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Chapter 10 – I’m just an ordinary person. No, strictly speaking I’m supposed to be a mob character.

TL: Januva

Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai


The two of them were dumbfounded, then looked as if some sort of realisation dawned on them and became flustered.

「Az! Do you know who owns the estate that you’ve drawn on the map?」

Even though Kei-san was in a panic, he spoke in a calm voice.

「Eh? I don’t know. Since it’s a big estate, it probably belongs to some rich noble.

I used clairvoyance magic while I was treating Kei-san, so I haven’t investigated that much yet.

Sorry for the incomplete information. I’ll find out the details after this! Leave it to me!!」

Having said so with a sweet smile, the two of them turned pale as a sheet and became even more flustered.

「No. Absolutely not! It’s true that you’ve been a great help.

While it’s inexcusable for us to get you involved without your consent, this matter is, from start to end, our own problem. I don’t wish to involve you in this matter any further.

You definitely mustn’t approach the estate. It has nothing to do with you from now on!」

Although I was shocked by Ani-san’s menacing glare, I could not agree to it.

「But 『Please. It’s really dangerous. I don’t want to see Az getting hurt!!』…

I don’t want to see the two of you getting hurt either!?

I don’t want to see the two of you in that state again!!

Is it unacceptable for me not to want the two of you to face danger!?」

I blew my top and gnashed my teeth.

I know it was better for me not to get involved. I also understand that you two would be worried. But even so, I would still be worried.

Furthermore, the fact that I got angry only because I was worried, gave me a fuzzy feeling in my chest.

「I don’t want you to be involved in this」 and 「It has nothing to do with you」were much more shocking to me than expected. When I thought about what made it this much of a shock, I realised that it was because this made it seem as though a line was drawn between us.

Although it could be thought of as a matter of course, when I remembered the comfortable time we spent together, it made me feel sorrowful. It somehow felt miserable and lonely.

Was I such a bother?

Even so, having seen them in that state, I could not just nod my head when told to stay away from this matter. Although I had a feeling that if it had been the me of my previous life, I would have given up after complaining a little.

I bit my lips and gulped while my vision turned blurry.

Not able to hold my tears back, I cast my head down and felt the tears drip down.

「Don’t cry. I’m really happy to know that you think that way.

However, we can’t proceed on in this matter based on feelings.

This is a shameful matter for my household, and also one that has continued for a long time.

We’ve suffered for many years but I think it can be resolved this time. No, it will be resolved.

This is only possible because of you, Az. You’ve already helped us.

That’s why, can you leave the rest up to us?」

Kei-san got off the bed and came over to gently pat me.

His gentleness made me tear up all the more.

「I know. To be involved with those assailants dressed in black and the nobles would be dangerous.

I also know Kei-san and Ani-san are worried for my sake. I know.

It’s just that, I got a little shocked that’s all.」

My face was still not in a state that I could show others so I kept my head down while speaking.

「What were you shocked about?」

Ani-san came over and knelt down before me while asking.

Doesn’t this make it pointless for me to hang my head down? My tears were still streaming down.

He tried to wipe my tears.

Unfortunately, I was being difficult at the moment. “I don’t want you to be involved in this” and “It has nothing to do with you from now on”, wasn’t it? Being uncooperative was the only thought in my mind right now.


I mumbled as I was not able to speak, to which Ani-san responded with 「Az?」.

Seems like I can’t escape. Resigning myself to it, I opened my mouth to speak.

「Erm, to be told “I don’t want you to be involved in this” and “It has nothing to do with you from now on”.

It was a little shocking. You might be wondering just what in the world am I saying. Sorry.

But, I understand! When  I think in Kei-san’s and Ani-san’s shoes, I somewhat understand.

It would be even more strange to be involved with someone like me. I perfectly understand that.

From now on, I will think things through properly; I won’t get involved or have anything to do with you two.

It’s only that having it said aloud was still more of a shock to me than I imagined. It makes me feel lonely.」

As I said that, I clenched my fists which were on my lap.

But, I’ve thought things through. Kei-san and Ani-san, aren’t they at fault too??

They were nice to me and leisurely drank tea with me, causing me to misinterpret our relationship!

「No!? When I said it has nothing to do with you from now on, I was only referring to this problem at hand!

I didn’t mean for you to stay away from us!

I don’t know how you came to that conclusion! I’m interested in you, Az.

It has nothing to do with status! At least that’s my opinion – is it different for you?」

I was dumbfounded by what Ani-san said in a fluster.

「Ani phrased it poorly. You were greatly confused because of that, weren’t you.

Things aren’t as desperate as you think, so won’t you let us do it our way?

Ani and I both treasure you. That’s why we don’t wish for you to get involved in something dangerous. All the more so when it is our own problem to deal with.」

I sneaked a peek and met Kei-san’s concerned gaze.

「As I previously said, I know I’ve been taking advantage of Az’s kindness.

Yet, when I want you to “not be involved” and “not have anything to do with this matter”, I still felt depressed.

Since you don’t want me to apologise, I won’t, but I still feel apologetic.」

While giving me a bitter smile, he gently patted my head once again.

「Eeh? Was it my misunderstanding? Was that it…? Uu this is embarrassing.」

As I hid my face behind my hands and shook my head, I could hear Kei-san’s and Ani-san’s relieved laughter.

Mou, I really want to dig a hole and hide myself in it.

「In the first place, if I didn’t want to have anything to do with you, I wouldn’t go out of the way to come meet you.

I also wouldn’t selfishly make you listen to my complaints nor would I come here to enjoy tea with you. Moreover, even if our relations sour, I wouldn’t say something stupid like “I don’t want to have anything to do with you”. If there exists someone who would say that, that person is just an idiot. And I’ll say it now, don’t treat me like those idiots.

I also do not care about our difference in status, hasn’t that been the case since we first met?」

Kei-san’s words put me at ease.

「Now that I think of it, that’s true. It’s the same for me too. I think of you as my tea-drinking companion.」

As I said this, I smiled, which then caused the two of them to turn away.

I wonder what’s wrong… while I was feeling uneasy, Ani-san suddenly turned to face me.

「I’m glad we managed to clear up the misunderstanding. Just to make it clear, it’s unnecessary for you to help out in this matter.

As Ani-ue has said, leave this to us. I will dispel the grudges with my own hands!」

Ani-san said so angrily, to which Kei-san solemnly nodded.

「It has certainly been unjust thus far. Just thinking about it makes me angry. We can finally resolve this.

I look forward to seeing the looks on their faces.」

The two of them seemed to be surrounded by a deep black atmosphere which made cold sweat flow down my back. Just then, a sudden thought came to my mind.

「Kei-san’s and Ani-san’s opponent is the mastermind, right?

In that case, can I play a prank on the 17 men in black??」

I said that with a broad grin, causing the 2 of them to turn towards me simultaneously.

「So there’s 17 of them? Just how serious is that shitty geezer?

But to even know the number…that’s incredible. Anyway, what’s the prank going to be?

I would rather have you stay away from the estate and those guys though.」

I felt touched by Ani-san’s worried look, but I replied with a smile.

「Don’t worry. I won’t get close to them because I will do it from here!」

My words made the two of them stiffen. I then explained.

「I think I should be able to pull it off! Probably. Black magic…no, perhaps curse is more accurate??

Don’t worry! It’s not a death-inducing curse, as is often the case, and it’s not a curse that causes abnormalities in the mind and body of the victim either.

It’s just that if I completely fail, then… please!」

I made my fingers go waki waki* as I said so, and noticed that Kei-san’s and Ani-san’s facial muscles had cramped.

(TLN: Something like this https://gifmagazine.net/post_images/107416 )

I wonder why??

「It’s not a death-inducing curse, as is often the case? And I don’t even want to know the details of those that causes abnormalities in the mind and body. In any case, just how do you want us to help?

Is there anything we can do to help in case you fail?

Would the curse harm you as well?」

Ani-san sure is kind to be worrying about me.

It should be alright. If I remembered it correctly, the game did have something like this.

Although I’m only basing this on how it was in the game, the user of this curse would  not suffer any side effects.

What was it? The 「Inauspicious」 system of magic that inflicted misfortune on its victims.

I could probably cast the curse by just having that as my mental image.

It might be a questionable act to cast this on others, but I wanted to render that black-clad group speechless by my own hands.

Even if I were to fail, there would not be any consequences; but if I succeeded, there would be some meaning to that….I think. At least for my mental state! If I failed, I would feel disappointed, but I had no way of confirming its success anyway.

I can only do it with the belief that it will definitely reach them.

「I can probably do it. It’s just magic that causes misfortune though, so I most likely won’t receive any side effects.

Aright! Let’s give it a try. Give me a moment!」

Before the two of them could say anything, I took a little distance from them and closed my eyes.

I slowly gathered the surrounding mana essence while I recalled the information from the game.

I then brought the 17 mana signatures, that I discovered using enemy detection magic, to mind.

Overlapping the 2 thoughts, I opened my eyes and recited the incantation.


As I did that, a dark spell circle appeared at my feet.

Unbelievable! This is exactly like the game’s! So cool! Fantasy is the best!!!

While I was rejoicing in my mind, the mana essence scattered.

I stabilised the flow of mana essence and breathed a sigh of relief.

Turning towards the two who were dumbfounded, I made a peace sign.

「I did it! The 17 of them will probably fail in various tasks now!!」

With widened eyes, Ani-san asked me.

「As my line of work involves security and bodyguard duties, I have seen many things, and I also believed that my experience was substantial.

This…Despite being so young, you know swordsmanship and are so agile. You’re also knowledgeable and have keen judgement. On top of all these, you can even use various magic, just who in the world are you?

Furthermore, I have never seen the magic you just used. How can the spell circle even appear on its own like that?」

Kei-san seemed to have the same thought in mind, and stared at me jii~

… Would it have been better to use this magic after they left? It would have been better, right??

Aah… I’m an idiot. Just what was I doing. There’s no going back now that I’d already done it.

Well, I don’t regret having done that. …Un.

It seemed like I overexerted myself with that magic, my senses were getting numb. This is bad. I need to focus my mind.

Not knowing how I should explain things, I decided to start with this.

「Even if you ask who I am, I’m just an ordinary person… nothing more nothing less.

Even if you say I’m young, I’m actually already 13, you know??」

There wasn’t anything else I could say. It wasn’t like I could say I’m a mob character after all.

The two of them looked astonished on hearing what I said. Uu…Seemed like it wasn’t going to work, but there’s no way I could explain the other reason. What should I do?!


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