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Chapter 4 – Miroku has gone astray

TL: Januva

Editor: Puissansa


「That’s quite a lot I’ve received because of the video’s popularity.」

Miroku spoke with admiration in his voice in response to the emails he received from the video site.

That’s wrong. You usually don’t receive that much, not without being substantially popular. However, since Miroku did not know that, he merely thought that [There’s probably people who do this as a side job] without paying it much mind.

After dinner, Miroku’s father, who came home late, came to his room.

「Can I have a moment?」

「Welcome home. Is the data okay?」

「You were of great help today. Thanks. After you left, I was asked various questions regarding you, but I managed to tide it over without revealing anything. You’re really popular.」

「Eeh? What are you talking about?」

「The receptionist asked about the video, so I told her I didn’t know any details and escaped.」

「Really? Sorry for troubling you.」

「Not at all, everyone was saying how cool you were, and they weren’t rude to me.」

「Coming from you, that’s just harsh.」

「You think so? You are really just like me though?」

Miroku knew that his father was not someone who lies, but since he grew up thinking himself ugly, he could not raise his self esteem this easily.

「In any case, I’m glad that you pretended not to know anything about the video. Sorry for that though.」

「What are you saying. It’s my fault for making you bring the data over personally. I handled the situation smoothly, so relax and rest well for today.」

「Got it, goodnight」


Opening up the video site once more, he thought about removing the video, but saw the supportive comments.

In the end, he closed the web browser without doing anything to it again.




「I’ll try this out today.」

His elder sister, Mihachi who works as a cosmetics producer, tried out cosmetics on Miroku who had bad skin.

While Miroku’s skin quality had improved due to him exercising and eating proper meals, Mihachi wanted to see how far she could go in revitalising his skin.

The result of this was that he was mistaken for a [University student] by the receptionist.

「What about okaa-san?」

「I’ve already done it! Doesn’t she look like she is in her 30s?」

Miroku’s elder sister, Mihachi is also someone who pulls out all stops when it comes to things she is interested in. Her complexion is not what you would expect from someone around the age of 40.

This allowed Miroku to reaffirm that he still had areas for improvement and he felt rejuvenated.

As a result of Mihachi’s efforts, all the members of the Osaki family do not look their age and this caused rumours to spread in the neighbourhood. They ended up being somewhat thought of as youkai.

「Anyway, you know that you’ve become rather famous?」

「Eh? What?」

「It’s because of the video you previously uploaded. I go to the same gym as you do and it seems that there are rumours  of you going to that gym; applications for membership has skyrocketed.」

「Haa? How did things turn out like that?」

「Well, that place doesn’t take in that many members, so they ended up turning down many applicants. The trainer asked me to convey his message telling you not to worry.」

「Uwa, seriously? I ended up troubling them. Seems like I ought to remove the video.」

「That won’t work. The video is already widely spread after all.」

「Eeeh!? Mou, what should I do?」

Miroku was at his wit’s end. His mental strength was not weak but he did not have a clue as to  what he should do in this situation.

「You can more or less disguise yourself by wearing a cap and spectacles, can’t you? The members of the sports gym will help you. As for the Karaoke, you should probably go to a different store.」

「Uu-I’m causing trouble for everyone….」

「It’s fine, everyone is doing it because they want to.」

While Miroku did not know it himself, the sports gym’s trainer and the store assistant of the Karaoke store he frequented had a high evaluation of him, even before he slimmed down.

He was kind and polite to children and the elderly, and he treated everyone with sincerity.

There was once when a drunkard acted violently at the nearby cafe and Miroku, who studied unarmed combat from watching videos, restrained him in the blink of an eye.

(There was an embarrassing reason though, he was trying to act like an anime character.)

He was praised by the customers who were present and to this day, the children were still calling him a hero.

「Why? It’s merely a video of a middle-aged man singing and dancing…. I don’t understand what’s so good about it.」

「You are an ikemen after all. Furthermore, your skin is revitalised and youthful because of my skin treatment.」

Mihachi said so with a triumphant expression while Miroku gave her a dubious look.

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