If you’re an MnU reader, you may be unaware that the light novel also includes quite a number of illustrations. One of which is this short 4 page manga taken from the prologue.

I’ll like to thank my team, specifically Momielxai who took the time to learn Photoshop and whip us up a cool credit page <3 (Edit: OMG! And my cropper, Me3)

Enjoy! MnU V1 Manga Prologue

P.S. Volume 2’s going to be out end of April. Do help us raise funds for it! (I mean, come on! Don’t you want more juicy illustrations? Also, we will do whatever manga that comes attached with it). You can donate to us via Patreon or Paypal. $10 will get you early access to everything we have done. The more Patreons we get, the faster you’ll see more things popping up. Fufu~

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