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Prologue 2: Start of a New Life

TL: Ia

TLC: Krrizis

Editors: Innocent, Nahct, Me3, Elhessan & Momielxai


Two days after I regained my consciousness, I was discharged from the hospital.


As for the wounds that I had received from my classmates, they were completely gone. By lying on the bed obediently, my fatigue was gone in a single day.


After thanking the doctor and nurse who looked after me, I headed home.


Somehow, I felt cheerful. It might be because while I was hospitalized, the doctor and nurse took good care of me; it had been a long time since I’ve received that kind of treatment. Even though it was natural because it was their job, it still made me happy.


After I arrived at my house, I circled around to the back gate because I wanted to avoid entering through the main gate. I could immediately leave through the back gate. It was also convenient because no one would notice me entering my room.


I chose to do this because I didn’t want to spoil this hard-earned mood, but it seems that was totally pointless.


[So you were able to return, Sir. It seems the Master wishes to speak with you. Please head over to the main house immediately.]


A servant was waiting at the entrance to inform me of grandfather’s summon.


[I just got home from the hospital though?]


[Those are Master’s orders]


Even though the servant used polite words, I couldn’t feel any respect from his attitude.


[Do you know what would it be about?]


[No, I don’t. If I knew, I certainly would have told you already, Sir]


After answering that, the servant quickly returned to the main house.


Helplessly, I entered my room to change my clothes. The clothes that I was wearing had been cleanly washed by the hospital but parts of it were torn.


Grandfather was strict even with clothes, especially those that were intentionally made to be provocative. Either way, it wouldn’t be a decent talk.


It took two days for me to regain consciousness and another two days for when I was hospitalized. Even so, no one from my house visited me.


The feeling of elation totally cooled down. Somehow, my body felt languid when I was going to the main house.


I entered the nearest back door. Then, I proceeded to the drawing room where my grandfather might be waiting. On the way, I met some of the servants, but they wouldn’t even greet me.


[It’s Kamui. You called for me?]


I said while knocking lightly at the door.




From the inside, I could hear grandfather’s usual displeased voice.


Walking through the opened door, it wasn’t just my grandfather alone; my uncle, who should be the next head of the family, was also present.


When was the last time I met my uncle? As I thought, this wouldn’t be a decent talk.




My uncle, who sat opposite to my grandfather, stood up and moved beside my grandfather. I took the empty chair he vacated.


[I’ve heard the story]


Suddenly, my grandfather spoke. His words didn’t even have any concern for the condition of my body.


I have no idea what this was going to be about, but I’m sure that what’s coming isn’t going to be anything pleasant.




[It seems that you were being bullied at the academy]


[Who might have informed you?]


[It was everywhere! Didn’t the imperial guards question the academy?! That talk wasn’t just limited to the academy, it even spread to the royal palace!]


In short, it was not to check if I was alright, but to reprimand me of the shame I had caused.


[I beg for your forgiveness]


[Would asking for forgiveness solve the problem?! Listen, our Hohenfried house is a prestigious noble family that was also related to the royal family if we traced our ancestry. Of all things, a member of this Hohenfried family — such as you — was bullied in the academy. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t even show my face in the Imperial Court!]


Grandfather said it like that, but almost all of the prominent Noble families were related to the royal family in some way. That was the reason they were bestowed with high peerage. It wasn’t like they were especially boasting about it. However, no matter what, I couldn’t voice that out, which left me no choice but to listen obediently.


[You, a noble that’s lacking in magic, have already brought shame to this house. With this matter, it has made it even worse……]


[I’m sorry]


[As I’ve said, the problem won’t end with just asking for forgiveness! In the first place, we don’t even know where your father had come from. Acknowledging you as a member of the Hohenfried family was a mistake! Why did this happen!? Even though you are the son of my daughter, who was known as the reincarnation of the Saint of Light, why is it that you’re incompetent!? Surely, it is because of your father’s blood! You are not blood-related to the Hohenfried, it was because you were born with just your incompetent father’s blood!]


And again, the usual conversation started. Who my father was — even I didn’t know about it.


This was because my mother never even mentioned this matter.


According to what I’ve heard from grandfather, my mother was excellent in using light magic, holy magic, and recovery magic to the extent where she was called the reincarnation of the Saint of Light.


With that kind of power, she went missing when she joined the heroes to subjugate the demon king.


And then, my mother suddenly showed up one day. When she got back home, she was already pregnant with me.


Hearing my grandfather talk about my unknown origin — at first — made me think that I might be a son of a hero, which would make me happy when I heard it.


However, as soon as he found out that I couldn’t use magic, I started to count with my hands the number of times my father was being ridiculed. There was never any doubt that my mother was grandfather’s daughter. I, myself, would never be recognized as an offspring of the Hohenfried lineage.


[Now now, Father. If you go on about that story, we won’t make any progress]


My uncle spoke to my grandfather who was going on and on with his complaints about me and my father. I am sure that he didn’t say it out of goodwill.


It seemed that they were finally getting straight to the point.


[You’re right. In short, what we’re saying is from this onwards, you will no longer be considered a member of the Hohenfried household]


[ …… In other words…]


[You’re disowned! From now on, don’t you ever call yourself a Hohenfried!] [ ……Because of what happened, you’re kicking me out of this house?]


[Obviously. Why must I take care of a stranger]


I had not expected such a development, I was so amazed that I was far from being upset. Anyhow, it was alright to calmly accept it.


[Will you let me have my mother’s belongings?]


[Those are the Hohenfried household’s things. It won’t be given to you]


Once again, this was as expected. That was the answer I expected.


[How about my father’s belongings, are they mine?]


[Are there even such things?]


[Yes. I received it when mother was dying. They belonged to my father so it should be alright if I take those?]


[Aa, that I wouldn’t mind]


[Father, please wait!]


In a hurry, my uncle stopped my grandfather’s approval.




[Let’s just confirm them first, what those relics of his father’s are. Just in case those things are there……]


Hmm, it was likely that the things that my uncle were thinking of objects the heroes might have owned. If these were owned by the heroes, they would no doubt be of considerable value. The eyes of my uncle — while talking to my grandfather about it — were unseemly and completely drowned in greed.


[Hmm, that’s right]


[Isn’t my father not a member of the Hohenfried family? Why do you need to inspect my father’s belongings?]


To obediently accept what my uncle said was not wise. I won’t allow myself to be thrown out penniless.


[Those were not necessarily all your father’s things, right? As it’s you who said it, there is a possibility that you robbed some of our Hohenfried’s property]


[Then, how can I guarantee that you won’t be telling a lie? If they’re actually my father’s things or the Hohenfried’s, we can’t really rule out the possibility that you’re telling me a lie, right?]


[What did you say!? YOU, are you mocking me!?]


My grandfather raised his voice angrily while rapidly hitting the table with his fist.


[No, I am just talking about the possibilities. I am not mocking you, that would be pointless. Please tell me how I can prove it to you]




Everytime that happened in the past, I would completely shrink from him but, it seems he was surprised that I was refuting him normally.


[Please give me a satisfactory explanation]


I absolutely can’t pull back from here. I stared hard at him as I looked straight into his eyes.


[That is……, OI]


My grandfather couldn’t come up with anything, so he urged my uncle for help.


[ …… No, hey–]


My uncle also couldn’t come up with something immediately.


[Then, let’s do this. The Hohenfried household’s property has an inventory, right? Then how about we check it one by one? If it is included in the list, then it is Hohenfried’s property; if not, then it is my father’s belongings]


[Hmm, I see. No, but……]


There is no way that my father’s mementos would be written in the inventory list. I lied, by pretending to defend against the possibility of removing the Hohenfried family’s properties, they too won’t be able to take father’s things.


[ ……Then, let’s do that. I will give you the confirmation when you leave]


My uncle thought for a while before agreeing to it. However, I could see from his eyes that he hadn’t given up. It seems like his greed was insatiable.


[Please bring the inventory list here immediately then]




[No, since I was banished, shouldn’t I leave as soon as possible? Let’s start confirming it immediately]


[No, that doesn’t have to be done in hurry]


As I expected, they were stalling. They thought they could investigate the mementos that I owned, and then, shamelessly include them in the list. I had already predicted that.


[No, there isn’t any time]




[Yes. Confirming the list against all the household items would take a considerable amount of time, right?]


[What are you trying to infer?]
[Didn’t I say it earlier? If they are in the list, then they are the Hohenfried’s property; if they are not, they are my father’s. We should identify those not written on the list in its entirety]


[Isn’t that unreasonable!?]


There was no way that they would have kept an organized inventory list. At most, what would have been written there would be the real heirlooms and besides that, it would only be applied to high-valued objects. Having declared that unreasonably; I, myself was aware of it. I stated that simply as a bargaining chip, just to shake them up.


[But isn’t that what you had promised just a while ago?]


[Are you a moron!? What is with those tricks like a thief! Nevertheless, you……]


My grandfather’s angry voice stopped there.


[I am no longer a member of the Hohenfried. Nor a noble. It is not a matter that can be criticized]


[ …… Enough]


[Yes? Did you say something just now?]


[There is no need to confirm them against the list. If they are your father’s things, then take them as you please!]


[No, let’s confirm it]




[That’s what you promised. Do nobles go back on their words? What does that say about the nobles? Come now, please quickly bring out the list]


[You bastard……]


While grinding his teeth, grandfather spoke as if he was squeezing his voice. This was my fight, one which concerned the rest of my life. If you think I would simply withdraw easily from such a fight, that’s a huge mistake.


[ …… How much?]


[What are you referring to?]


[I’m asking you how much do you want!]
Indeed, there was nothing more ridiculous than talking about a noble’s pride. In order to protect such a thing, my grandfather’s act of trying to pay for reparations could be seen even by a fool.


[ …… Will that person be fine with it?]


Even if my grandfather approved, my uncle might try to overturn it. I thought that it would be better to get them to show their cards beforehand, so I asked while facing my uncle.


[ …… Depends on the amount]


[In short, you are fine with paying me?]




[Well then. Let’s do that. I don’t want money in particular. I just want my father’s and mother’s things. Freely taking my inheritance when I leave would be fine, wouldn’t you agree? Also, you need not to worry as I won’t bring all of those pieces of furniture with me]


Honestly, thinking about my life from here on out, it was not that I didn’t have any thoughts of taking money by force. However, I wouldn’t be able to stand living a life from this point on with the Hohenfried household’s money.


In the end, perhaps I too am fixated with my own useless pride.


[Will this be fine?]


[With this in particular, in the future, let’s mutually agree to not meddle with one another. That will be all of my terms]


[That is fine. I wish the same as well]


[Then, with this, at least you have provided me with a bed to lie down on and food. I just want to say my thanks. Thank you for everything till now. And with this, it’s over]


I stood up from the sofa and turned towards the door.


Opening the door, my ex-aunt and also my cousins waited, standing outside.


Those people had different reactions. There were those who were glaring with hate. On the contrary to that, those who were somewhat afraid were avoiding my eyes. And those who despised me weren’t there. It appears that the argument with my grandfather could be heard from outside.
Ignoring those glances, I headed towards my detached room.


Somehow, in the blink of an eye, everything had changed. I had always wanted to leave this house and, unexpectedly, the time for it came so soon. Thinking a little bit about my life to come made my head ache a little. Well, it was alright.


I should start a new life, that was what I had sworn just the other day.




In the imperial capital, there was an orphanage run by the church.


This type of institution was also present in other towns, but as this was in the imperial capital, the scale of it was remarkably different. It was not a delightful thing. It was just that because their parents had died in the imperial capital, those troubled children were living here.


Moreover, the church having an orphanage was not entirely out of goodwill. There were also people who knew what their intentions were.


One of which was a publicity stunt. It was a performance to show everybody the compassionate heart of the church.


And to compensate their living quarters and plain meals, the church would usually confisticate from the children their dead parents’ assets.


If those orphans didn’t have such assets, without being able to enter the orphanage, those under such circumstances would be left on the fields to die, or they would spend their lives in the slums, scraping for leftovers.


Even the orphans’ treatment depended on money.


Such an orphanage was visited by a couple. That couple was by no means rich but, with their appearances, you wouldn’t think that they were commoners.


At the plaza, in the courtyard of the orphanage, the said couple was looking over at the children who were playing.


[Hey! Don’t use magic because you can!]


[I know that you’re happy with being able to use magic, but it also has its dangers, you know? Besides, if the Bishop ever finds out about it, you wouldn’t be given food, you might even get locked up in a cell]


[No way]


[That is why I’m saying not to use it]




[Kamui-nii! I’m going to do that!]


[Mnn, okay. Have you practiced it a bit?]


[Yup, I practiced what you taught me]


[Alright, then come at me]


The boy holding a wooden stick walked towards the boy called Kamui.


That boy, even though he was a child, his swing was considerably swift. However, the boy he was sparring with easily dodged it and, a moment later, he circled around his back. From the back, he hit him which produced a ‘PON’ sound that commemorated the end of the match.


[Hoo, what’s this?]


Seeing this made the man impressed.


[Oh, were you that impressed by it?]


[Sort of. As a child, he moved pretty well. However, where did he learn how to move like that?]


[I see. That girl though was using magic]


[Yes, I saw. Forgive me but I’ll say, no matter how many times I look at it, I dare say that that child, Kamui, probably taught her]


[That seems to be the case. He seems to even taught swordsmanship.]


[That’s right. In other words, it means that boy is the center of it all……]


[Are you interested?]


[There is no way I wouldn’t be. Coming here, I judged it would have been a waste of time but…… What about you?]
[I expect it’ll be better for us to hear their story first]


[You’re right. Let’s do that]


Delightfully leaving that scene, the couple continued to proceed inside. They were heading to where the bishop was, the director of the orphanage. Having requested to have a meeting with the bishop, they immediately entered the room.

Waiting inside the room, the bishop was wearing luxurious clothes that was inappropriate for the orphanage. The pair grimaced instinctively upon seeing that, but coming this far, going home without speaking was also not an option. As encouraged, they sat down.


[Now then, it is a sudden visit but how may I help you?]


[Yes. My name is Kreutz. I was entrusted with a territory at the border of the empire] [Oh, an Earl from the regions?]


[No, my rank is just a Viscount]


[A Viscount…… and yet you’re responsible for a region?]


The border territories originally belonged to nations that had been absorbed by the empire. Generally, the royalties of the ruined country would be conferred with the title ‘Earl’ by the empire and they would govern those distant regions. A Viscount governing a border region was something that was rarely heard of.


[My territory’s a bit special because there wasn’t an earl that would inherit that region] [Oh, is that what it was]


If all the royalties from that distant region died in the violent struggle during the occupation, the region would be entrusted to a very distant relative of the royalty. The said relative wouldn’t be conferred with the title ‘Earl’ but would govern it with a different rank. Nevertheless, although viscounts were rare, it might be interpreted by the bishop as an unprofitable land.


[And what might I be of assistance to you, today?]


[As a matter of fact, I am looking for a boy to adopt]




[My wife and I weren’t blessed with a child so we want to adopt one]


[I understand your circumstances, but you’re seeking to adopt one from here?]


The bishop’s astonishment was reasonable. Usually nobles that wanted to adopt would want children from the other families. As the second and third sons couldn’t succeed their families, many of them wished to be adopted. Because their family and personal connections could be widely spread, they were willing to be adopted.


Those who entered the orphanage were mostly from a common household; To come searching for an heir to the viscount’s house from commoners was deemed absurd.


[It would be better if I tell you a bit more. To tell you the truth, the territory I am responsible for is the former territory of the demon king]


[That is……]


[Do you understand the peculiarity of my territory? This wasn’t the first place we wanted to inquire from the beginning too. Somehow, there were sons from other noble families that had come to us to be adopted but knowing and having observed the circumstances, none of them were willing to take it]


[As I thought, it is a harsh place]


[Yes. Originally, it was a barren land that had been ruined further by the war. With such a scarce population, resurrecting the fiefdom will be difficult. Even for a noble family, life is harsh. And even if one was requested to succeed such a troublesome territory, there isn’t a single person existing who would be willing to take it]


[This would be rude to the madam but, isn’t taking a concubine another option?]


For the sake of leaving an heir for the family, taking a concubine was a natural thing to do. Naturally, it was even approved by the church.


[That, I can’t accept]


[Is that so?……. However, is there a child that the viscount is satisfied with to become the viscount’s heir?]


[It was not until I came here that I found a child whom I was interested in]


[Oh, is that so? Who might that be?]


[The other children were calling him Kamui. That would be one I want to talk about]
[Kamui? …….]


Hearing Kamui’s name, the Bishop seemed to comprehend the reason, and yet, he displayed a bewildered complicated expression on his face.


[Is there a problem?]


[It hasn’t been long since Kamui has come here]


[Even so, he’s extremely intimate with his peers, isn’t he?]


[Yes, that is his character. He immediately became the leader of those children. Even so, Kamui originally came from a noble household. Have you heard of the Hohenfried household?]


[It is a prestigious family. However, why is he here? He isn’t an orphan, isn’t he?]


[I’ve heard that he was disowned. The present Kamui doesn’t have any relationship with the Hohenfried household, he is just an ordinary commoner]


[…….Why was he disowned?]


It was not a trivial matter for a child to be disowned. According to the reason, the matter of the adoption would have to be thoroughly reconsidered.


[It is a problem with Kamui. It is because he can’t use magic]


[Because of such a thing? But he’s the one who — no, nevermind]


Remembering the secret of those children about magic, Viscount Kreutz instantly mumbled to himself. However, it was a pointless concern.


[I knew it. Is he secretly teaching magic? They wouldn’t listen no matter how harsh I’ve scolded them]


[Are you opposed to the children using magic?]


[Having too much power will lead them to ruin. They are orphans. All they have is one life, their bodies alone, to forge ahead. Isn’t it better to say so? Those children don’t have anyone to rely on]


[You think their power will be utilized?]
[That is right. If they can be cherished and accepted for their powers, wouldn’t that be good? But, those orphans would not so much as receive that kind of support. They would be utilized by anyone with a profitable goal as a disposable to serve their purpose and die. Rather than taking on such dangers, I wish for them to lead a plain and steady life. That is how I feel about it]


[I agree]


Although his luxurious clothes gave off an uncomfortable feeling, the words that came out from that mouth were quite frank. That unconscious astonishment was completely displayed on Viscount Kreutz’s face.


[Is it surprising that I said such things?]


[No, that’s not really–]


[It’s fine. The fact that you thought like that is because you are a decent person]


[What do you mean by that?]


[These clothes were donned on purpose. I know that a director of an orphanage shouldn’t appear luxurious. If seeing such a scene caused you to feel displeasure then you are a decent person]


[Is this to test us?]


[There are other reasons. If I seem to appear to be living humbly, the money offerings to the church would increase]


[Isn’t it the reverse?]


[That’s a despicable thing. To live in extravagance, I would have to help myself to the offerings collected. If that was what I had planned, taking a bit at at time, I wouldn’t even need to remark about the insufficiency in the report]


The excess of those collected offerings by the orphanage would go to the church. That in itself was strange to speak of.


Originally, the church should be giving support to the orphanage, not the other way around. However, as people’s faith decreased , instead of donating to the church, funds were donated to relief shelters such as orphanages. Unknowingly, the flow of money was reversed.


Moreover, the offered contributions from those donations would pass through a few departments before it will finally be given to the Holy Church, but in the process, some people have helped themselves to it.
Keeping it for myself, no one can criticize me. What the bishop had said was referring to this.


[Are such things happening? …….]


[Not only has this country fallen into depravity, even the church has followed suit] [……….]

The bishop didn’t only nonchalantly criticize the church but also the empire. From the viscount’s standpoint, that was something he couldn’t afford to readily agree with.


[We have strayed from the conversation. So Kamui not being able to use magic had deprived him of his noble status. Just because of not having magic power, he had a considerably hard experience. That being said, would you expect Kamui to be willing to be your adopted son given that you are also a noble?]




[I don’t think there would be a problem]


Relieving the bewildered-looking Viscount Kreutz was the so-far patiently and silently listening madam.


[Why would you say that?]


[It isn’t that he doesn’t have any magic, but rather isn’t the method of invoking magic unique to each individual? In that case, we think we can make his powers work]


[You know magic?]


[I’d like to think that’s my specialty. But compared to me, in our territory, there is someone more knowledgeable about magic. If it’s her, I believe she can teach him magic]


[I see]


[Won’t you let us speak with him? If we can speak with him, I feel we can figure out a bit more]


[I understand. Let’s call Kamui here. Will you wait for a while?]


When the Bishop rang his bell, a lady in white clothes opened the door and entered the room.


[You called for me?]


[Would you call Kamui here?]
[I understand. I will bring him here immediately]


After receiving the order of the Bishop, the lady immediately went out.


[He’ll come soon. Now then, I’ll excuse myself from here. Once you have finished speaking to him, please call for me again]


[Is it fine? Just letting us speak to him]


[I think that it would be good for him. Kamui thinks in a slightly different way compared to others. If it was me, I would scold him for that. But if you did that, you wouldn’t be able to see his true self]


[…….. Alright. Then, we’ll accept that]


Watching the back of the Bishop as he left the room, Viscount Kreutz felt a little tense.


With just the things he heard from the Bishop, he understood that Kamui was not a normal boy. With that, Viscount Cruitz did not know how he would face him.


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