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“Hanabelle, please hear me out!”


From somewhere or other, I could hear Remnass-sama’s voice.


And just as the inhabitants of the other world were about to challenge the demon king too.


Closing my book, I spilled out a long sigh.


Why was it that I had to be hearing his voice even inside this tower?


Usually, Book-sama should be turning him away for me at the entrance.


Due to him being bona fide royalty, the other librarians had a hard time stopping him from coming to the top floor of this tower.


How troublesome.


Really, I wanted to just ignore him, and just keep on reading my book.


However, I had already experienced the futility of that.


It has already been one month since I became a resident of Biblio Tower.


He is just not giving up.


When I ignore him, in the end he would start banging on the door.


If I was immersed in a book I could keep on ignoring him even then, but it would be a bother to the others.


Books, should be read quietly after all.


I really, sighing from the bottom of my heart, got up reluctantly and opened the door.


“Prince Remnass, what business might you have come here today for.”


“You already know right? Please, come back.”


“No matter how many times you say it, my answer will not change. Why, can you not come to understand this?”


The one who broke off the engagement was Remnass-sama.


No matter how much I wished for it, I was only from the family of a count.


We were not in a position where the engagement could be annulled from our side.


Perhaps if I were to have created some rumours concerning myself and other gentlemen, I could have sped up the annulment of the engagement, but that would have caused trouble for the gentlemen in the rumours.


Instead of creating rumours, if I had the time to spend with other gentlemen I would rather use it for reading books really.


“What can I do, to have you change your mind…”


Prince Remnass, seems like he’s about to cry huh?


If I were to make you with the resemblance to a book fairy cry, even I will have my heart pained after all.


No matter where you look in this world, you wouldn’t be able to find someone with an appearance like Remnass-sama.

The people of the royal family all had had silver or blond hair.


Even amongst the commoners, you wouldn’t see anyone with the calm reddish hue of this prince, and his parchment-like gentle cream-coloured irises were even more rare.


Because he so resembled the palette of my favourite book, when we first met, I think I had actually asked him something like “Are you this book’s fairy?”


“I believe I have humbly said many times over, that it will certainly not do for your highness to be intruding here.”


The one the prince cares for, is that lovely flower-like girl right?


It was so in the otherworld book I read as well.


That the book loving count’s daughter who only paid attention to literature, unable to hold on to the prince’s heart, was left by him get be with the girl he truely loved.


“What I said at that time, wasn’t my true feelings. For some reason, those words just ended up coming out all of a sudden.”


“Prince Remnass, isn’t that a little too impolite towards your lover?”


“L-lover?! Are you still willing to regard our relationship as such?”


“Eh? Were you not lovers? It seemed like that lovely flower-like lady, was really delighted by your words.”


“Ah…Ahh, so you were talking about that. Not the relationship between us huh…”


Prince Remnass, I wonder why that made your shoulders fall.


We had our engagement decided upon by our parents, and without any feelings of affection there, there could not possibly be a lovers relationship after all.


And so it was about to reach the time limit.


Book-sama is returning.


I can already feel the fluctuation in the space.


“Prince Remnass. You will be leaving from the door today yes?”


“….! Please wait, I still have a load of things I want to talk about, I…!”


Brushing aside the outstretched hand, I spun my left hand in a circle and summoned a grimoire.


“Wai-wait please, I’m getting you!”


“Farewell, Prince Remnass. I pray that we will never have to meet again.”


Reciting the incantation, a magic circle rose from the grimoire, binding Prince Remnass.


And so—.




Out the window he went.


The prince’s scream resounds through the tower.


But it is fine.


He may be dropping from the top floor of the tower, but he will certainly not lose his life.


The magic circle will become a cushion, and he will land without a single injury.


Yes, yes.


Not matter how much he is disrupting my reading he is still royalty.


If I were to end up killing him, I would be forever unable to read anymore after getting captured.


Ahh, this amount of force is allowed for residents of Biblio Tower.


The inside of the tower is a type of extraterritorial zone. (Note: a zone exempted from local law and jurisdiction.)


As long as it’s not as far as killing, we had a certain degree of freedom.


That is why, even Prince Remnass can not forcibly take me back with him.


As long as I am inside the tower, I will be safe and sound.





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