirable; I simply wouldn’t be able to do it if it was me」

It was absolutely impossible for me to make such minor modifications or, more precisely, it was impossible for me to even improve enchantments to begin with.

I have to say, for a child like Cecil-kun to pull off this feat is truly amazing. Without holding back, I used my palm to stroke his head. While whispering, you’re amazing, in a serious manner, I continued stroking him when, suddenly, tears started trickling down one by one from Cecil-kun’s eyes.

Thinking I had imagined it, I looked at Cecil-kun again and saw two to three more large drops flow down his cheeks. Not knowing what else to do, I moved my hand that had been stroking his head to his body.

Cecil-kun had also realized that he was crying, and in a hurry, he used the back of his hands to roughly wipe them away. Although he said 「It’s nothing」, his eyes were downcast. There was no way that it was nothing.

Nevertheless, I didn’t understand why he started crying. I frantically tried to think of a reason, but I didn’t see how me stroking his head could be a trigger. There was nothing that I could remember, except the part where I was making fun of Cecil-kun, so that’s a possibility, but I don’t believe that that was enough to make him cry.

I thought to myself ….. Then why? ….. Suddenly, I remembered what Cecil-kun had said before.

『I ….. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been somewhat abnormally smart. Feeling sick from my surroundings, my sorcery would often rampage and people would be injured. As a result, both Father and Grandfather shunned me』

Perhaps ….. Cecil-kun was never praised or touched like this before, and he had always wanted it. ….. You’ve done well, you did great — these were words that he had wished his parents would praise him with.

Swearing on that possibility, I gently hugged his small body closely. Although he didn’t resist, his body shook in an exaggerated fashion. Remaining in this position, I gently brushed his head.

「….. You’re great, you’re great, Cecil-kun is such an amazing, good child」
「Are you making fun of me?」
「It’s genuine admiration ….. You’ve worked really hard, Cecil-kun. I’m sure others will acknowledge you」

….. When I thought about it carefully, Cecil-kun, despite being so mature, was still a child. A child grows with praise and is raised by the love they receive. If there wasn’t any love, the child could possibly grow up warped. In actuality, Cecil-kun had already started breaking down.

Whoosh. He was stubborn, yet when I embraced him with my arms around him, Cecil-kun leaned on me with his eyes still cast downwards. He didn’t say a word, but most likely ….. he felt lonely.

Being alone was lonely. Since this could alleviate his burden by just a little, I patted his back whilst stroking his head, conveying my warmth through the gentle embrace.

Calming down after a moment, Cecil-kun raised his head, and I pretended not to notice that his eyes were slightly moist. He would dislike it anyway.

Cecil-kun then noticed that I was rubbing his back and after I smiled, he began sulking a little. Nevertheless, you didn’t dislike it, right, Cecil-kun?

「…..How long are you going to cling onto me?」
「Weren’t you doing that as well, Cecil-kun?」
「Shut up」

The words were cold, but there was no bite in his voice. Rather, a soft, mellow tone could be heard.

When I attempted to look at Cecil-kun, he had an uncomfortable, but gentle expression. That expression was as though he had broken away from his past.

「….. Liz」

This was probably the first time Cecil-kun had ever called me by my name.

Blinking repeatedly, I stared back at Cecil-kun and after Cecil-kun started chewing on his lips, he rested his forehead on my shoulder to hide his face.

「….. I appreciate it」
「Fufu, I see」

That quiet murmur certainly reached my ears.

For that reason, my lips softened and just like that, I gently stroked Cecil-kun’s back once more.

Translation notes:

  1. Tsundere = Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time.
  2. 口の端を吊り上げて = Kuchi no ha wo tsuri agete = According to Weblio, it means to show displeasure and scorn at someone. There wasn’t a better substitute I could think of so I went with the word ‘mock’.
  3. 大人顔負け = Otona kao make = “Putting adults to shame”. Basically, it means that you’re more superior than all the adults. An example would be “Children generally put adults to shame”.


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