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On the First Day of Work


Ning Ning got up extremely early, gracefully raising his head with a smile as he lightly knocked on the door to Cheng Anya’s room, “Mommy, get up! Today you need to go to work!”

“Okay, I got it. . . .” Cheng Anya bewilderedly answered.

Ning Ning laughed, then took a shower, put on his clothes, and entered the kitchen. There, he washed a pan, started the fire, and fried eggs, skillfully making two nutritious breakfasts. After taking the delicious sandwiches out of the oven and heating up some milk, he went back out the door. Next, his small body jumped onto the bed, and he kicked Cheng Anya off of it with a foot.

Plop. . . .

“Ah, so painful. . . .”

Ning Ning easily hopped down, ignoring his mommy’s accusing glare as he wet her toothbrush and squeezed some toothpaste onto it. Smiling, he bowed, his aura screaming “please come in”.

“Mommy, MBS is very strict. If you arrive late, you will be immediately fired and the both of us will be cold and hungry.”

Cheng Anya wanted to cry but she had no tears, %>_<%!

“Ning Ning, I hate you!” Cheng Anya yelled, completely blaming him as she went into the bathroom to freshen up. Meanwhile, Ning Ning helped her by folding the quilt and picking out what she’d wear to work today, neatly placing the clothes on top of the bed.

Cheng Anya came out properly dressed, wearing clothes that were slightly dressy, with her hair up.

By that time, Ning Ning had already properly packed her satchel and was eating breakfast. “Morning, Mommy. Quickly eat breakfast, we can leave together.”

Cheng Anya grudgingly ate the sandwich that was at the level of a 5 star restaurant’s, her heart becoming slightly anxious.

Normally, didn’t the mom wait upon the son? Why was it switched so that here she was being served by her son?

Her son was a genius, he had even managed to do everything a Filipino maid could. %>_<% She had hope for this lifetime.

“Ning Ning, Mommy’s sorry!”

Ning Ning nodded seriously, expressing that he knew as he gracefully urged Cheng Anya to eat. Anything was fine if it was for his beloved mommy, even if she was lazing in bed and didn’t do the housework. Poor him, from a young age he was able to do housework like a professional and could even prepare a whole feast.

“Ning Ning, later, don’t get a wife. Instead, how about you take care of Mommy for a lifetime?”


Such a wonderful child! Future daughter-in-law, get lost! Was this high-quality son easy for her to raise? How could she let him go for no reason! Anya had come to understand why the so-called mother and daughter-in-law relationship had always been quite subtle.

MBS Headquarters was situated at the center of the busiest area in the city. Reaching into the clouds, the building was magnificently grand and extraordinarily imposing.

Cheng Anya slowly let out a long breath.

Do it for the money!

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