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The Elegant Prince Charming

With its ambiguous lighting and elegant style, this restaurant was an ideal location for couples to go on a date.

Cheng Anya absent-mindedly moved the foie gras back and forth, secretly praying that she wouldn’t meet him again. Her heart’s strength was quite low, it couldn’t bear being frightened to this extent.

“Anya, how come you aren’t eating?” Yang Zekun asked tenderly, his face full of concern.

Cheng Anya’s soul quickly returned to her. Feeling embarrassed, she rubbed her nose and smiled apologetically. In Yang Zekun’s eyes, this action was unspeakably cute, and he felt his feelings for her grow a bit more.

“Senior, I’m sorry about this matter. I went back on my word even though I’d already promised you. Please, just yell at me or something!”

“Silly girl, what are you saying? Since you found satisfactory work, I’m giving you my blessings late. How can I scold you? Although it’s a bit regretful that we can’t work together, you still had good intentions. Nothing else is important.” Yang Zekun said tenderly.

Cheng Anya felt even more guilty in her heart. He was always so kind and gentle, forgiving her for everything with a patient heart. He was like a block of white jade without a single flaw. Yet for some reason, she wasn’t attracted to such a beautiful man.


It would’ve been really great if she were attracted to him. Senior would’ve definitely been the perfect lover and husband.

Damn, this stupid heart. You don’t jump when you should, but eagerly dance when you shouldn’t.Completely stupid through and through!

“I’m sorry!” Cheng Anya said indistinctly.

“Silly girl.” Yang Zekun reached out and poked her nose with a finger. He displayed an indulgent and loving smile on his face, one that was so gentle and tender that people would be willing to drown in it, “You should be happy!”

In his eyes, Anya was the most precious. He had silently protected her for many years, reluctant to display even the slightest force. He wished he could take all of the most beautiful things in the world and give them to Anya.

Even so, how could he bear to make her unhappy?

Cheng Anya laughed while managing to make a wry face, and her appetite also improved a lot.

Not too far away, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. His gaze was deep, making it so people couldn’t figure out his mood. He had taken note of them when he entered. Yang Zekun, the Chairman of Yaohua, what kind of a relationship did they have?

He and Yang Zekun were both at the top of the business world. Although Yang Zekun was elegant and smiled before others, his smile always possessed a kind of alienation and coldness.

However, right now his face was gentle and filled with loving indulgence, as if that girl was his treasure. As a man, he naturally knew what that boiling hot gaze meant, and that woman was also not rejecting his intimacy.

Don’t tell me, are they lovers?

This acknowledgment put Ye Chen in an extremely bad mood, and his eyes became two balls of rage. It was as if his most treasured object had been coveted by another. Damned rotten girl, she had shown an indifferent attitude towards him not too long ago, but she was already able to smile so sweetly in just a flash.

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