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Prologue 3: The Fated Encounter

TL: Ia

TLC: Krrizis

Editors: Innocent, Nahct, Elhessan, Me3, Momielxai


After the bishop left, the couple was left alone in the room. Viscount Kreutz and his wife kept silent; both respectively pondering about something.

The silence in the room was broken when there was a sound of knocking on the door. Without waiting for an answer, the door opened and the person who walked in was none other than the boy the couple had seen in the courtyard, Kamui.

[Ah, I think I’ve made a mistake. Please excuse me]

Seeing that the bishop was not present in the room, Kamui instantly moved to leave.

[No, we are the ones who wish to speak to you]

Viscount Kreutz hurriedly rose to detain Kamui.


[He said the talk should be between the three of us and left]

[Is that so?……. I see]

Although it didn’t make any sense for the bishop to be absent, Kamui sat in front of the couple.

[Have we met somewhere before?]

[No, this is the first time we’ve met. First, let us introduce ourselves. I am Viscount Kaios Kreutz. I rule a border territory. Beside me is my wife, Floria]

[It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kamui-kun]

[……Nice to meet you too]

As soon as he was aware that the couple before him were nobles, Kamui’s face slightly warped. For Kamui, nobles were wholly defined by the Hohenfried house and the pupils at the academy. It was impossible for him to carry a good impression of them.

[Would it be alright if I just get straight to the point?]

[By all means. I have nothing else to discuss]

With Kamui having a blunt attitude, while displaying a slightly bitter smile, Viscount Kreutz began to speak.

[To tell you the truth, our purpose for coming here was to look for a child to adopt]

[To adopt……  You’re both nobles, aren’t you? You should be aware of what this place is]

[Ah, of course. Even before you came here, we had also discussed it with bishop-sama]

[I see. An adopted child for a noble……]

[How about it?]

[Let me see. There are two people I can think of. One is called Lutz. Having an interest in swordsmanship, his other strong point is unifying people together. The other one is Ignaz. His specialty is magic. Although if I may say so myself, he doesn’t really go all-out with it. Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen, compared to the students who are regularly taking lessons at the academy, he’s quite fast at memorizing things. Like Lutz, his strong point is unifying people together]

Replying back to Viscount Kreutz, Kamui did it in one go. But naturally, that was not what Viscount Kreutz had wanted to hear.

[No, that’s not what I meant]

[To adopt a child means you desire for a male heir, right? If that’s the case, I can’t think of anyone besides the two I mentioned earlier. Shall I call them over?]

Kamui was ignoring Viscount Kreutz’s confusion. In other words, he was  purposely reciprocating with a different response.

[Please listen to what we have to say. We would like to adopt you as our son]

[I refuse]

To Viscount Kreutz’s invitation, Kamui flatly refused without giving it a second thought.

[Can you tell us the reason?]

[I don’t have any desire to be a noble. You should understand by now, don’t you? I hate nobles]

[I understood that by your behavior. However, why do you despise nobles that much?]

[Haven’t you heard anything from bishop-sama?」

[I heard you were a person of the Hohenfried lineage. And that you are unable to use magic]

[That’s right. I suffered because I was unable to use magic. I was being bullied. Day after day, those bullies would surround me; they poured water on me, made me drink dirty water. Those who did that to me were those young nobles attending the academy. Even with the Hohenfried family, it was the same. Since I stayed with the Hohenfried household, I was never recognized as one of them. I finally just broke away from that situation, you know? Why do I need to expressively go back to that?]

I thought about the times that I used to wish I was dead. It was highly unlikely that I would consider wanting to return back to that environment.

[We will never cause you to feel that way]

[Let’s say, even if you would do as you say, what about the others? You can’t possibly mean to say that I’ll always be trapped in the estate?]

[In short, it’s about not being able to use magic?]

[There are others but that is the main reason]

[What would you do if after becoming our adopted son, you will be able to use magic?]


Kamui was greatly surprised by Viscount Kreutz’s words.

[My wife said it is possible. In our territory, there is a person who excels in magic. If we request her to teach you, you might be able to use magic]

[…… Would I still be able to even if I don’t become your adopted son?]

The proposition from Viscount Kreutz shook Kamui’s heart a little but even so, he did not deem becoming an adopted child acceptable. For Kamui, who became a commoner, magic was not as important as it used to be. Far from that, his feelings of rejection towards getting acquainted with the nobles was stronger.

[No, unless we request for it, you wouldn’t be able to receive them]

[Then, I’ll find someone else. It doesn’t matter who teaches me, it would still be the same]

[Why are you going to such lengths to refuse?]

[I’ve said it already. I hate nobles]

[However, even if you remain as a commoner, it is impossible for you to be completely unaffected by the nobles. Isn’t that what it means to live in this country?]

Not just in this country. There isn’t a country in this continent that doesn’t have aristocracy.

[But it can be kept to a minimum. That won’t happen if I become a noble. Much less if I were to succeed you?]

[You are correct however……]

[That’s why it’s impossible for me. It would be better for you to pick the other two that I spoke of earlier]

[By doing so, aren’t you just running away forever??]


Suddenly, Floria interjected. At her provocative words, a bit of anger surfaced on Kamui’s face.

[All I’ve heard from you since the beginning of the conversation is that you are just running away from nobles. Are you truly fine with living that way? ]

[…… That and becoming a noble are different topics]

[Perhaps. However if you become a noble, you would once more attain another chance to confront them]

[Trying to confront them, are you saying that I’m able to surpass them without possessing anything?  Don’t tell me I have to beat up those guys who bullied me one by one? If I did that, the ones who would be troubled will be you guys]

[It is not about beating your opponents to win. Live. By doing so, it would be as if you won against them]

[With just that?]

[Ah, but you know — first hand — just how hard it is to live, don’t you? Think about it. Do not kill yourself, don’t you know how difficult it would be for the people who you’ve touched? If it’s you, I’m sure you’ll understand when you consider it further]


Seated next to her, Viscount Kreutz eyes were wide open. He was astounded that Floria had suddenly started a difficult discussion with the child.

However, Floria’s eyes responded with certainty.

Although she had been silent and intently listening to the conversation, in her heart, Floria was quite surprised. Kamui should still be around 10 years old. Nonetheless, guarded, Kamui spoke on the same level with her feudal husband.  

[……. Perhaps it is as you said]

Sure enough, after thinking a little about it, Kamui voiced out his consent.

[How about it? Doesn’t this seem like a challenge? We can help you develop your abilities]

[As in magic?]

[And swordsmanship. Even though he looks this way, my husband is strong. That is why he is currently entrusted with a territory]

[This present territory….. where is it?]

Regarding Floria’s words, it seems that Kamui still had room for consideration as he displayed interest in the territory.

[Even if I tell you, you still would not know where it is. The former demon king’s territory — I wonder if I say it like this, would you be able to understand what type of place it is?]

[The demon king’s territory….. You mean, the demon country?]

[That’s right. After the demon king was defeated, the demons scattered all over the place, abandoning their country. After that, it was entrusted to us]

[I see. So the demon country no longer exists]

Demons were being persecuted from all over the world; they were trying very hard to survive in the midst of all this — that was what Kamui remembered the demon telling him.

It seems those words held some truth in them. Their country destroyed, the demons had lost the place they could return to and scattered everywhere. It seemed there was no repose for the demons. Kamui now seemed to understand a bit of the sadness of the demon that he had encountered back then.

[So? Would you like to rethink this over again?]

[…… As before, I refuse]

After thinking for a little, what left Kamui’s mouth was words of refusal.


[Because you’re strong. To be entrusted with that domain means that even now, you’re still fighting with the demons?]

[Does that scare you?]

[No. If I become your adopted child, must I kill those demons? Just because we are of different races is not a compelling reason for me to kill them]


The Kreutz couple opened their eyes wide magnificently at Kamui’s speech. Seeing their reaction, in his mind, Kamui had that same feeling of “Ah, I did it again!”.

In the past, Kamui had also said similar things making the bishop extremely angry. To the extent, he was shoved into an isolation cell. By thoughtlessly uttering these kind of things, in time, others will bring harm to him. All things considered, the bishop gave Kamui a grave punishment but the subtleties of it were impossible for Kamui to understand as he was still a child.

[We…… should be grateful for our destinies, shouldn’t we?]

[Ah, yes! That’s what I think]


Kamui could not understand the couple’s words. Seeing Kamui tilting his small head curiously, while smiling sweetly, words that Kamui never expected came out from Floria’s mouth.

[You will become our adopted son]

The words that Floria spoke wasn’t a request, it was a command.

[Why should I?]

[If you come to our territory, those worries of yours, you will understand that none of those occur. No, for you to ensure that it never happens, you should become our adopted son]

[I don’t understand what you mean]

[It’s alright even if you don’t understand it now. However, please believe us even if it’s just words. Our encounter with you was surely guided by fate]

Kamui was dumbfounded by the exaggerated words such as fate that Floria had spat out but by the look in her eyes, she was completely serious.

The moment he saw those eyes, Kamui’s heart was shaken again.

『Kamui, some day you may be swallowed up by a difficult destiny. But that that is the fate that you were born with. Thus, you must never run away from it. These will be my last words to you. Please, Kamui. Live, live strongly……』

The long forgotten parting words from his mother began to fill his mind.


As though he was savoring the word, Kamui murmured the word “fate”. Unbeknownst to him, tears began to flow down his face.

[What’s wrong?]

[…… I remembered my mother’s words. Words that I have long forgotten. Although they were my mother’s last words, I had completely forgotten about them all this time]

[I see……]

[There is one condition]

[Condition…… Eh, do you mean to say?]

He put out a condition. If the condition’s requirements were met, that meant he accepted it.

[Yes. I have considered taking you up on the adoption]

[Ah, that’s great. What would be that condition?]

[Would it be alright for me to take some of my friends here along with me? This is my greatest wish]

[That won’t be a problem, but we can’t afford to adopt everyone]

Viscount Kreutz answered Kamui’s demand. To be able to give this kind of approval, it was only because he was the territorial lord, Viscount Kreutz.

[Of course. Your adopted child will be me, alone. As for the others, well, I would be thankful if they could help me out with various things]

Half of it was the truth, the other half was a lie. Those who could be adopted were few. Most orphans, especially those without decent connections, would be abandoned by society. Even if they were not adopted, if they were to work at a noble’s house, it would not be a good thing either.

[You mean as retainers?]

[You can call it that. However, if none of the others are interested in it, I would be embarrassed]

[That would be, well……. if we don’t try asking them, we won’t know, will we?]

[Right, should we speak to them at once?]

[Ah, it’ll be fine if I go ]

[Oh, when do you want to head off?]

[I want to depart immediately after you’re done with your preparations. I don’t want to leave my territory unattended for too long. Even so, I honestly don’t know how long the adoption procedure will take]

While they may have come to an agreement with Kamui, it did not mean that the matter of the adoption had been settled. The adopted son of a noble’s household. It was necessary for them to report it to the state and obtain their approval.

[Understood. Since there I don’t need to make any preparations, in this case, would it depend on the procedure?]

[We will follow up on that. First, we will talk with the bishop]

[Yes, I see]

[……. Oi!]

Kamui was about to leave the room, intending to go to his friends, when he was stopped by Viscount Kreutz.

[What is it?]

[Earlier, you looked really happy but now……]

[Huh? Are you referring to my displeased expression?]

Towards Viscount Kreutz’s words, Kamui displayed an astonished look on his face. Even with that orphan-caring bishop, Kamui had always been cautious with his expression. Those were not courteous words used by those fastidious nobles.

[Isn’t this how I usually am?]

[It’s subtle. From the beginning, that was the expression you showed us. However, while speaking about that person, you gradually became sarcastic. Well, it looked like that to me. Is this more comfortable now?]

The bishop was mad because from the start, he wanted Kamui to change, to properly speak up. Kamui did not understand that.

[Well then, just talk like that with us. I would also like you to cease speaking in a reserved tone with us]

[I understand. Oh, but to suddenly just call you ‘Father’? Rather than embarrassed, as expected I am reluctant to do it]

[….. You can’t?]

[Do you want me to call you that? Well, even if I do call out to you, I would first address your wife]

[Oh~?] [Oi, what for?]

His wife rejoiced at Kamui’s words; the viscount, discontented.

[She resembles my late mother. At first, I never really considered that. However, while we were talking, their images overlapped. Ah, is that why I remembered my mother’s words?]

[I am delighted to hear that]

[Ah, I’m glad you’re happy. Mother was a beautiful woman, a famous person in her own way. She was known as the reincarnation of the Saint of Light]


This time, it was the couple’s turn to be surprised. However, their surprise could not be compared to what Kamui felt. With eyes wide open, both of them were completely frozen.

[Umm…… Did you not hear about it?]

[The reincarnation of the Saint of Light, your mother, was she Sophia-sama?]

[Yes, she is]

Viscount Kreutz knew the name of Kamui’s mother. Even though she was Kamui’s mother, Kamui — once again — realized just how famous she had been.

[…… What was the Hohenfried house thinking? To disown Sophia-sama’s son, surely they have gone insane]

[It’s because my mother has passed away]

[No, even if that was the case. What kind of family is the Hohenfried house…… I don’t really need to hear about it. Since you had lived there]

[Ah. The current head of the family is undoubtedly a man who boasts of his ancestor’s achievements. And the next generation is also a taut and greedy dumbass. As for the children…… I don’t even have any memory left of them]

[Those are some surprising words. Well, actually, even those around them have that opinion]

After the Hohenfried family became a noble family, although several years had passed, they haven’t done any notable achievements. Merely having an ancient history, they were a useless household. Located at the bottommost position amongst the noble families, they were harshly assessed by the others.

[As I thought]

In other words, even his grandfather, who had abused him, didn’t have any sort of achievement. Even so, remembering how proudly his grandfather had said it, Kamui felt a bit sick.

[That Hohenfried was temporarily saved by Sophia-sama nonetheless. When she regained the strength and prestige as the reincarnation of the Saint of Light, it guaranteed her selection as a companion of the hero. Well, the results were regrettable…… Even so, the Sophia-sama who was from the Hohenfried family, for a short while, was greatly praised. To disinherit the son of that distinguished Sophia-sama? I can only describe them as foolish]

[I’m not particular about it as it is not as if I’d earned the Hohenfried name]

[I know however……]

[That doesn’t matter to me. Right now, I am grateful that they had driven me out from there. Moreover, with this, the Hohenfried will be treated as fools; this is already a modest kind of revenge. That’s why it doesn’t mean anything to me]

[Oh, I see]

[Well then, I’ll be heading over to my friends]

[Ah, we will be heading over to bishop-sama’s side]

In the end, the departure from the capital took a fortnight.

The adoption of a successor to the viscount’s family. Since he would be the successor to a noble family that was entrusted with a territory, the procedure itself was necessary.

Though if it was from Viscount Kreutz’s observation, everything proceeded rather smoothly.

The child that he was to adopt was the child at the orphanage, Kamui. As a person adopted into a noble’s household, it was expected that a considerable amount of effort would be required, though Kamui’s parentage made it easier.

After all, Kamui was the son of Sophia Hohenfried.

For those who knew Sophia, by shifting their expectations towards Kamui, they were aware of his reputation.

For being a let-down, many people were greatly disappointed in him however, while that may be true, the act of the Hohenfried house who personally drove Kamui out could not be forgiven.  

On the other hand, Viscount Kreutz’s action in returning Kamui’s noble status, was seen as an act of goodwill, that the fact that he had been living at the orphanage had not been regarded as a problem.

It was fortunate that the other households had practically severed all contact with the members of the Hohenfried house.

Ever since the matter of Kamui’s bullying, the Hohenfried house hated the scornful eyes directed to them by the other houses, disappearing from the public scene for the time being. As a result, Kamui’s disinheritance and their conduct did not go unnoticed by the scornful eyes.

Therefore, even when an inquiry came from the officials to make certain about the expulsion, he answered there was nothing to think about and they were no longer related to each other. Officials who asked such an inquiry, without touching the issue of adoption, held ill will towards the Hohenfried family and goodwill towards the Kreutz family.

After that, nothing hindered the Kreutz family from adopting Kamui as their adopted son. It took the first half of the two weeks to process the required documents to be approved.

If anything, the difficulty came from the orphanage itself.

After becoming the adopted son of the viscount’s house, Kamui invited others to go with him. Those who had good relationship with Kamui hoped that they could accompany him. Unfortunately, it was hindered by the bishop himself.

The orphans who hoped to accompany Kamui, were talked to one by one, sometimes they were yelled at, other times they were spoken gently to; the persuasion to persuade them from accompanying him begun. Virtually, with the bishop’s persuasion, some were totally shaken off resulting to them backing out.

Incidentally, this continued for a whole week, still some of the orphans were not shaken off, which the bishop finally approved them to accompany Kamui.

To those orphans, they did not think it was just harassment but to a great extent, it was the feelings they had towards the borderland. Furthermore, as it was the former territory of the demon king that meant it was a dangerous place and the bishop was trying stop the children from going because of his parental love for them.

There were four people who would accompany Kamui.

Lutz—- the boy who was abandoned in front of the orphanage, and picked up by the bishop. Even he himself didn’t quite know what his real age was but it was roughly around the same age as Kamui’s.

Ignaz—- the boy who became an orphan after both his parents were killed in a robbery. None of his relatives wanted to take care of him, and so he was sent to the orphanage. He was a year older than Kamui.


In relation to those two, the bishop’s persuasion did not even make them flare up. It was natural for the both of them to accompany him; turning a deaf ear towards the bishop’s arguments. The bishop knew from the beginning that those two would never yield.

The remaining two fought for it until the very end.

Maria—-the girl who was conceived by her mother, a harlot. Even her mother didn’t know who her father was. Since her mother lacked money and could not raise her, she was left to the care of the orphanage. Since then, she has not seen her mother. Seven years old, she is three years younger than Kamui. Considering her age, the bishop tried his hardest to stop her but, even with the persuasion, she stubbornly refused. Beaten by her persistence, the bishop finally gave his approval.

And Alto—-the boy who was left by his mother at the orphanage to protect him from his father’s violence. Alto, who always looked at Kamui’s group with cold eyes, surprised everyone when he expressed his hope to travel with them. Even with the bishop’s persuasion, compared to Maria who screamed and wanted to go, he just kept silent and patiently listened to it. At the end, he said with a few words, ‘whatever you say, I will still accompany Kamui’, while saying that, the bishop sensed the passion in Alto’s eyes that he had never shown before and so, he gave up persuading him.

From this point on, while being infamous, the four would, throughout their lives, support Kamui as his loyal retainers. Kamui stayed at the orphanage for merely six months. In that brief period of time, the fact that these four geniuses coincidentally existed in the orphanage at the same time would later be one of the miracles in Kamui Kreutz’s destiny.

Kamui Kreutz and his four supporting retainers, the five of them, their destinies begin to move from this point forth.

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