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Scolding People Without Cursing

In a flash, a week went by. Cheng Anya had firmly established herself in MBS as Ye Chen’s Chief Secretary, her ability causing everyone to gain a newfound respect for her. Seeing her ability when she was alone, You Lili also began to feel happy about going on vacation.

Among the four female secretaries, the mocking and ridicule also began to become respect.

Using her own abilities, Anya was able to reveal her worth.

MBS had a fierce competitive environment. Here, everything depended on your ability. This was especially true for Ye Chen’s secretaries. Each and every one was selected carefully and were both prideful and vain. Anya had really expended a lot of effort to convince them of her ability.

The only thing she wasn’t happy about was that she had to face that demon of a man, Ye Sanshao, everyday. This really was a kind of torment for Anya. Every morning she would warmly blow her treasure a kiss before departing.

In a flash, she would be at work and see a big version of her darling. Then she had to constantly be on guard against flying to Ye Chen and giving him a peck on his cheek.

As for the level of perversion, actually Cross and Ye Sanshao were about the same. During her time in the UK, Cross had records of his mistresses, and she was made to record them one by one. Whenever that guy felt like it, he’d ask about a particular mistress, and Anya would have to search her mental notes on that woman and send the information to him.

The most depressing thing for her was that Cross, that pervert, wasn’t interested in debutantes or film stars. He only wanted rich, married women. Once he had his eyes on someone, he didn’t care if their husband was present or not, fooling around with them and tricking them into having sex.

Obviously, he had Anya specifically handle these things, and she felt so frustrated inside that she wished she could just throw him to Mars.

Ye Chen also would go anywhere, this guy had a very emotional sincere girlfriend who was also a social young lady of note, but his mistresses could fill up the Huangpu River. Her official post was a church, and she had already received more than 20 famous women’s calls.

Each and every one was inviting Ye Chen, and Ye Chen had pushed this all onto Cheng Anya, having her help him obstruct them.

Resentful ones, pleading ones, abusive ones. . . . Cheng Anya received them all.

Originally, he only thought of seeing how she did in difficult situations. After all, even the veteran You Lili would become flustered and sometimes her wrath would be incomparable.

Who knew that Anya would go beyond his expectations.

She’d take all of his mistresses’ calls, not only smilingly listening to the whole thing, but every time she’d have the perfect excuse to keep them from coming. She could persuade all of his mistresses that the Chairman was at a meeting, but absolutely would not let the same mistress speak twice.

Just the number of excuses she came up with would make anyone stupefied.

Once, by chance, he’d opened the door and heard that young girl smilingly say, “The Chairman and Miss Yun Ruoxi are currently taking care of something in the lobby. He may go over if he has time.”

Ye Chen’s handsome face had been distorted by anger.

But he couldn’t deny it, she was the most qualified secretary. This sort of thing could also be done smoothly and easily.

“Chairman, sorry for the lies, it’s just that this sort of thing matches your style.” Anya smiled pleasantly as she spoke without a shred of guilt.

Scolding people without cursing!

Fuck, she really was Cross’ subordinate, so abnormal!

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