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10 Years Old: Chapter 43 – Father’s Father

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Nahct & Wafflez


Currently, I’m wrapping my head around several problems.


The first was the matter with His Highness.


Right now, there’s nothing I’m able to do about this matter. And as for declining him… I’m unsure of my true feelings. He has shown so much good will towards me that it was inevitable that I would be moved a little by his kindness.


It isn’t so much an attraction towards him, but I do like him. However, as I said, I’m not very good at dealing with him.


The other was the matter with Abbot Georg.


On this matter as well, there was nothing I could do. It was possible that the other side intends to alienate me, but I don’t know what exactly they intend to do to me. I also had to leave this to chance.


And, there was one other matter.


This one is developing into a bigger problem now.


「Pleased to meet you」


An elderly man was looking down at me with a stern look which made my face reflexively twitch. Towards this man, I took the initiative and gave a polite bow.


Beside me, Father had a blank smile upon his stiff face. His face, too, was twitching. At any moment now, it seemed as if he would smack his lips. For Father, whose smile was extremely stiff, it truly felt like he had nothing except animosity for the man in front of him.


….. My own Father is capable of hating someone to this extent, huh, I lamented in my mind.


By the way, the person in front of me was Father’s father. In other words, he’s equivalent to being my grandfather. If you observe closely, you would find that his red pupils and looks were similar to Father’s. Except his stern look.


Father was always gentle, or rather, he always smiled like he was a good-natured older brother. Only today did he show a hostile appearance. It was because of Grandfather’s sudden appearance that put him on high alert.


「What business do you have here, oyaji? Didn’t you promise to stay out of my territory?」


It was something that I would usually never hear, a cold voice that seemed as if his heart had been frozen to the core. Even if I knew that it was directed at Grandfather, it still gave me chills while standing beside him.


This was a matter that I had previously heard of, but it seems Father and Grandfather were on awfully bad terms with each other. However, it was not at a level where they were at loggerheads and couldn’t cooperate with one another. It just seemed that there was no room for compromise between them.


Grandfather, as often is the case, was a chauvinist who also adopted a doctrine of aristocratic supremacy. In contrast, Father, a feminist, stressed the importance of a person’s abilities. I don’t know how he could possibly be the son of Grandfather.   


「The validity of the duel should be in effect until either of us dies. How dare you appear carelessly before my eyes.」


Father was a little bit frightening as he spewed out these words with clenched fists. However, Father’s expression softened and he brushed the top of my head.


Yup,  even though Grandfather was still alive and full of vigor, Father was made the head of the family because of the duel.


At the time, when Father was going to marry Mother who was of inferior birth, he was no different from a commoner when he dueled Grandfather with the stakes of surrendering his marriage and gaining the position of head of the family.


Having won the duel, Father became the head of the family and made Grandfather retire from the grounds of the estate. I don’t really know much about it, but it seems that my grandmother had passed away before I was born.


「Is it wrong for me to come and visit my grandchildren?」

「Why should I let you meet them, oyaji, when you treat your own son so rudely?」

「Isn’t that because you struck back at your own father and made a fool out of me? If it’s my grandchildren, then there’s still time for me to raise them up to be obedient」

「You’re the one that needs to be obediently taught some manners. By ignoring their will, you are forcing your worthless education upon– no, attempting to brainwash them. I have no obligations to let them meet a man like you」


That’s already too late since I’m already before Grandfather’s very eyes. Well, it seems like he’s completely ignoring my existence so I’m fine with it.


Since I have established my ego and sense of values a long time ago, I won’t waver no matter what Grandfather preaches to me now. However, there was a possibility that Grandfather would have an influence on young Ruby.


Whether it was the doctrine of aristocratic supremacy or the chauvinistic mindset, I don’t wish for Ruby to be swayed by such worthless customs and thoughts. Therefore, it would be wise to not let him meet Grandfather.


As for the point about coming over to visit your grandchildren… I sympathize that you’re unable to meet them, but if you’re here with ulterior motives, then I’ll obstruct them. I won’t let you destroy my world.


「….. Liz, go to where Ruby is」

「Yes, Father」


When I enthusiastically nodded, even if it was only to go to where Ruby was, Grandfather blinked his red eyes and rudely looked over to my direction. From a glance that was accompanied with an unpleasant gaze and sneer, he examined my face and body.


「She looks exactly like that lowly woman. Seeing that is unpleasant」

「….. Oyaji, if you’re going to keep insulting Selen and Liz, I will force you to leave」

「Father, please don’t make a fuss. And ….. Before speaking ill of Mother, how about you kindly turn around and look at your own speech and conduct? Although, if it’s coming from me, I find you very disagreeable」


「Well then, Father, I’m going to go play with Ruby」


Having nothing better to do except declare it before I escape, with raised eyebrows, I ran off pretending not to see Grandfather, who was about to yell at any time, and Father, who had a big happy smile on his face.


I considered staying silent, but it came out unconsciously. I mustn’t, I mustn’t. However, I couldn’t contain it when he disrespected Mother. If it was just me, I could endure it, but I won’t forgive him for insulting Mother.


And so, thinking that I needed to tell Mother and Ruby not to go outside, I dashed into the hallway as I heard angry voices coming from behind me.


「Oh ….. Father-in-law had?」


Mother was in her room reading to Ruby when I came in to tell her about the circumstances. Her brows slanted as she let out a perplexed sigh. It didn’t seem like Mother hated Grandfather, but she was still bewildered by his sudden visit.


To be frank, even if Mother was being abused by Grandfather with that sort of disturbing attitude right in front of me, I should not hate him. It’s because I am me that I have come to hate it. I don’t want someone who has become a relative to say such nasty things.


「Mother, what do you think of Grandfather?」

「I ..…Oh well, I think he’s a stubborn person」

「With his stiff mindset, he was also very controlling towards Father. At least, that’s what it looks to me」

「Well, your father was disowned by that person ….. How should I put this, when your father became the head of the family, their positions were reversed. They were very close to completely severing all ties between them」


I’m happy she spoke of it for my sake, but Mother, who pleasantly laughed, was unexpectedly a determined person. No wonder Father was captivated by her.


「Hmm, I guess it’s fine since no harm can come to you while you’re in this territory」

「Grandfather is already here though」

「I see, that is troubling」


Hmm~ I lowered my eyebrows and hit my lips with my forefinger. Never would a child have thought to this extent that their own parent would be this unthinkably cute.  


This is my personal opinion, but I think anyone would be happy to receive such a beautiful person as their daughter-in-law. After all, she’s a beauty, can use sorcery, and can even do the chores when the maid isn’t around — a gentle and frugal person.


It would be difficult to find someone who was more qualified than her. I can’t understand Grandfather’s thoughts.  



「It’s Father’s father」


It was the first time he had heard of him so Ruby, who had been listening to the story, tilted his head to the side with a curious expression. Speaking of how sweet he is ….. I wanted to hug him from the back just now, but he was blankly looking back at me and that was sort of cute.


「What ish he like?」

「Errrrr….. Uh huh, well ….. He seems like a person who can’t yield very much」

「….. One-cha, your face looks like it’s in pain」


Ruby anxiously looked at me. It seemed that he noticed that my eyebrows had furrowed together more than usual.


Because Ruby had a weak constitution, he rarely came into contact with people outside so, compared to children of his age, he still spoke and behaved childishly.


He had difficulty expressing himself but he was by no means slow. He was able to discern and see through a person’s subtle feelings. I don’t know if he did it instinctively, but he was usually spot on.


「One-cha hates him?」

「….. He’s a type that I’ll never be able to understand and–」

「Then I hate him too!」


Even before Ruby had met him, we had joined hands together in regards to disliking Grandfather.


While Ruby and I nonchalantly conversed with Mother, Father was having a heated exchange at the entrance. About an hour after I went over to the room, Gilles opened the door while looking completely exhausted.


「Seriously, what is wrong with that person? ..…」

「Thank you for your hard work. How is Father doing?」

「He’s still quarrelling at the front door」

「I see」


I did not expect him to return home obediently. For me, I wished that he left before it becomes a problem for the whole family.


Most likely, in the heat of the moment, Father used force and Gilles had to step in to mediate things, hence the exhaustion. It was impossible to cut in between those two, wasn’t it? ….. Well, you tried your best to do the job.


Let’s reward the tired Gilles for his service later ….. How should I go about rewarding him? Letting him put his head on my lap? My thighs aren’t yet plump though.


Going back to the main subject, have they not settled it yet? Ruby has already entered an antagonistic mode towards Grandfather. I didn’t instruct him to, but it looks like Ruby himself decided that Grandfather was unpleasant.


I may be contradicting myself, but I want Ruby to see Grandfather with his own eyes and judge it for himself. However, it is true that I don’t want them to meet each other. This is troubling, isn’t it?


「I could mediate, but there is a high chance that Father-in-law had said something that caused Welf to flip」

「Yeah. He even went so far as to call me of low birth ….. Ah, Gilles, stop! It’s fine, you don’t have to be angry」


Gilles’s chilly gaze had begun burning with rage so I rushed to keep it under control. No, you really don’t have to get this mad. It was an insult that was directed at Mother. That was why I was merely irritated by it.


If he had spoken ill of me, then I wouldn’t go so far as to cutting it off and abandoning it. It’s laughable when it comes from someone that I’m not even acquainted with.


The angry Gilles was also frightening, so I soothed him and took the opportunity to hug him. It was because I missed Gilles as well as for him to regain himself. When it comes to Gilles, he will never act like Grandfather.  


「It’s not something I mind too much, okay?」

「Look, Gilles. Liz also said she’s fine so calm yourself」

「….. Yes」

「Gillesh, that’s unfair~ I want to be close to One-cha too」


With Ruby also coming over to hug me from behind, I was sandwiched between Gilles and Ruby. Although, since Gilles didn’t embrace me in return, perhaps it was a bit different?


Being closely intimate with the two people who treasured me made me happy. With this, as long as that disturbing element known as my grandfather disappears, I’ll be even happier.


「Well aren’t you guys close, fufu. Won’t you let me do it too?」

「Do you want to do it as well?」

「Of course」


Come? And as Mother held her arms wide, I quietly separated from Gilles and timidly hugged her. She felt soft and warm. She smelled so good that I was spellbound.


I didn’t want to cause any trouble for her, so I refrained from behaving like a spoiled child. However, this confirms it, things like mothers are calming. My mental state has already regressed, and my body had just turned ten yet I couldn’t help but enjoy the bliss when I’m being fawned upon. I really have become a child.


「It’s because Liz was never a spoiled child in the past, and because of that, she’s behaving like one now」

「….. That’s because Gilles spoils me a lot」

「Oh my, oh my」


Mother gently smiled, sending a meaningful glance at Gilles. Seeming slightly embarrassed, he responded with an awkward smile.


Having thoroughly enjoyed her well-rounded bosom, I removed my face. Gilles winced as Mother subtly looked towards him puzzled. ….. It’s not like I wanted to be pampered because I was spoiled.  


「….. Selen」



Thinking in my heart, I wonder what’s wrong?, I cocked my head in contemplation, noticing a moment later than Mother that Father had appeared in the room. Observing how exhausted he was, I left with Ruby who was still clinging onto me.  


My imagination seemed to be right on the money. Father brushed his dishevelled hair and tightly hugged Mother.


「….. My old man will be staying over for five days. Be patient」

「Oh my, did you give in? You did wonderful」

「….. Truthfully, I didn’t want to let him in」


Having sorely missed Mother, Father embraced her and kissed her cheeks. ….. He was similar to me in this area. The part where we would hug someone when we were worn out. And I was watching them, hidden in a blind spot with Ruby.


Towards Father, who was completely exhausted, Mother stroked his hair with a calming smile. With a tender touch, she placed a kiss upon his cheeks as well.


「….. Selen, I don’t have any regrets taking you to be my wife」

「Fufu, I know. You love me the most」


His red eyes that had a tinge of love were fixated solely on Mother. Their eyes were locked onto each other, eyes that were wet and overflowing with seduction. Just by looking at the allure of those cheeks that were flushed red, one could tell that his moist lips were gently opened.


Ah! Ruby shouldn’t be watching this! With that conclusion, I proceeded to block Ruby’s sight. Not fully understanding what had happened, Ruby raised his voice and asked,「What’s wrong, One-cha?」to which I replied in a tiny voice, Shh, through the gaps of my teeth.


It would be bad if we disturbed them. Gee, they’re seriously a youthful, harmonious couple. Yup!


Still, I felt that I shouldn’t be watching this and so, taking Ruby, we quietly left the room. Gilles felt a bit awkward as well; his eyes stopped at the area around his feet. We had left the room together, but he wasn’t able to hide his cheeks that were faintly red.


….. If you think about it carefully, Gilles was already eighteen years old, yet he didn’t seem accustomed to it. Maybe it was because he had always been by my side that he didn’t have any time to set aside for a lover.


「….. Those two, will their relationship truly be alright?」

「Well, that pair of lovebirds are even famous outside. It’ll be nice if, in the future, I could also be part of a harmonious couple like them」


Well, it was extremely unlikely for me to find a partner before that, and when I smiled bitterly,「I’m going to marry One-cha」said Ruby with a smile.


As he was still a child, it was not something that I put too much thought into. For the time being, since he was so adorable, I thanked him and gave him a kiss upon his cheeks.  


For some reason, Gilles has a complicated expression on his face. Oh well, as it didn’t seem to be a problem, I ignored it. Seriously, my younger brother is so adorable. Mou~

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