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Chapter 5 – Emergency request

TL: Januva

Editor: Puissansa & Momielxai


As usual, Miroku was commuting to the gym while wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans; but this time around, he was also wearing a hat and a pair of black-rimmed spectacles.

「Un, as expected of Nee-san. No one seems to be staring at me.」

While thinking about how useful the hat and glasses were, Miroku ascended the stairs to the fifth floor of the gym building with light steps. This feat did not disrupt his breathing as he greeted one of the male trainers there.

「Sorry for causing so much trouble the other day… you guys had to reject many applicants.」

「Don’t be, they would’ve been rejected either way after all, since they don’t meet our criteria. Don’t worry about it.」

「Thank you!」

(This sports gym is really great. Being able to join this gym was truly a huge blessing for me.)

Miroku headed towards the training room while feeling warm and happy inside. There, he saw his acquaintance, the [formerly 150kg] Yoichi-san.

Just as he was about to greet Yoichi-san as he usually did, he stopped dead in his tracks. Yoichi-san, who always had a bright smile on his face, was currently sporting a troubled look with his smartphone in hand.

Kisaragi Yoichi, 41 years old, works at a small talent agency.

There are talented individuals in his agency, so they caught the eye of a popular fashion magazine publisher. The agency secured a spot in the magazine to showcase one of their models.

However, in the past week, a nasty cold was spreading around and the model in question collapsed from it. The model was sent to the hospital, and was told to [Take your time to recover] but the fact remains that the talent agency was in serious trouble.

Just as Yoichi was about to request help from other talent agencies, Miroku showed up.

「Miroku-san, while this might sound rude, would you be willing to substitute for our model? It’s fine even if it’s just for today.」

「Eeh!? Me!? It’s impossible for me!」

「We need someone tall to wear the attire and stand still for the photo. Since it’s a fashion magazine, the clothes are the main focus….」

Yoichi’s choice of words were excellent. He made it sound as though just being tall was enough and other aspects (e.g. the face) were not important.

It was only when he saw Yoichi in a pinch that Miroku realised that Yoichi was the one who always gave him advice when he was troubled.

「Sorry, I didn’t even realise that you were troubled…. Alright. I’m expecting a handsome pay though!

Mixing a joke in, Miroku smiled while Yoichi, who succeeded in baiting him, smiled back.

「Thank you! My niece will be driving here to pick us up so wait a little while!」

The sight of Yoichi pulling out his phone in glee made Miroku feel uneasy, but he convinced himself that he was helping others in need and thus roused his spirits.




「Nice to meet you! I’m Kisaragi Fumi! Please get into the minivan and we’ll go to the photoshoot location!」

Yoichi’s niece, Fumi, had soft-looking hair that extended to her shoulders, and she greeted Miroku cheerfully.

He found out that she was a university student, and thought ‘it sure is nice to be young’, as he got into the minivan.

「I occasionally help out as a part timer, when the number of staff members are insufficient.」

「Is that so? Eeto, can I call you Fumi-chan?」

「Yup! Please call me by my first name since my uncle and I have the same last name!」

「Best regards for today. Eeto, what kind of fashion magazine is it by the way?」

While muttering that Yoichi didn’t mention it, she took out a magazine from the leather bag.

「Th-this, isn’t this targeted at youths!?」

「Isn’t it fine? Miroku-kun is young after all.」

「That’s not true! I’m already 36 years old!」


When she heard the shocking truth, Fumi cried out, even though she was driving..

「No matter how I look at it…」

「I thought you would be a university student, or even possibly a high school student…」

The two of them were trembling with astonishment. Having undergone Mihachi’s cosmetics experimentation, Miroku’s skin had been rejuvenated without him noticing. This was the result of the incredible product developed by Mihachi.

「Well, anyway your age is fine. Thanks for agreeing to help out, Fumi as well. This was a prior arrangement with the publisher after all.」

「I got it! We’ll reach soon~」

(Even though it’s just covering for someone else, I feel nervous…)

In this manner of stacking coincidences on each other, Miroku began ascending the stairway to fame.

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