Translator: Mandarin

TLC: Juzi

Looked Down on by the Son

You Lili very responsibly informed her of the work process, taking her around so she’d be familiar with her surroundings. Cheng Anya was able to adapt extremely quickly, but that night she was so tired she was nearly paralyzed.

When she returned home after finishing work, Ning Ning was busy in the kitchen. Seeing her young child’s bustling figure made Cheng Anya feel a bit guilty as the mommy for once. She really did feel a bit guilty. . . .

“Darling, I love you!” Cheng Anya set down her stack of documents and forms, clutching his small face and readily blowing a bubble on his extremely soft skin. Family should be more comfortable, not like a certain someone who was ice cold, fuck, he could be his own refrigerator!

“Mommy, I love you too!” Ning Ning gracefully gave her a peck on the cheek, causing Cheng Anya, who was exhausted by today’s events, to be moved to tears.

Son! Mommy loves you like a mouse loves rice.[1]

“Mommy, how was work today?”

“Let me finish eating and I’ll answer you.” Cheng Anya devoured all the delicious food her son had made, stuffing her mouth with relish. She really felt like she was starving!

“Alright, Darling, what’s with your hopeful expression?

“What hopeful expression, I am just looking down on your eating habits, ok?”


“Mommy, do you like working at MBS?”

“Don’t like!”

Anya clenched her fists, flames igniting in her heart, “Because there’s a perverted beast!”

Ning Ning, “. . . .”

“Then there is an acquaintance of yours?”

“Acquaintance?” Cheng Anya tilted her head, trying hard to remember every department manager she had met today, sifting through all of them, “It’s a pile of strangers, no acquaintances.”

“I admit my defeat!”

“Ning Ning, what’s with that expression? Are you looking down on Mommy?”

“Mommy, you’re a fake lady! Aiya, eat, eat. I really shouldn’t have great expectations for you.”

Anya: %>_<%!

Being looked down on by her son didn’t feel good.

[1] 老鼠爱大米 – “mouse loves rice” as far as I know, this is referring to the song (you can look it up using these exact characters) which is a love story. . . but I’m too lazy to look up what it’s about, so telling you that it’s about a great love should be good enough, right? : D
(I may look it up later, but right now no Google access QQ, so good luck, guys! It shouldn’t be too hard, apparently, it’s a really old, really popular, and super cheesy song, so enjoy!)

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