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1-1: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Momielxai

Raws: Yukkuri Oniisan


This is sudden but I, Lily Rúzsa, have the memories of my past life.


In the past, I was a Japanese high school student. My mother died when I was a child, so I did all the house chores and looked after my younger sister who’s in middle school and my younger brother who’s in grade school on behalf of my father who was occupied with work. Because of that, I was rarely like a high school student and was more like a housewife. Being poor, we lived in an old, tiny apartment. I was a scholarship grantee student and since my school expenses was covered, we managed to make do somehow. However, while the four of us lived harmoniously, I died in an accident and was reincarnated.  


I feel lonely whenever I remember it but I’ve accepted the fact that I had passed away.


The world that I’m currently living in is a completely different world from Japan. People here usually have blonde or red colored hair and there’s no electricity, water supply or gas. The currency used are gold and silver coins by the state of the monarchy. Like Europe in the Middle Ages, you can imagine it as a place from that famous RPG game. You know, the one with the blue slimes.  


Just like in RPGs, there is magic in this world. However, only half of the people can actually use it. And among them, only ten percent of those are influentially capable of working in jobs involving magic.


In the first place, it seems that magic is all about releasing the mana in your body and using it. It’s complicated so I don’t quite understand it. Merely that most people in this world definitely possess it.  


Even if magic isn’t used, as long as they are able to release mana, they can use stones that are entrapped with magic —-  also known as magic stones, and acquire the same results. For example, magic like attack magic or support magic .  


However, there is a minority who are unable to release mana as they don’t possess it. Those people are referred to as having zero mana constitution. I, too, am one of them.  


Ah, if it’s getting the fire going or using the lights, I can use the magic stones for daily tasks by touching them or specifically operating them to invoke magic so it’s not a problem. Although, it only has a small effect.  

Eighteen years ago, with the exception of having zero mana, I was reincarnated into this world as an ordinary girl. As to how ordinary I was, firstly, my appearance was average. My mother is a beautiful person with blonde hair so my older brother too was handsome but I had a plain face with the same dark brown hair that my father had and a slight tinge of green in my brown colored eyes. As an adult, I wished I had been born with a bit more beauty.  


When I was thirteen, I was sent to serve as a companion to a certain noble’s daughter. This happened because father served as a guard in that mansion and it seems he had spoken a lot about me to Danna-sama, the head of the house. And so, being of close age, I was chosen to accompany the frail Ojou-sama who was diligently shut away in her room.   


So when I went over, I was shocked.


Yup, how should I put it, the management of the mansion was sloppy! Both the cleaning methods and meal substances were the cause of the Ojou-sama’s frail constitution declining.


I mean, how many years has it been since the carpets and curtains were washed?! The dusts that’s fluttering is obviously the reason why she’s coughing! On top of that, I somewhat snapped at the attitude of the maids that did nothing while Ojou-sama was coughing and made a great deal out of it on my first day at work.


As the weather was good, I had Ojou-sama take refuge in the garden, opened the windows to let in some fresh air and endeavored to clean everything thoroughly.


By the way, the lunch on that day was blood sausage. Certainly, it was full of irons and minerals but the fishy smell made it inedible. Immediately, I had them switched the main dish to a vegetable soup.  


When I think about it now, you could easily overlook me back then. Even though I was suitably doing whatever that pleased me.


Later, when I asked Danna-sama why he didn’t get mad at me for what I did.『Why should I be mad at you when you took the initiative to act for the sake of my daughter?』, he said as he smiled. Danna-sama was seriously an ikemen, even though he’s balding.


With the cleaning carried out diligently and the vegetable-centred diet continued, ojou-sama’s coughing settled and her health improved. Thus, I gained the recognition of being a magnificent maid. Although, I wasn’t a maid to begin with. What’s more, Ojou-sama’s now the Crown Princess…


Of course I’m delighted that ojou-sama’s became the Crown Princess. However, because she had said『The reason why I was able to meet the Crown Prince and become this happy is because it was Lily who had earnestly devoted herself to support me』, the royal family had their eyes on me.


Presently, I’m known as the「Royal Maid」. It seems that I’m the only one bestowed with this special title. Although I’m called like that, I do not serve the royal family but only the royal couple, the Crown Prince and Princess.


It was said that the royal maid was remembered for making the royal couple happy and how the girl resolved any issues wherever she was despatched to. In short, by the Crown Prince’s orders, I had been dispatched to households here and there as a dogsbody maid. Well, the wages were huge and I enjoyed my work so I felt my life was fulfilled.  


My parents were overjoyed by this but they were worried that no one would take me as a bride. In this world, eighteen was the marriageable age but I still had feelings from my past life, I don’t have any feelings towards it.


Recently, a new job came in for me.


I had been dispatched to a certain household till yesterday, so it’s been a long time since I had visited the castle, and was summoned to the commander of the royal knights’ office. To be personally informed of the contents of the work by the person who had summoned me was really too cruel.


「Why must I, who do not possess any aptitude for magic, be sent to work as a maid at a magician’s house?」
「Hahaha. Lily-chan is amusing as always~ There are no other girls like you who would snap at me like this」


I’d like to smack that middle aged knight commander who was laughing heartily in front of me. What so amusing? I’m furious!


I have my reasons for being angry. People with zero mana constitutions like myself can’t spend too much time around people with strong mana as sometimes their mana affects us. We’ll collapse from nausea and headaches, and have nightmares for three days.   


The subject of my work that I have to undertake this time however is to be a live-in maid at a magician’s mansion. It is seriously unreasonable to send me to an environment that would surely cause me to be ill coming into contact with mana.  


Moreover, aside from that, the person concerned is the magician who serves the royal palace, Leonard Mariel-sama…


Leonard-sama is an excellent magician, who carries the nicknames such as the “Peerless Genius Magician”, the “Young Hermit”, the “Magician of Destruction and Demise”… etc.


With long black hair and golden eyes, his beauty was like a work of art. However he was always expressionless, an eccentric person who was completely clad in black from top to toe. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to like speaking to people very much.  


In this world, black hair was extremely rare. It was a trait that only people with a lot of mana had so it became an object of fear.  


That is because magic that’s out of control is like a devastating hurricane or a falling meteorite, which can cause further unthinkable harm. There’s a higher chance of this occurring particularly in childhood. If a child was born with black hair, there are parents who will abandon their children or lock them up. It’s a cruel story, isn’t it?


However Leonard-sama who possessed that black hair, had outrageously good looks and was completely trusted by the royal family, dominating the top spot for ”The man I’ll want as husband” ranking amongst the maids. If I have to work by living with him, I’ll hate to imagine the enviousness rolling about distinctively.      


「In the first place, why is the knight commander searching for a maid for the magician?」

「No, I’m not the one looking. It’s Leonard and His Highness, the Crown Prince. Previously, I’d worked together with Leonard before. His Highness was aware of that so he entrusted me to persuade and explain things to you」

「Why me?」

「Well, the truth is~ … After hearing the circumstances, it’ll be difficult for you to decline」

「At any rate, you seem like you’ll say something to force me into it even if I decline」

「Hahaha, I guess」


This completely unreserved old man made me irritated again. Unconsciously, I stood up and took a cushion that happened to be around and threw it at him although I don’t think I’m the one to blame for that.



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