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Chapter 7 – Smiles that explode and even with a bang!! 

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Karma and Momielxai


Despite how calm we were, as soon as a groan came from the bedside, the both of us immediately stood up and rushed over to quietly waiting for Kei-san to wake up.  

「Are you alright, ani-ue?」

When Ani-san anxiously asked that question, Kei-san seemed surprised, blinking his eyes as he hurriedly got up.  

「You, how are your wounds!?
    Hnn? I should have been stabbed with a knife. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything amiss.
    There don’t seem to be any poisonous side effects, either. What’s going on? In the first place, where am I? 」

So he really had been affected by poison. I didn’t know if he was poisoned when he was stabbed by the knife, but it was good that the healing spell was effective.


As Kei-san looked around, our eyes met, and his widened.


Ani-san had been supporting Kei-san the whole time Such beautiful brotherly love, it hurts my eyes.*  

「This is ani-ue’s friend, Asnord-dono’s room.
    It was Asnord-dono who helped us escape from that place and heal your wounds」

Hearing Ani’s words, Kei-san looked surprised again. Quietly, I got up to get the jug of water from the table.

「Kei-san, do you feel any discomfort? Are you okay? Here, have some water. Drink it gently」

Carefully, I placed the cup filled with water in Kei-san’s hands. He still appeared startled when he received it, but after that, he drank it slowly, and his mood seemed to recover.  

「Yeah, I’m fine; although, I’ve inconvenienced you again.
    This time, I was thoroughly prepared, but to think that I would be so injured that I would need to be healed. I’m very sorry for everything that’s happened」

Just like Ani-san, Kei-san bowed his head. When Kei-san did this, it was Ani-san’s turn to look surprised.


Kei-san was probably the type of person who normally didn’t lower his head.


Flustered, I anxiously waved my hand as I spoke.

「Raise your head! It’s natural for me to lend a hand when my precious best friend is in a pinch. So please, raise your head up.   
    If it’s to thank me, then go out for drinks with me again. That makes me happiest!」

By desperately telling him that, I somehow was able to get him to raise his head. Once again, I conveyed it to them.  

「Even if it was by chance, I’m truly glad I was able to save the both of you, Kei-san and Ani-san. This is all thanks to coincidence!」

I believed this from the bottom of my heart and wanted to convey these feelings to them through a smile, somehow.


The sad thing is that since I have this evil look in my eyes, they won’t be conveyed normally if I just say it. No matter if it was in my past life or the present one, unfortunately that still hasn’t changed.


But for some reason, both of their faces turned red. Why!?

EHHH? Are the both of you still feeling sick? Don’t tell me I wasn’t able to expel the poison properly?
   Both of your faces are red, are you in pain!? 」

It was asked in a hurry, but the two of them averted their eyes, flustered, and wouldn’t say a word. I wonder what’s wrong?


Was the poison the kind that made it so that they couldn’t speak? But earlier, Ani-san had been eating cookies with me, and Kei-san also said that he didn’t feel any side effects from the poison. Could it be a time-delayed poison? No, even if it was, the poison should have been cured when I imagined healing their entire body.   


As I eliminated the possibilities one by one on my own, Kei-san turned towards me.

「We—we’re fine. There’s nothing wrong with me and Ani.
    Since you’ve completely detoxified us, there aren’t any side effects」

It was extremely rare, as well as a first for me, to see Kei-san flustered.


When I recalled how expressionless Kei-san was when we met, I smiled, happy that I was close enough to him that I could  see another side of him.

「I guess that’s fine, then. But if anything does happen, please tell me immediately」


After I said that, the two of them simultaneously nodded their heads repeatedly. Having not expected them to be synchronized so much, I laughed. Even if they’re ikemen, they still looked slightly foolish.  


As a result, the state they were in was very heartwarming.

「Kei-san, you really understand your brother.
    Although I’ve only seen a little bit of the situation between the two of you, Ani-san has shown how much he cares for you greatly. It’s nice!!」

PFFFT!」 Kei-san spouted water as he choked and began to cough.


Although he was rubbing Kei-san’s back, Ani-san wore a look of surprise, while Kei-san had turned bright red.  

「Ah… That’s right. It’s because I followed your advice.  
    I am who I am today because of you, Asnord. When I reflect upon it, I’m grateful that the attack happened back then」

Unconsciously, I admired his soft and gentle smile. It was quite similar to Ani-san’s.


The power of a smile from a usually expressionless person was amazing. All the more unexpectedly, was its beauty. Ani-san’s smile was wonderful, but Kei-san’s was just as impressive. If Ani-san’s smile gave off a strong, handsome feeling, then Kei-san’s was like a transient flower that needed protection.  


However, to say those words while being presented with a smile like that was extremely dangerous.

「Nah… That attack was nothing. To begin with, you charged in.  
    This is like how we first met, except I was more startled this time around!!」

When I said this slightly angrily, Kei-san once again delightfully smiled. Receiving that hit, I began to bleed spontaneously… Nah, that didn’t happen in reality.*

「On that note, I’m really sorry. However, was that four years ago? … If I hadn’t met you then, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  
    Back then, my mind and body were at their limits. Although I understand that now, at that time, I didn’t. On top of being weak, I probably also complained because it was strange to me. Well, I definitely have my weak points, but, Asnord, you made me spit it out.   
    It’s because I met you then, that I can talk about it. I’m glad that I can tell you that now」

As I had already been entranced by his smile, when I heard Kei-san’s words, my face immediately turned red.


I felt that my face kept turning red today for some reason. Urk~ those ikemens!!

「I can only just listen to your story.
   When I think about it again, somehow, it’ll be great if I could say something better」

Four years ago, I came across a worn-out Kei-san and brought him to an agency that Mooks-san had informed me of. While I was applying medicine and nursing him, something seemed to snap within him, and, in tears, he began to talk about his brother, his son, his work… The details were cloudy, but he complained about various things.


Back then, Kei-san was seriously at his breaking point. All I did was hear him out.


When I listened to Kei-san’s story, it seemed, from my distant point of view, that he was deeply troubled by his position and the responsibilities that came with it. This included the sorry state of his workplace and even his relationship with his brother and family.  


I had led an easygoing life as a child, but I imagined that it must have been really difficult from the point of view of an adult.

「Seriously, all I can do is listen, nothing else.
    But are your problems taken care of now? I’ve felt awkward about asking you about them since then, but I’ve always been curious」


「Sorry that I’ve kept you worried this long. I can’t say there’s a working solution to it yet, but there’s progress. Both my younger brother and son understand me, and I believe them to be my allies」

When Kei-san looked at Ani-san, Ani-san looked surprised for an instant, but then he laughed happily.

「That’s right. Being able to receive those words from you and to hear you speak about it, and even share my thoughts with you, I’ve come to understand you. From now on, I wish to support you, ani-ue, from the bottom of my heart.
    Also, oh~ I feel relieved. It looks like your relationship with your family is going well from how I see it. You look really happy. This must also be Az’s doing. Thanks」

As we had bowed our heads again, flustered, we laughed when we realized it.


That exceedingly warm mood in the air warmed my heart as well.  

「Which reminds me, you’ve grown really close to Asnord within such a short span of time. If the others saw this, they wouldn’t believe it at all」


「The same goes for you. I, too, am in disbelief of ani-ue’s current self」

Did those two never experience feelings like this? I wonder what they’re usually like. I really can’t imagine it at all.


Oh well, it isn’t necessary to raise your guard in front of a child. It’s a good thing, if it’ll let them to relaxedly pass the time.

「Oh, the tea’s cold. There isn’t any for Kei-san so could you wait for a moment while I get some?
    As Kei-san’s drinking, I’ll go and prepare Kei-san’s favourite franc tea」

As I spoke, I turned to the table to take the tray away. Kei-san tried to get off the bed, so I rushed over to stop him.  

「Although you’re cured, Kei-san, it would be better if you continued to relax and stay in bed」

「In that case, I’ll come and assist you」


Ani-san said, coming up to me and attempting to follow me. When I also prevented him from doing so, Ani-san’s brows drooped down, looking upset, and I laughed unconsciously.*

「Ani-san, please remain with Kei-san.
   If possible, could you move the table and chairs closer to him? That way the three of us can have tea together」

Come to think of it, I’m grateful he revealed such a happy smile, as now I’ve grown quite accustomed to it! However, for some reason, he still looked upset.  

「What’s the matter?」


Puzzled, I looked up at Ani-san, and he turned his face a bit away from me as he blushed, saying in a subdued voice.

「It’s nothing to compare with, but … No, towards me … no no!
    Hah~ Your tone towards me is different from your tone towards ani-ue. How to put it… I can feel how close you are with him?
    Coming from a guy you’ve only just met today, you might have a problem with what I’m saying, but it makes me feel a bit left out. I’m not envious or anything…… Yeah, I’m just feeling a bit left out.  

Could you speak to me like you do with ani-ue? If you can’t, that’s alright」*

Kei-san who was behind Ani-san, began to whistle. Although I wasn’t bothered by it, I was kind of confused.


I never thought that out of all the things in this world, a handsome man would blush and say those words to me. In short, he wanted to become closer to me?


What the hell is this! Wait what? A grown man, and one who’s even a peerless beauty, is saying he’s lonely.


Just as my head began to understand it, poof is probably the sound that best fit how bright red my face must have turned, and even the insides of my nose became hot. I’m, I’m not nosebleeding, okay? …  Just feeling slightly anxious.

As I unconsciously became at a loss for words, Ani-san gazed at me quietly. His expression, coupled with his drooping eyebrows, became one that was quite impossible to speak of.


I was becoming even more perplexed by that face, when I heard laughter coming from behind Ani-san, as Kei-san called out to us.

「That’s really unusual, isn’t this the first time you’ve felt that way?
    This is definitely the first time I’ve seen you like this, Ani. I got to see something good. Fufu」



At Kei-san’s words, Ani-san spun around to face him, his face  red, and said something to him.


Taking no notice of it, Kei-san looked me in the eyes.  

「But if that’s what you’re declaring, then I also have a favor I’d like to ask of Asnord.  
    In this short span of time, Ani has been calling you Az, right? Can I also call you Az?」

As he declared that while tilting his head slightly, I was once again speechless. Seriously, no matter what a handsome person does, they still look good.


Ikemens really should all go and explode!!


By the time I recovered, Ani-san was also looking at me. Because of the combination of both of their gazes, my face turned even redder.


How red can someone’s face become? For some reason, even my body was trembling. Mou, what the heck is this? Are they teasing me!?

「I-if that’s what you like, then I’ll speak to you normally, Ani-san!
   Kei-san too, you can call me whatever you like.
   Uuu, I’m going to go grab the tea~!!」

As I was in the middle of saying that, the two of them both broke into smiles, and I had a bit of trouble breathing.   


As expected, it was impossible for me to get used to their smiles!


As soon as I finished my sentence, I turned around and headed for the door. Swoosh, Ani-san bypassed me and opened the door. This is why ikemens are soo- ARGHHH!!!

Somehow, I was able to only make a quick bow, before running straight to the kitchen. I had a feeling I could hear laughter in the background, but like I care!  


No matter how much noise the items on top of the tray made, I didn’t slow down.


Translator’s Note:


  1. そんなケイさんをアニさんが支えている。麗しい兄弟愛だ。目がつぶれそう。- Someone’s jealous. 😀
  2. ぐふぅと思わず吐血しそうになる…いや、実際にはしないけども。Took me ages to figure out the meaning of this. Gufuu is the sound of someone vomiting blood. Typically used in emoticons >>> _:(´ཀ`」∠):_ Things you learn when translating. Hoho.  
  3. オレの前まできてアニさんが言い、付いてこようとするので、それも止める。するとアニさんの眉がハの字になったので思わず笑ってしまう。- The actual phrasing for this sentence is different in Japanese, and I had to paraphrase it to work in English. Originally, the translation goes something like the following: Doing so, Ani-san’s eyebrows formed into the ハ character which unconsciously made me laugh. Lost puppy Ani-san. 😀
  4. 「対したことではないのだが。いや、オレにとっては…いやいや。

    Sorry for the wall of doom above ^^^. Like the translation says, Az speaks rather intimately to Kei-san. In the text, Az speaks to Kei-san informally signifying how close their relationship is. With Ani-san, he uses a lot more formal words that convey a slight distance between them. While I have tried my best, I really don’t think my translation is on par to translate the nuances of formal and informal speech yet. :/
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