Chapter 2 – Having fun singing and dancing

TL: Januva

Editors: MystEd3 & Puissansa


Miroku was planning to head out to Karaoke early in the morning, but was stopped by his younger sister, Nina.

「Onii-chan, can you let me practice my hairstyling skills on you?」

「Eh, aah, alright.」

「Thanks, Onii-chan」

Miroku is sweet to his younger sister, and is unable to say no to her. He may have accepted her request partly due to that reason, but the fact remains in that his long hair was becoming troublesome in this early summer season.

Miroku received a fashionable haircut, and also got his beard shaved.

He had not felt this refreshed in a long time and ended up humming while on his way to the Karaoke establishment.

Although small private Karaoke rooms exist for customers to visit alone, Miroku chose a regular Karaoke room instead.

Since it was a weekday and daytime at that, the Karaoke hourly rates were low and there were not many customers as well. Having learned from the internet that there is a considerable number of customers who go in alone, Miroku entered the store without feeling much embarrassment.

(Something feels different somehow)

Miroku usually felt numerous gazes of scorn directed his way, whether it be at cafes or bookstores. Today, however, there does not seem to be any. Casually glancing at a mirror, what was reflected was his neat and tidy appearance.

(I see, so it was because of my hair and beard.)

With his suspicious appearance gone as well because he frequents the sports gym, he received a really friendly reception from the store assistant. While Miroku was feeling the benefits of frequenting that gym, he promptly entered the assigned room and chose his songs.

(There’s quite a number of anime songs…. Ah- they also have the popular songs on [Let’s try dancing]. Karaoke is amazing.)

The room has a video camera installed for checking and reviewing one’s singing and dancing on the spot. The video can also be uploaded to the internet.

Miroku spent his time productively, singing the songs he knew, trying out dances that he memorized from videos and finally reviewing his singing and dancing.

(This is good. It’s fun to try out dances that I can’t do at home, sing and even review my actions.)

Miroku is someone who will pull out all the stops when it comes to his interests.

He worked on nothing but dancing, singing and martial arts, polishing his skills everyday. His activities were so packed that it seemed as though just 24 hours in a day was not enough.

3 months later, Miroku’s weight had dropped to 78 kg.

With the training he did at the gym combined with the meals his mother specially made, he attained a lean, muscular body.

Moreover, his hairstyle is always perfectly suited for his looks as his sister uses him to practice hairstyling.

(U–n, while it’s different from the gazes from before, recently I’ve been getting rather strange gazes.)

Tilting his head as he headed towards the sports gym, he lacked the self-awareness of how attention-grabbing his looks were.

Tall and lean. A good posture thanks to dancing and a perfect hairstyle courtesy of his younger sister. Despite his simple outfit of a linen T-shirt and a pair of jeans, he was the center of attention wherever he went.

The most important reason for this lies in his genes.

Both his parents are beautiful.

While both his sisters are beautiful too, the one who received the best genes in regards to looks is actually Miroku. However, he was fat since he was young and thus it never occurred to him that he inherited the beauty genes as well.

Miroku visits the Karaoke establishment twice a week, and this time as usual, he selected his songs.

As someone who goes to the extreme when it comes to his hobbies, Miroku has been practicing the feat of dancing while singing. Furthermore, it is at the level of a pro, where he does not even get out of breath while seamlessly coordinating between the two.

As usual, he reviewed the video of his singing and dancing and picked out the various things he could improve on before selecting [No] when prompted with the option to upload it to the internet.

This is the point where Osaki Miroku’s life took a drastic change.

Instead of selecting [No], he accidently selected the other option– [Yes].

Selecting [Yes] brought up a Terms and Conditions page, but Miroku who never selected [Yes] before did not realize what it implied and agreed to the Terms and Conditions without reading it.

Thus, his video was uploaded to the internet and it just so happened to be the time when the site experiences its heaviest traffic. Those who watched the video then spread word of it via Twitter and Instagram. This led to a chain reaction where those who caught wind of it also watched it and then further spread news of it.

With this, the video of an unknown Biseinen* singing and dancing reached a shocking amount of views in a single night.

(TLN: the adult equivalent of bishounen)

It was only when Miroku saw the emails from the video site that he realized this fact.

「The number of views exceeded ten thousand? What?」

Numerous other similar emails filled up his inbox, but for now, he clicked on the link within the email to view [Your videos].

Even if it is supposed to be his video, Miroku who did not recall uploading any videos could only tilt his head while waiting for his uploaded video to play….


Miroku – who had not raised his voice since he was a kid – let out the first roar in his life.

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