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My New Secretary

In her heart, Cheng Anya was in tears. Her youthful ignorance from seven years ago was what was to blame!!!!

Even though seven years ago Ye Sanshao didn’t have the kind of oppressive force that was present now, with such coldness, she also shouldn’t have not seen him for what he was. As for treating him as an mb. . . she had actually thrown ¥100 at him as prostitution money.


Cheng Anya, you fool!

If Ye Sanshao recalled this mistake and knew that she had stealthily hidden and given birth to Ning Ning, she really would have to bear the consequences and die tragically.

Would it be too late for her if she said she had entered the wrong room now?!!!

What did he mean by that expression? A beast was still a beast, after all. His human looking gaze was completely that of a pervert. Damn it, don’t you take such a sinister expression, ok?

“Are you sure you’re an adult?” Ye Chen leaned in, smiling languidly. This girl, why does her face seem paralyzed as if she can’t make even the slightest expression?

A disgrace, this was an absolute disgrace!

Fuck it, seven years ago, when you readily ate me up and cleaned up after, why didn’t you me if I had or hadn’t become an adult?

Cheng Anya had forgotten that it was she who had taken the initiative to seduce others.

“To answer Chief Ye, I am 24 years old and already an adult.” Cheng Anya replied expressionlessly.

Ye Chen’s eyebrow raised as he laced his fingers together, propping up his chin. Smiling superficially, he looked at Cheng Anya suspiciously, his gaze reminding her of that of a snake’s.

A cold, wet snake.

Cheng Anya’s heart was apprehensive.

Did he really not remember her even a little?

Cheng Anya’s heart felt as if a deer had run into it and her back had broke out into cold sweat as her nerve was suddenly pulled taut. Usually, the stately Ye Sanshao was made a fool of by someone and that person had even thrown ¥100 at him for prostitution. This kind of shame was absolutely the first, it’s impression deep, there’s no way he could forget it.

Don’t tell me, other people did this a lot to Ye Sanshao, so he became used to it to the extent that it doesn’t even bother him!

Cheng Anya descended into the messy chaos of her own speculations.

“The work is specific; Miss You can tell you about it. Since you are in the position of Number One Secretary in London, then allow everyone to take a look at your ability. It’s not too late to back out!” Ye Chen’s voice was just as indifferent.

His neutral glance made it so she couldn’t make out his mood.

“Yes, Chief Ye!” Cheng Anya sighed in relief.

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