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Meeting Ye Sanshao for the Second Time

Cheng Anya went up to the 32nd floor.

This floor was very spacious and decorated luxuriously.

The Chairman of MBS had several people working as secretaries to divide up the work. A single glance at their astute faces would reveal their beauty.

Cheng Anya slowly let out a breath, calming her nervous heart.

You Lili noticed her first, smiling before going to greet her, “Hello, would you be Miss Cheng Anya? I am You Lili.”

Anya shook her hand courteously, “Hello, I am Cheng Anya, please take care of me!”

“There’s no need to speak so politely, I am Li Yun’s friend and we will have many opportunities to meet later.” You Lili was astonished, she really was much younger than she had ever imagined. Even though she appeared young in the photo, in person she seemed even younger.

Clearly clean and pure, her professional clothes did not match her appearance at all. Was she really Cross’ secretary that he groomed to be the best of the best?

Moreover, four women had whispered to one another, they already knew that You Lili’s replacement for the position of Chief Secretary was said to have been under GK International’s Cross for a full year. Not only were they automatically given the position, their impression was that she was a very capable and experienced woman.

Why did she look like a university student?

Everybody looked at each other in dismay, before turning to look at Anya suspiciously.

“Chairman, Miss Cheng has arrived!”

“Come in!” A muffled rich and magnetic voice came through and Anya’s heart jumped. This voice seemed a bit familiar, she must have heard wrong, heard wrong. . . .

Pushing the door and going in, Cheng Anya. . . froze!

This world was full of illusions!

Fuck! Even when two enemies met on a narrow road, the road wasn’t this narrow!!!![1]

“It’s you?” Ye Chen narrowed his eyes dangerously, his thin lips saying suspiciously. Even in his dreams he wouldn’t have expected the newly arrived young female secretary was her, he didn’t even expect her to be Cheng Anya.

Time froze!

Ye Chen’s mood was hidden from his face. No matter how you looked at it, she was very young, at most 20 by her appearance. Her skin was fair and she looked fresh and pure, and her eyes were bright and beautiful.

As for determining her ability, he had intentionally called Cross about it, and when Cross found out Chen Anya had joined MBS, Cross cried out in agony, directly yelling for Ye Chen to compensate him for his loss. His abnormally hellish training had raised a talented unexpectedly only for Ye Chen’s benefit. Cross felt like he was in great pain.

This also confirmed that Cheng Anya’s ability was second to none.

This little girl was unexpectedly the number one secretary in London, it really was inconceivable.

She was so underripe that she should have been resentfully tart.

[1] Two enemies meeting on a narrow road is an idiom meaning that enemies will inevitably meet (like it’s fated). She’s saying that her “road” was even more narrow than most, so she’s complaining that she keeps running into him for no apparent reason.

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