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Chapter 9 – After relaxing, it’s time to get serious

TL: Januva

Editor: Puissansa


While I was still in a daze, we arrived at the room. In order to open the door, Ani-san who had one hand already occupied with the tray, released my hand.


Although I’m relieved to have my hand released, this treatment is troubling. Isn’t this the so called escorting, or something? It makes me feel uneasy!


In this case…! I reached my hand out for the tray in Ani-san’s hand, but I couldn’t reach it.


While smiling at me, he urged me to enter the room.


Since it would be embarrassing to leave my hand stretched out like so, I could only groan [Uuu…] and bow before entering the room. Only to see him smile once again. What is it~! Really!


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kei-san smiled at me too.


Somehow this feels really embarrassing. Why must I think like that!!


This is definitely Ani-san’s fault, yet he is whistling away. It’s rather vexing.


Entering after me, Ani-san then closed the door. Immediately after, he headed straight towards the table to set down the tray.


He then moved the table and chairs near the bed, in front of Kei-san, as requested.


Thanking him as I moved towards the table, I noticed that Ani-san was not sitting down but was instead in the act of pulling out a chair for another.


That’s right, he drew the chair and was waiting! There is no one else here besides me that he could be waiting for, right?


Even so, I unconsciously looked behind me and of course, there wasn’t anyone else around. That’s to be expected, isn’t it?


Ikemen can really do anything with style. But you know, please think. You were completely wrong in your choice of escort target.


「Thanks for helping me with carrying the tray and moving the table and chairs.

But, I can seat myself, so don’t mind me and sit as well!」


Having heard that, ikemen-san smiled and said something incomprehensible.


「I’m only doing this because I want to. Don’t mind it. Come on, take a seat.」


No no no no. How can I not mind it! This kind of ambiguous situation, with you silently standing there.


「What’s wrong? Are you not going to sit? I don’t mind carrying you to your seat….」


「I’ll sit! I’ll properly sit on my own! I’m not a child after all.」


Saying so, I hastily rushed to take a seat. After all, he will definitely do as he said and carry me with his hands under my armpits.


Ani-san smiled while looking at me and sat on the empty seat. I unintentionally glared at him.


「I’m feeling kinda jealous. You two have gotten even closer in such a short time. Az, don’t just be concerned about Ani, don’t forget about me as well.」


I just got a bomb thrown at me from somewhere completely unexpected.


Turning towards Kei-san who had his head tilted, I met his inquisitive gaze.


This pair of siblings, do they not understand how handsome they are? They do, don’t they?


Did they do this with full knowledge of it?? How sly!! I’m going to vomit blood.


「Un. It’s fine. I’ll prepare tea!」


Despite not knowing what’s fine myself, for now I went to prepare tea.


If only I could escape. I have to do something about this unbearable situation.


Kei-san likes his tea sweetened and with milk added so I added sugar into his cup.


I then poured milk in, while using magic to warm up the milk. Magic is really convenient.


With the intention to ask Ani-san how he would like his tea, I raised my head to see a shocked look upon his face.


「Nn? What’s wrong?」


「I have never heard of milk being added to blooming tea or tea in general. It’s a first for me.」


Ani-san said so with his head tilted.


「Aah, certainly. I first learned of it when I saw Az drinking it too.

I then asked if I could try that too, and it was delicious.

However… when I tried drinking it like that at home, it wasn’t as good as Az’s」


Eh? This world doesn’t have milk tea? This is the first time I’m hearing this! No way~!!


So that’s why… now that I think of it, when I first had tea with Kei-san, he seemed rather surprised.


Does that mean that even though Mooks-san silently drank it, he was actually astonished?? U~n.


Maybe it’s something only the masses drink.


After all, Kei-san and Ani-san are probably nobles and even if they are not, they are the chief of something, a position that makes them wealthy. This is undoubtedly the reason.


「Ani-san, what would you like? Is plain blooming tea fine?」


「Nope, I’ll have the same as ani-ue.」


「In that case, don’t add sugar to Ani’s cup. He doesn’t really like sweet stuff after all.」


Kei-san’s words, which showed how close the 2 of them are, put me in a pleasant mood.


「Nn! Got it. Give me a moment.」


Once I finished the preparations, I set the 3 cups of milk tea before each of us respectively.


Having seen me return to my seat, the two of them then reached their hands out. Perhaps because I’m not sure if Ani-san would like it, I secretly felt my heart going doki doki.


They both turned towards me after tasting the tea.


「Az’s taste. It’s so delicious. I like the tea that Az brews the most」


Hearing him say that with a smile, I felt really pleased.


「Thank you! Just hearing you say it’s delicious is enough to put a smile on my face.

To even say that it’s the one you like most, it makes me really happy.」


「Delicious. The taste of the milk doesn’t overwhelm the taste of Franc, unlike what I had been expecting.

The mellowness of the milk strikes a nice balance with the tea, imparting a really nice flavour.

Certainly, it….makes one want to drink it both at work and at home too.」


Ohh! His earnest thoughts surprised me. It’s good that he seems to like it.


「Ani-san as well, thank you! I’m glad you like it!

Even if you don’t like sweet things, for times when you are tired such as when at work, it’s probably good to add a little sugar.」


「Aah, is that so? I’ll try it next time. Although, I would prefer to have Az brew it for me at my workplace.」


Suddenly saying this in a casual manner while smiling, the words themselves made me choke on my tea.


What are you saying? You are saying it to the wrong person!!


Time passed as the 3 of us leisurely enjoyed our tea.


While I did not wish to spoil this comfortable atmosphere, there were things we had to discuss.


I quickly got up and went to the bedpost.


Picking up the knife wrapped in a handkerchief, I then returned to my seat. The two of them straightened up upon seeing that.


Seeing them like that made me unintentionally pull a wry smile before speaking.


「No need to be so nervous. I’m just using enemy detection magic and also laying a sound-proof barrier around us, just to be safe.


It seems that there aren’t any hostiles in our surroundings, and even on the off chance that they do get close, we will be alerted.


Also, starting now, what we discuss in here will remain within these four walls, so don’t worry.」


While the two of them were still stiff from shock, I set the handkerchief-wrapped knife on the table.


「Next, this knife. I’ll hand it over to you, Kei-san. You’ll be needing this, right?」


Ani-san raised his voice in response.


「Hold on a moment. Setting enemy detection and sound-proof magic aside for now, why the heck is the knife necessary?」


Ani-san’s words held a hint of surprise. Kei-san on the other hand just narrows his eyes at me.


「After all, didn’t Kei-san purposely leave the knife in the wound?」


「Th-that’s because if we pulled it out, the wound would bleed more profusely, right?」


「Well, that’s plausible, but Kei-san can use recovery magic, can’t he?


Both of you seem to be trying to hide something from me, but I’m sorry, I noticed the strangeness of the situation.


Above all, instead of using recovery magic, you used hardening magic to hold the knife in place. I’ve been thinking about what you were trying to achieve with that.


It’s definitely not because a lack of magic power. The magic power consumption of hardening magic is higher than recovery magic after all.


Furthermore, if this knife belonged to the assailant, there would be some sort of evidence of that as well.」


After I finished my explanation, Kei-san let out a deep sigh.


「Ani, it’s alright. I’m sure lies won’t work on Az.

In the first place, there isn’t a need to lie to him nor deceive him. Everything is as Az said.」


Ani-san widened his eyes at Kei-san’s words.


「But! Ani-ue, this will put Az in danger!!」


「Even if you say we will be dragging him in, it’s already too late. Ever since that day, 4 years ago.


I’m really sorry Az but what happened this time has certainly gotten you deeply involved in this matter.


Originally, I’m not supposed to meet you again after our encounter 4 years ago. I’m taking advantage of you…


Even though you were the one who said … 『Please don’t apologise』… 」


Not wanting to hear the rest of his words, I interrupted him. After all…


「If you apologise here, it would feel as though you are denying the friendship we’ve had thus far. That would make me feel lonely, okay?


No matter what happens, I’ll always be glad to have met both Kei-san and Ani-san.


I’m happy to be able to drink tea and speak to both of you. That’s why you definitely must not apologise.」


I ended up speaking in an uncharacteristically strong tone, leaving the 2 of them dumbfounded.


As you’d expect, an ikemen’s face is still handsome even when he has a stupid look on his face.


「But, because of that, Az got dragged into this…」


I glared at Ani-san who started speaking again and unwrapped the knife.


「If it’s dangerous, then you just have to catch the assailants.

I’ve used clairvoyance magic on the remnants of magic power on this knife.


What appeared was a huge estate.


I’ve mapped the location on the handkerchief so you can make use of it together with the knife.」


As they laid their eyes on the handkerchief, they gulped simultaneously.


Do they have something they wish to say? Well that’s fine but… it’s most likely about how it wasn’t too skillfully done.


「After all, I am irritated. Isn’t it normal to be annoyed when someone messes with your tea-drinking companions this badly?


I can’t forgive your attackers. Neither do I intend to.


In any case, even if I did manage to seize them, it’d be hard to get to the mastermind pulling the strings from behind.


However, if this means getting dragged straight into danger, I’ll be happy to oblige. Of course, I’d usually prefer to avoid being involved in troublesome matters but I’ll accept this challenge.


I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I’ve been training. I’ll take care of my own safety.」


It seems like I was more irritated than I thought. I spewed out those agitated lines in a single breath.
Once again, the 2 of them were dumbfounded. Did I say something that shocking?

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