TL: Jaon

Editors: Me3 & Momielxai


I have long awaited this day.


The school for nobles, Endelle Academy.


Currently, I am being glared at by the second prince, Remnass-sama, in the courtyard.


Yes, yes.


Everything is going just as planned.


“Count’s daughter Hanabelle Cantar. I hereby annul my engagement with you!”


Beside Remnass-sama as he declared so was a flower-like noble lady who was gently nestling against him.


They are certainly quite the match.


“Say, do you not have any objections here?”


Remnass-sama said so with a slight tinge of impatience.


Oh, am I supposed to cry here or something?


As expected, prevent myself from grinning, I was mobilising all of my facial muscles to stay expressionless.


“Yes. I have always thought, that someone like me, is certainly not suited for Remnass-sama.

Therefore, from now on, I humbly hope that you may find happiness with the one you love.”


“Eh, umm, that’s…”


“Good day.”


With an elegant bow, I departed from the scene.


I firmly held back the urge to run along laughing.


From here on out, I am free.


I did it!!!




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