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1-3: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Momielxai & Elhessan


   After it was decided that I was going to work by living in Leonard-sama’s mansion, I was dispatched as soon as the formalities were completed. Having been brought along by him to his house, my mouth was wide open at the gates.




   Like a blockhead, I was speechless. Beyond the gates was a magnificent two-story mansion. There were four chimneys that stood towering over the surrounding. The outer walls that were made out of stone had vines twined all over it; giving it a certain ambiance. Inside the grounds, there was a tall tower that I could see above the mansion, and in front of my eyes, there were two large double doors in the entranceway. This was much more splendid than I had imagined, somehow it made me felt more nervous. Its magnificence could not even be compared to a noble’s mansion.


「This way」



   Beckoned, I continued to follow him until we reached a large door and huh? It doesn’t have any keyholes or handles?


At my confusion, Leonard-sama pointed at the door and announced.


「Put your hands. Like this」

「Ah, yes!」


After I placed my palm on the door like he told me, a slightly bright faint light was visible first and then, the door opened.  … Eh, what’s going on?





   Confused by Leonard-sama’s mutter, I asked again.


And when I did, he opened his mouth and talked in a matter-of-fact tone.


「Yes. The door has remembered you」

「…Uhh, does this mean that because it doesn’t have any keyholes or handles, unless it recognizes the person, the door won’t open?」


When I inquired, he nodded his head in agreement.


I see, as one would expect from a magician.


Admiring it earnestly, I was gazing at my own hand when Leonard-sama stretched out his hands and wrapped both of them around mine. Eh, how come?  



「Huh? Err, there’s not particularly wrong with my health」

「But your hand」

「Ah, it’s the first time I’ve personally experienced magic since I was born so it was slightly wonderful. That’s why I was just examining it」


It seems he misunderstood. Should I be delighted by the lingering feelings he gave me? Or, should I warn him not to suddenly touch women? Hmm.


As I was considering those things, Leonard-sama released my hand and started to walk off.


「Let’s go」



I entered the mansion after Leonard-sama. As soon as I stepped foot inside, I noticed an odd atmosphere that I hadn’t felt before. That didn’t meant I couldn’t hear any sounds but I had a hunch it was noisy somewhere … Was this also the effects of magic?


「Somehow, I feel like I’m hearing noises…」


When I said that, Leonard-sama gave a huge nod.


「It’s unstable here because of the child」

「The child … Ah, the child which I had been arranged to look after?」

「Yes. It’s because of its abundant mana」


It appears that due to that child’s abundant mana, it had an affect on the atmosphere in the mansion.


Leonard-sama steadily walked and began to descend down the stairs leading to the basement. Mm? Something doesn’t feel right?


「Leonard-sama, where are we heading?」


Flustered, I chased after his back while chucking the question at Leonard-sama.


「The basement」

「I can see that but, umm, why the basement?」

「Because they’re there」



Ah, no way! What am I going to do? I have a bad feeling about this.


「We’re here」


  Because there was no light, I couldn’t see Leonard-sama’s expression as he opened a small door slowly. However, I could perfectly see there was a light source in the room. In that scene that unravelled before me, I saw —




  In a flash, I flung a kick towards Leonard-sama’s legs. Uh huh, I’m most certainly not at fault here. It’s because of the circumstances inside the room was the worst.


Drawn on the surface of the floor was a magic circle that shone dimly. That, that was fine.

The problem was there was a child in the centre of it tied up and their mouth was forcefully gagged. They seemed to be roughly five years old, dressed in a plain robe. Because of their dishevelled hair and stained face, I couldn’t distinguish the gender very well.


「That is for losing control of…」


   While rubbing the spot where he had been kicked, Leonard-sama tried to explain it to me but I raised my voice, flatly refusing him.


「I understand. Because of their abundant mana, it was absolutely necessary to set measures in place in case anything happens. Hence, the magic circle?」


Leonard-sama eyes widened when I said that.



「With an abundance of mana, it’s possible for it to run amok in children. On the surface of the floor is a wide magic circle. When you equate the two together, it’s easy to make a guess」

「Is that so?」

「It’s because I’m not a magician so I don’t understand the effects of this magic circle」


But, Leonard-sama. That’s not the problem.


「Leonard-sama. You can’t force a gag or tie them up」

「But they would have tried to run away」

「Then you should have taken the time to come up with a better solution! How old are you!?」


Since you’re an adult, even if I said it was clumsiness, there’s a limit to it. Seriously.


Suddenly, I noticed after the child had seen our exchange, they was astonished and stared in wonder at me.


「So, is it safe for me to enter this magic circle?」


   When I asked with a scornful glare, Leonard-sama nodded while pointing at himself.


「It’s fine because I was able to come back」

「When Leonard-sama’s present in the house, the magic circle doesn’t have an effect, right? Well then, even if I free the child?」



   I observed him nodding his head once again before getting close to the child.


Even though I stepped on the magic circle, nothing particularly strange occurred. It only kept lighting up. Nevertheless, as I drew closer, there was fear in the child’s face.


「I’m sorry. It must have been frightening」


I called out and stretched my hands to the child. That tiny body started trembling but I placed my hand on top of their head and slowly stroke them. Doing so, the child gradually relaxed.  


I wonder how long this child has been frightened. Their reaction was like facing a wounded beast.


「Do you understand what I’m saying?」


When I asked, the child gave a tiny nod. With a relieved smile, I then placed my hands on the gag.


「Stay still whilst I remove them, ok? It’ll probably hurt if you move」


After confirming I’d once again received another tiny nod, I removed the gag and afterwards, I also untied the ropes that bound their body and ankle.


「Are you okay? Are you feeling hurt anywhere?」


At my question, the child had a perplexed expression and shook their head. Unable to endure it, I softly hugged the child closely when the child nervously began to talk.



「I’m Lily. I’ll be working in this house as a maid starting from today. What’s your name?」

「… Jill」


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