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Chapter 6 – An Ikemen’s Smile Really Is A Freaking Bomb~~~!!!

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Karma & Momielxai


With great difficulty, we were finally able to arrive safely at Mook-san’s house.

I had cast magic to search for enemies as we moved, to ensure that it was quite unlikely for us to be followed.

Although Kei-san needed treatment, I couldn’t exactly take him to the agency and use healing magic there. So, since Mook-san’s house was closer to our location, I led them there instead. However, Mook-san still wasn’t home yet.

I’ll just ask him for permission later, but it should be okay, right?

「Please lie Kei-san down over here. The bed is a bit small, though」

Considering Kei-san’s physique, it couldn’t be helped that he didn’t quite fit on the bed, as there was no other place we could lie him down.

It can’t be helped. After all, I’m a child! Yup. I’m only small because I’m a child.

As I guided them to my room, I removed the robe I wore, and opened the door to the room. Ani-san entered the room first, laying Kei-san on the bed as he examined it.

「As expected, my bed is too small, his legs are sticking out.
    Yosh! I’m going to focus completely on his treatment now」

When I drew closer to Kei-san, Ani-san stepped backwards to give me room.

Standing near Kei-san’s abdomen, I could feel Ani-san’s watchful gaze from behind me, but I ignored it and concentrated on his treatment instead.

I wrapped my hands around the knife that was still sticking in Kei-san’s stomach. As I had casted a simple recovery spell while I was at the scene of the crime, it wasn’t life-threatening anymore.

I could feel Kei-san’s magic around where the knife was. Rather than healing, the magic was concentrated on keeping the knife in place.

Fuuu~ I exhaled, psyching myself.

As I dispelled the magic that kept the knife affixed, I began to remove the knife. Blood started coming out as I pulled out the knife, so I cast a healing spell to mend the wound. When I come into contact with it, magic disperses on its own, which was useful at times like these.   

With the knife completely removed and the bleeding stopped, I verified that the wound was closed before casting a stronger healing spell again.  

It was for a healthy body, so that Kei-san would be healthier. As I cast it, I recalled the times when I drank tea with Kei-san.

In the worst case scenario that the knife had been poisoned, I imagined strongly detoxifying any poison that might have been present.

Before releasing my hand, I verified that the light had spread throughout Kei-san’s body completely.

Sighing with relief, I withdrew my powers and turned around to look at Ani-san behind me.

「It should be fine with this. He should awaken shortly」

I said with a slightly more relaxed smile. At my words, Ani-san collapsed to his knees, crouching down. It appeared that his tension had snapped, and he lost his strength.

Blood was flowing from his hands that had been tightly clenched.

「Ah… Thank you for saving my ani-ue. I don’t really know what else to say.
   I thought it was over, but I shouldn’t have given up.
   Even though I thought that I had to save him, you did it instead. Really, thank you 」

His voice trembled with emotion as he said those last words. As he spoke, he tightly hugged me and I could feel that it wasn’t just his voice, even his body was faintly trembling.

Quietly, I rubbed his back gently, while praying that his heart would ease. When I caught the sweet fragrance of blood, I remembered that Ani-san was also wounded and hurriedly cast a healing spell on him. Just in case, I didn’t forget to detoxify him as well.      

In surprise, Ani-san lifted his head, and I smiled at him.

「With this, Ani-san’s wounds should be also fine, but if there’s still anything else, please let me know.
   If everything seems alright, then I’ll be making some tea, so please sit down over there」

After we separated our bodies for a moment, I pointed at the chair. …The chair was definitely too small as well. It can’t be helped. Uh huh … it’s inevitable at the moment.

Ani-san nodded his head, and after checking that he had headed towards the chair, I went into the kitchen.

I prepared tea, as well as a jug of water to put on standby for when Kei-san regained consciousness.

While I got the tea, I also took the opportunity to bring the cookies I had made myself. This was also a skill from my past life. They were quite popular with everyone at the agency, including the merchants, but I hoped they would suit Ani-san’s taste as well.

Although it was my room, I knocked just in case, and was waiting for a response when Ani-san opened the door from inside.

「Ah, pardon me. Thank you」

When I lowered my head as I entered the room, Ani-san chuckled.

Wondering why he laughed, I looked up at Ani-san, and he said,  
「This is Asnord-dono’s room. Surely, you don’t need to knock」
As he patted my head unreservedly and took the tray from my hands.


My voice leaked out reflexively, but Ani-san continued to make his way to the chair where a small table had been placed.

An ikemen really can make anything look stylish… Amazing!

Even if I did the same thing, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off so smoothly. No, not even that stylishness earlier. Somehow, my thoughts made me feel rather empty. Uuu…

Though I felt lost, I brought another chair from somewhere else to the table that Ani-san was sitting at as he watched me and sat down.

After sitting down across the table from Ani-san, I looked straight into his eyes. At the same time, Ani-san opened his mouth.

「Once again, I’m really sorry to trouble you this time.
    Even so, I’ve unexpectedly dragged you into my conflict.
    Because of this, there is a possibility that you will be targetted from now on」

He said, as he lowered his head forcefully.

*whack* I had a feeling that I had just heard a fairly audible sound!! Not felt it, definitely heard it!!! It wasn’t that loud, but I fell down from the chair onto my butt instinctively.  

Don’t tell me, he wasn’t just satisfied with hitting his head, he had to hit it against the table top!? Why are you going that far!? Aren’t you just venting it on your forehead!? Do ikemens do things like a manzai act??

As I was panicking alone, Ani-san opened up to me without raising his head.  

「Having a child like you protect and engage against such dangerous guys. Making the enemy draw their attention towards you.
    On top of it all, going so far as to give us such assistance. I’m pathetic」

No, no! Even if it’s just providing assistance, it’s not to the extent of lowering your head that much!?

Although this isn’t my house that I brought you to, I only treated you and made tea while Kei-san was sleeping. Isn’t that a natural thing to do!?

Such exaggeration! Of course, a hot blooded person wouldn’t be able to do it in that state.

Or rather, just having an ikemen lower his head makes me feel powerless. Urk.

「W–Well, errr, it’s fine. I had the hood pulled over my eyes so I don’t think my face was seen!!
    My assistance is greatly exaggerated!! You don’t have to go that far as to bow to me.
    Just an ordinary “thank you” would suffice and I’d be glad.
    In the first place, it’s only natural for me to help a friend, and it’s even better if I’m able to save him.
    So would you please raise your head!? Please!!」

Already in a panic, I rushed to say these words.

As I was able to get him to raise his head, I breathed a sigh of relief.

「Ah, you. Fuu… Asnord-dono, you possess a really strong, gentle, and exceedingly pure heart」

Saying that, he showed me the same tender smile he had directed towards Kei-san in the alley.

My face was definitely bright red right now. Instinctively, I covered my face with my hands.  

At the level of that man’s smile, what on earth was I supposed to do… was the kind of thought swirling around in my head.

However, there were words I wanted to say out loud! I’ll just say it!! Gender was a trivial matter when faced against an outrageous smile like that which was like a bomb carrying brutal powers, no matter if they were male or female!!

「Uhh, I’m not the kind of person who can do those things.
    So, with the Asnord-dono, could you please stop using the honorific “dono” for a child, like me. It’s alright for you to just call me Asnord!!*

Again, those words were spoken in a haste. Moreover, my face was still covered by my hands.

I mean, I can’t raise my head. Mou, what is this! Oi!!

Then, from the front, I heard a sudden laugh. There was the sound of the chair being moved, and my head was stroked afterwards.      

「Turning so red… It’s really hard to imagine because of that manly figure you had earlier. It’s really cute.  
    Asnord-dono, would it be alright if I call you… Az?*

Eckk. As expected, my brightly red face was discovered!! But you didn’t have to deal that final blow, you know!    

Furthermore, while stroking my head. What are you trying to convey!? You!?*

That wasn’t manly, and this is definitely not cute!!! Even if it’s said by an ikemen, all I can hear is sarcasm!! This is definitely not an inferiority complex!! Is there something wrong with your eyes!?  

HUH?!! Look! Look!! Don’t tell me that the healing was ineffective and something happened!?

Hah… It’s no good. I definitely can’t raise my head.  

「I’m fine with anything that you call me by!!
    Uh, Ani-san!! I–I brought cookies with the tea!! If you like, please have some!!!
    I apologize, it’s something I made but it should be tasty! 」

Trying to change the subject somehow, I promoted the cookie while still hiding my face.

「You… made this, Az? You are even able to make things like this? That’s really admirable.
    I’ll eat them with pleasure. … Nnn」

Feeling the hand leaving my head and hearing the sounds of the chair being sat on along with chewing sounds, I raised my head to see if he liked them.    

After all, I made the cookies, so it’s impossible for me to not be concerned by what other people think of it!!

Raising my face, what appeared before me was … a smile like a goddess from Ani-san.

「Nnn. It’s delicious, such a gentle taste.
    It’s been a long time … since I ate such a heart-warming thing.
    It feels like I’ve remembered something really important. Thank you」

He said as he smiled.

Does that mean that the stoic expression when we first met wasn’t your default??

Although it’s better that he has a facial expression, this is the first time I feel troubled by him having it.

An ikemen’s smile was a dangerous weapon!! This was extremely informative!!


TL Notes:

  1. アズノルドっと呼び捨てにしてもらって大丈夫ですから!! – Asnord to yobikakete ni shite moratte daijoubu desukara!! – In Japanese, calling someone with an honorific sign like -dono, -sama is meant to show respect but it’s also extremely polite. You can’t tell from the speeches earlier but Ani is being respectful and super apologetic to Asnord. Asnord isn’t comfortable with this display. Thus, he’s trying to get Ani to regard him normally. (I mean sure, saving a person’s life automatically makes you god. *bows to all the doctors and would-be training doctors in the world*)
  2. アズノルド殿、アズ…と呼んでも良いだろうか?- Azunorudo-dono, Azu … to yonde mo ii darou ka? – So this is one of those “goddamn Japanese” moments. In the raws, Asnord’s name can either be spelled Asnord or Aznord. An example would be Asbury University is アズベリー大学 and Azuki beans (red beans) which is spelled in romanji as あずき. Being someone who LOVES the s sound, I went for Asnord. But this poses a problem with his short name. Calling him As with an as makes reading so difficult. For that purpose, I’ll be using the alternate spelling Az instead. (Sorry, folks! If you think you rather want me to use As, let me know in the comments below) 
  3. しかも頭撫でながら、何言ってくれっちゃってんの!?この人!? – shikamo atama sutetenagara, nani itte kurechauten no!? Kono hito!? – I took the liberty with this sentence and translated the last bit as you instead of this guy.
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