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I, Hanabelle Cantar, am the fourth daughter of a count.


Since ages ago, I had always loved reading books.


Yes, it was to the point where when reading a book, I would get so immersed, I could forget where I was, even who I was in the moment.


Well, isn’t that how it is?


When reading a book, you can’t help but fall into the world inside after all.


Knights defeating dragons, demon kings taking over the world, peerless reincarnators, the world is filled with harmony.


During those times even if someone calls out to me, the real world only seems like a faraway dream.


Therefore, even when Onii-sama and Onee-sama heard about the break off of the engagement and flew into the room, when Mother and Father came to talk to me in bewilderment, my consciousness was always in the far away distance.


Somewhat, what was said to me did reach my memories though.


Yes, I did have a goal.


It is a goal that would become impossible to accomplish if I ended up becoming the Prince’s queen, that kind of dream.


Therefore, this day, the day the engagement is broken off, is a day that I had been eagerly looking forward to all this time you know?


I had known.


No, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I had expected.


I loved reading through every possible book there was.


Therefore, within the countless books, there also existed books that came from a different world.


Within those, I had found a story that greatly resembled my situation.


At first, I had thought that it was just my imagination.


However, with the Prince’s name, a fiance greatly resembling myself, and the name of the heroine who splendidly captured the Prince, the similarities were undeniable.


Therefore, taking the book to be a written prophecy, I saw a dream of the future.


Just maybe, like in the story, I would also come to have my engagement with the prince broken off.


Being born as the daughter of a count, becoming the wife of an upper noble, was basically a decided matter.


Therefore, even though I’ve loved books since I was young, when imagining my own future there existed nothing but despair.


I, in reality, actually wanted to go live in the ‘Tower of Books’, Biblio Tower.


Biblio Tower, located in the center of this world, was a tower containing all manner of books.


With a height that made one wonder if it even pierced the heavens, from the first floor to the top the tower was packed full with books.


Isn’t it just wonderful.


The first time I had visited the tower, I was seven years old.


Could you even imagine my excitement at that time?


Greater than the Count family’s library room, greater than the Royal family’s grand library, there were much more books, books, books!


I had felt like I’d stumbled into a paradise.


At that time, I had decided.


To become a resident of this Biblio Tower.


Within Biblio Tower there resides managers called ‘Librarians’.


On each floor there was at least one Librarian.


To become a Librarian, one requires the permission of Biblio Tower’s top manager, Book Of Days-sama.


Book-sama, regarding how much I loved books, how much I wanted to live in the tower, accepted my passionate feelings.


However, in order to become a resident of the tower, there existed many obstacles in my path.


If I were to count them there would be no end, but the greatest obstacle probably had to be my engagement with the Prince.


I, for some reason, had ended up becoming the fiance of this country’s second prince.


On the day the engagement was decided, I had spent the entire day crying in my room.


Hanging out at Biblio Tower every day, it was there that I had found a lost child.


It was the second prince, Remnass-sama.


Reminding one of the spine of a book, with that calm hue of reddish-brown hair.


Reminding one of parchment, with those light-brown eyes.


I, had thought he was a book fairy.


Talking lots, laughing lots.


Chatting about each other’s favourite books.


Ahh, but.


Because of that, I had ended up becoming engaged to Prince Remnass.


If I had known he was a prince, I definitely would not have gone to talk to him.


However, I can probably say that that error was resolved on this day today.


I, was someone who had their engagement with the prince broken off.


Something like a noble girl who had her engagement with the prince annulled, was damaged goods.


By this point, it was likely that no noble anywhere would think to wed me or such.


I braided my long, long hair, and gathered it together.


My personal belongings as well, only contained the bare necessities packed into my bag.


To my family, I had since long ago told them many times.


That I wanted to become a Librarian.


Having realised my desired break up with the Prince, they probably wouldn’t stop me anymore.


Leaving the count family, I became a resident of Biblio Tower.




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