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At Biblio Tower, Book-sama was kindly waiting for my arrival.


Today, Book-sama was actually transformed into a beast.


Even though it was usually the human form.


Well, I do like the beast-form Book-sama very much as well.


The body twice as large as a person, two bushy tails.


The two horns growing above both ears, and the jet black fur too.


“I’m glad to see you, Hanabelle.”


“Book-sama, thank you very much for the greeting. However, for you to be in that form, have there perhaps come otherworld invaders again?”


Book-sama is also the guardian who protects this tower.


The books collected from across this, and many other worlds in Biblio Tower are a target, and sometimes residents of other worlds open gaps in space to come after them.


Biblio Tower’s Librarians not only serve as librarians, but also as protectors of the tower’s books.


To become a resident of Biblio Tower, the strength to be able to protect the books was essential.


However, since Book-sama had come to welcome me inside like this, it should probably mean that there are no problem with my abilities.


Being in the same academy in the Royal Capital with Remnass-sama was certainly agonizing, but it was also a place where I was able to receive the most prominent education in the magical arts within the entire country.


Therefore I gave my all in studying this.


Having hard work and effort bear fruit, it is quite a joyous thing isn’t it.


“Ahh, Hanabelle. Let us prepare the top most floor of this tower as your room.”


“My, how wonderful! I have yet to read the books on the top most floor. You are allowing me to reside there?”


The higher up in the tower, the more precious the books stored are.


The ones that I have read, are only the books up to the seventh floor.


I have never even laid eyes upon the books of the highest floor before.


I wonder how those books will expand my world.


“Ahh, that is so. The invaders of late, seem to be opening up gaps from areas above ground more you see. So if it’s the top floor, it should still be safe.”


Saying so, Book-sama patted my head.


Book-sama seems to really like my hair.


The first time we met, he complimented that my hair was like “the gathering of sunlight”, and since then I’ve been continuously growing it out.


From today onwards, this place is my home.


What I’ve always wished for, the world of books.


Being carried by Book-sama, I headed for my room on the top floor.




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