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1-2: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Momielxai

Raws: Yukkuri Oniisan


However, because that old man avoided it, the cushion flew and directly struck a person who had appeared inside the room before anyone had noticed — Leonard Mariel-sama.


「U–Um, I’m sorry」


  While I was in a state of confusion and apologizing, Leonard-sama held out the cushion towards me.


「… Mm」


He wasn’t the least angry as he handed the cushion back to me! He’s really a nice person, isn’t he?


I bowed my head once again … Eh, is Leonard-sama sitting down? He’s sitting next to that old man. What is this, an interview?


「Oh, um …」


When I was about to ask him the reason for his visit, Leonard-sama opened his mouth.


「Because the both of you were talking just now」

「Do you mean because we were talking about you, you came in here?」



This–This’ll be tricky. This person has difficulty conversing. Even the old man is surprised. Or rather, he shouldn’t have any reason to be.


Since I can’t do anything about it, I immediately sat down and the old man hurriedly opened up.


「Er, well, you see, Leonard had just adopted a child. That’s why he’s looking for a maid. Before asking Lily-jou-chan, there were others we had approached but various things happened」


Yeah, but that shouldn’t be me. It would certainly be better if it’s someone with more experience in parenting. Although I did raise my younger brother and sister in my past life. Regarding my younger brother, it was me who looked after him from the diapers to the milk.    


「That’s why I’m asking, why me? That’s what I want to hear」

「No, well, that’s– er?」


Leaving aside that old man who remained unsettled, I fixed my eyes on Leonard-sama. Thereupon, he winced slightly after which, I felt his eyes became just a little bit affectionate. Eh? Why?


「… Your eyes」


「Because it’s not two-faced. It doesn’t seem like you would do anything strange」


… I don’t know what he’s talking about but … Yup, let’s just ask him to explain a bit more.


「What do you mean by strange?」

「Like this」


As he said that, Leonard-sama reached out his hand to my cheeks. …Hey, wait! What are you trying to do!?


Panicked, I quickly pulled back. Leonard-sama opened his eyes wide a bit and then, his eyes relaxed again.


「Yes, as expected, you will do」



I was surprised that I was flapping my mouth while frantically thinking. … It can’t be. And when that possibility came to mind, I timidly spoke of it.


「Did the others try to seduce you?」

「Seduce? I don’t know but they did try to kiss me …」

「Ah, okay, I got it」


While there are tons of perverted maids, he doesn’t have to fear such things with me, uh huh.


「Basically, Leonard-sama desires a maid who is concentrated on raising the child and won’t do anything strange to you」

「Yes. Will you become the child’s mother?」

「…Don’t tell me, you’ve been saying it like that all this time?」



   It was that way of speaking that made almost all of the ladies misunderstood. There is a lot of problems with Leonard-sama too.


But it’s not like he realizes it.


「Do you understand that way of speaking will cause misunderstandings?」


「If Leonard-sama has adopted a child, Leonard-sama will be standing in as the child’s father, right?」



Leonard-sama nodded his head at my question.


「So, saying『Become a Mother』of that child is totally like a proposal」

「… Sorry」

「No, you don’t have to apologize. I understand how awkward Leonard-sama is」

「… As expected, you are nice」


   For some reason Leonard-sama looked delighted, I couldn’t help but give a bitter smile.


   Yup. This talk definitely circled back on me. This sounds difficult. As I finally felt willing, I decided to take on the subject. I’m also worried about this person’s adopted child.  


    Up to that point, the old man who had been silently watching the course of the event expressed his admiration.


「Impressive~, jou-chan. You were able to quickly hold a conversation with Leonard」

「If I’m hearing it properly, say what you want to say in a way I’ll understand it」

「No no! From what I’ve seen earlier, I can really understand why he spoke and wanted to ask for Lily-jou-chan’s help」

「Eh? That was Leonard-sama’s wish?」


   But why? We haven’t even greeted each other till now. And as I looked puzzled, Leonard-sama looked at me.


「Mm … No? You hate it?」


   Wai– You’re handsome so don’t look at me pointlessly with upturned eyes! I’m not immune to ikemens! Stop!


While screaming in my heart, I somehow forced a smile.


「No, it’s just, we haven’t really spoken to each other, so why?」

「Because you don’t look at me specially. Only you」

「Only me?」


   When I asked back again unconsciously, he looked towards me somewhat relieved.


「You don’t do anything strange nor are you scared of me, there’s no one else but you. You are fine」

「… Umm, what you mean is that other than trying to seduce you or fearing you, Leonard-sama hasn’t met any other maids who aren’t like that?」

「Mm. That’s why, I can feel at ease. Besides, I was told that Lily is the best maid」

「… By whom?」


  Taking no notice of my face twitching from an unpleasant hunch, Leonard-sama opened his mouth.


「The Crown Prince」



   I unconsciously screamed at the expected answer. That’s right, I knew it. Because his beloved princess would, at the drop of a hat, rely on me, he was all-out jealous of me. Whenever he had a chance, I also knew he would push aside work and uselessly stay away from the castle but …


「If I don’t stop him, he’ll be running around recklessly making ojou-sama cry and yet, what’s with that soon-to-be-an-adult’s jealousy! Before that, learn to understand a woman’s heart! That pervert!」

「Ojou, ojou, that’s lèse-majesté! Keep your voice down」

「I mean! He even cried to me whilst saying『I can’t endure the violent nightly sex』as he clung onto my body」

「I’m begging you! Young girls shouldn’t be yelling about a person’s love affairs!」


Dropping down from the sofa, it was the first time I’ve seen the old man prostrate himself on the verge of tears and that somewhat calmed me down.


But all the same, I’ll like to strike a punch at the Crown Prince.


「No matter how much he was loved, he ordered me to gather all the information on the men that approached ojou-sama before they were engaged. Despite all that, now he finds me a hindrance? I can’t stand it anymore」


Immediately after the Crown Prince had fallen in love at first sight with ojou-sama, he approached me and went about ordering me around.


「Ojou’s serious face is scary」

「I’m angry. Also aside from that, he ordered me to study books about medicine from eastern countries and make them … Aren’t I a maid?」

「… I want to hear about it」


   At those whispered and murmured words, I turned around and Leonard-sama was sitting there with his eyes gleaming. … Huh, why?


「I want to know about medicines from eastern countries. Teach me」

「They’re only knowledge from books that I read though?」

「Being able to read and understand them is amazing. I want to know」

「If you’re fine with just the knowledge that I know of」



Somehow seeing Leonard-sama in a good mood made me doubtful. If it’s knowledge on medicine, it would likely be from a magician like Leonard-sama.  


   So with feelings of being completely liked, it was arranged that I would be dispatched to Leonard-sama’s house immediately starting from today.

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