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This Woman is Mine!

Sensing a hot gaze, Yang Zekun raised his eyes slightly and almost immediately met Ye Chen’s annoyed glare. He stared blankly, a layer of frost growing in his eyes that had been filled with loving indulgence. Their opposing gazes were equally distant as they both emptied their glasses in greeting.

Ye Chen withdrew his gaze after the previous courtesy of a cup.

Cheng Anya had lowered her head as she ate, paying no attention to the two men who were already circling each other challengingly.

“Eat slower, there’s no rush. You have some food at the corner of your mouth.” Yang Zekun picked up a napkin and tenderly wiped her face. A pampering and treasuring smile was on his face like before, indulging in his treasure’s willful acts.

Cheng Anya was speechless, feeling extremely awkward. Wasn’t this act too intimate?

She didn’t really mind much, only giving him an embarrassed smile.

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed dangerously, his handsome feature emitting a similar aura.

It was a contest among men, they both understood this clearly. Yang Zekun vowed he’d monopolize his desire and stated his intentions plainly to the other. This woman was his!

A war between men was always filled with flares of passion and tyranny.

What’s more, both men were equally matched. After all, they were rivals at the peak of the business world.

Whether they were a gentleman or a cold-hearted man, both had a distinctive way of telling the other “this is mine!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were cold. It really was as he had thought: they were lovers. That man, he’d tear apart his gentle mask.

In his eyes was a tyrannical desire for control.

“Chen, what are you looking at?” Following his gaze over, Yun Ruoxi widened her eyes in astonishment, “Yang Shao? Is that his girlfriend?”

Ye Chen didn’t speak, lowering his head to eat as Yun Ruoxi softly said, “Chen, when you study Yang Shao’s people, there isn’t a single scandal, but when you look at you. . . .”

“Ruoxi, are you complaining about me treating you coldly? Tonight I’ll be passionate like fire.” Ye Chen smiled evilly.

Yun Ruoxi protested coquettishly as her face turned red.

He was fond of Ruoxi. For many years, only Ruoxi was able to catch his gaze. However, he always felt it wasn’t enough and always kept looking. As he traded one woman for another, an empty place remained in his heart.

Nobody was able to fill it. Ruoxi was beautiful and her family background was good. He liked her, and she liked him. Obviously, their emotions as lovers were extremely sincere, but for some reason he was still unsatisfied.

When Yang Zekun and Cheng Anya separated, Yang Zekun embraced Cheng Anya from behind, whispering in her ear, “Anya, I saw someone I knew, can you help me out?”

After he finished speaking, he hugged her intimately as they walked outside like lovers. Anya only laughed, not rejecting him, since she was happy to help!

In a flash, Ye Chen’s eyes grew malicious. Why was it that after a single glance at their intimacy, his rage could not help but to overflow?

Outside the restaurant, Yang Zekun suddenly asked, “Anya, do you know Ye Chen?”

“Ye Chen?” Cheng Anya was puzzled. He was the chairman of MBS and would be her boss, but currently she didn’t know him.

Yang Zekun smiled gently, “Oh, you don’t, that’s great!”

Anya, you really don’t know Ye Chen? Ning Ning’s face and Ye Chen’s were 70% alike. Anyone could see that they, without a doubt, were almost definitely father and son.

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