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10 Years Old: Chapter 42 – Good Will and Confusion

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


When it comes to my impression of His Highness, I do like him, but the difficulties that come with him are in a totally different category.


It was not as if I disliked him. I think he’s an excellent, hard-working kid. By the time His Highness had turned thirteen, he had become far calmer when compared to the old days and had also become aware of his responsibilities as a member of royalty.


I’ve said this time and time again, but I don’t dislike him and find him likeable. Just not, as the opposite sex.


Well, in other words, I feel extremely troubled whenever he makes advances on me.  


「Liz, you’re looking cute as always today. The color of that dress really compliments your eyes」


His smile was just like the princes from those fairy tales, except he was from royalty — a bonafide prince. After hesitantly contemplating for a while, I innocuously thank him with a smile on my lips.


Currently, I’m at the castle where a tea party, or rather, a party was currently being held. Well, in pretext, it was a tea party even though it was probably much closer to a prospective partner gathering for the youngsters. The men and women that were gathered here were generally between the ages of thirteen to sixteen.


The youngest here was probably me, at ten years old. It truly begs the question as to why I was called to this social gathering.


Since it was hard to decline once I had been invited, with a somewhat heavy heart, I attended only for this to happen.


His Highness had paid his compliments to the crimson red dress that I had worn today. This would probably not be taken well by the others who hadn’t been complimented.


Your Highness, if possible, could you also speak to the other ladies? They’re glaring at me with extreme hostility.


Look! That ojou-sama over there is really cute, the ojou-sama with the soft, wavy hair. Doesn’t she look as pretty as a doll? Although it’s scary as her eyes aren’t smiling.


「Your Highness, is it alright to not greet the other ladies?」

「I’ve already done so」


Is that so? Have you been thorough, or were you saying that just so I wouldn’t pay them any heed?


「A rose would suit you well today, Liz. I’ll have one brought from the garden later.」

「No. Thank you for your kind words, but I’m unworthy of the roses that bloom in the castle’s gardens」

「Then, would this rose here suffice? 」


My reserved feelings had no effect whatsoever. His Highness shot me a dazzling smile. Then, from his uniform, he took the rose that he had been wearing on his breast pocket as decoration and placed it gently in the ribbon that my hair was bundled with.


It wasn’t a flower and instead was an object that was made from glass that had a faint trace of magic in it. Was sorcery applied to it to prevent it from breaking easily? But that isn’t the problem! We’re dealing with an evidently expensive-looking jewel, what do you mean by passing it to me?


「You shouldn’t have, Your Highness」

「In any case, that was arbitrarily put on me by my attendants, and after it’s been worn once, it will rarely be seen again」

「That’s ….. a waste」

「Is that not so? Therefore, rather than me wearing it, it would be of much better use if Liz had it as it suits you」


Huh? He wheedled out of it. No, I should have tried to refuse.  


What should I do? While I was silent because of the expensive gift, His Highness gently smiled while scooping up a bunch of my hair. Inherited from my mother, he softly stroked my light coloured hair and dropped a kiss that merely touched the surface of it.

Kyaaa! came the shrieks. He understood what it meant, but His Highness smiled without a care, silencing the crowd.


If it were just the two of us, I would have pushed him away and took the chance to escape. However, others were watching us right now. Because I knew he did it fully aware that I could not reject him in this situation, it was all the more in bad taste.   


「….. Thank you. Your Highness, isn’t it about time that you speak to the other women? They seem bored so you should let go of me soon」

「….. Do you dislike conversing with me?」


I swallowed my irritation and took a step back from His Highness who had inclined his head, seeming slightly sad ….. That’s unfair of you, Your Highness. To use that expression. In spite of knowing how weak I am to that pressure.


Since he carried it out while knowing that he shouldn’t have, I tightly gritted my teeth, outwardly projecting a smile while shaking my head.   


「Never to that extent. However, it’s better if Your Highness avoids showing favouritism to a single individual in this sort of place」

「If that’s the case, I hope you come over to my room next time. If we’re there, we can speak without any interruptions」

「That would be a problem, though. Your Highness is already thirteen years old, it would not do to bring a lady into your room」

「Father said it would be fine if I made up the facts」




….. The tone I had used just now wasn’t very good, but what are you telling him, Your Majesty? In the first place, it’s a known fact that I’m still a child. The things that I can do are limited. At best, a kiss. If it was any more than that, I would never let you bind me with it, and I would never allow it to begin in the first place.  


「Your Highness, you jest too much. Also, since you are the guest of honour, please speak to the other ladies. This is a formal occasion」

「….. You’re saying the same things as my attendants are」


While pouting a little, His Highness displayed a childish countenance. If you think about it, His Highness was still roughly the age of a student entering middle school. He hasn’t fully matured yet.  


….. Well, I feel sorry for him because the peers were bound by their etiquette and friendships. You wanted me here as the exception, didn’t you?


「….. Please set up another place to speak to me next time. Then, I’ll receive you as usual」


Not today, alright? I added with a slightly roguish smile, and His Highness broke into a smile. It was hopeless, I’m also too soft with him. Even though I should be declining and putting a stop to it, I caved in when he wore that lonely expression.  


I’m afraid if this keeps up, he’ll cling onto me until I give into an engagement. Compared to his poor sweet obsession, I knew it would be better if I refused him to some degree. However …..


His Highness seemingly recovered and smiled at me in a somewhat good mood before heading over to the other ladies. I would appreciate it if he had done that at the very beginning, but I could say for certain that it couldn’t be helped as it was just like His Highness to find no merit in the tea party itself.  


I didn’t dislike His Highness.


However, I don’t know how I should receive his upfront kindness because I don’t know whether I could respond to it.


It was because he delivered his courtesies so clearly, so I knew that it was done not out of conceit, but love. Even so, what should I do?


Because I’m half-hearted, I postpone giving him an answer.


「….. Oh dear」


Unfamiliar with feelings like these in my past life, I was troubled by how to deal with it. I am happy and confused.
If I find someone that I like soon, I’m sure the answer will quickly come to me. I imagined that for a while and let out a sigh.


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