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10 Years Old: Chapter 44 – Grandfather and Granddaughter

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Nahct, Wafflez & Me3


Since Grandfather will be staying with us, Father strictly ordered us to not get involved with him.


It was just like Father to worry that Grandfather was up to no good. Father really hates Grandfather, doesn’t he? Well, I understood from a single glance that Grandfather didn’t get along with Father so I guess you could say that it was justified.  


Since he had given the command as the head of the family with a serious face, I couldn’t go against it nor did I want to. I decided to be obedient and didn’t try to get close to Grandfather. To begin with, I was certain that Grandfather didn’t have a favorable impression of me, seeing as how he insulted when we first met.  


「….. It’s better to not get too close, but there is a limit to how much one can avoid him, like what Ruby’s doing」


Haa~ I grumbled and sighed while combing Ruby’s hair as he used my lap as a pillow.


In some ways it was pitiable, but this was because I had carried out a decisive tactic to prevent Ruby from meeting Grandfather. However, there was a problem.  


The problem being that Ruby obediently stayed in his room all the time.


Ruby was still in his playful phase. Previously, he had eagerly walked around the premises. Now, all the time he would have spent outside was being spent cooped up in his room. And the increase of activities in the garden only strengthened his desire to follow me to his favourite area. I could only pacify him for now, but I’m at my limit. Even I wanted to go to the garden.


Ruby, who was napping peacefully, displayed an innocent face in his sleep. When I traced his cheeks with the tip of my fingers, he mumbled with uneasiness and furrowed his brows. It was so adorable that I just couldn’t help but smile.


If Grandfather firmly promises to not do needless things, then I’ll let them meet. Ah, wait! Considering the situation when Father and Grandfather severed all forms of contact, I feel like I shouldn’t let them meet after all.


「Liz-sama, are you feeling alright?」

「I’m fine as long as he doesn’t meet Ruby. I don’t mind even if he shouts and curses me」

「….. Even if he is the former head of the family, I won’t forgive him if he abuses Liz-sama」

「Well, I did say those things to Grandfather, so I’m not surprised if he hates me after that」


I am not bothered by whether or not he dislikes me. In any case, I was beyond his scope of interest. Because I was irritated by his insults towards Mother, I said those things to Grandfather. However, the words were said haphazardly.  


Grandfather seems cold-hearted to me. I mean, it’s been ten years since I was born and not once had I met Grandfather, so I don’t really know. Furthermore, he holds Mother in contempt. It’s understandable even if he doesn’t like me, I treat people that I don’t like as strangers after all. Does that mean I’m heartless?  


Gilles, who has been my escort for a while, also disapprove of him. Although I don’t particularly feel like he’ll do me any real harm. If anything were to occur, then Father and Gilles would tell him off before I could lose my temper.


….. Either way, at the end of the day, aren’t I just being spoiled?


「If anything were to happen, I have you Gilles. We’ll manage somehow」


Gilles was like family to me. When I said that, he showed a wry smile on his face.


However, Gilles was an indispensable person to me, so much so that I’ve become very reliant on him. As a person who treasures and looks only at me, he’s very special to me.  


….. On one hand, I wish for him to quickly find a lover, and on the other, I don’t want us to be separated. I’m self-conscious of how dependent I’ve become.


「Then, I must meet those demands」


Towards my bitter smile, Gilles’s satisfaction seemed to radiate from his face. He turned towards me with a bright smile and combed my hair.


People around me have said that my appearance is quite similar to Mother’s. According to Father, I am just like Mother when she was a little girl. Of course, I have a bit of Father in me, but it seems that Mother’s side was predominant.


Father expects my appearance to become more similar to Mother’s when I hit puberty. Mother’s cuteness and her baby face gives off the feeling of a beautiful attendant whereas the expression of my eyes seem to differ slightly from hers.


Well, leaving that matter aside, I’m currently at the stage where I resemble Mother. It’s not to the point where we were like two peas in a pod, but the similarity was still shocking.  


Hence, for Grandfather who hates Mother, when he saw his granddaughter’s appearance, he frowned.


「….. What’s wrong with your brother?」


Even if I holed myself in my room whenever I could, I would encounter him when I headed out.


「I heard you. What will you do when you find out?」

「What’s wrong with looking at my grandchild’s face?」

「Your grandchild is in front of you, though?」


I tried very hard to show him a good impression by expressing a cheerful and gentle look as best as I could.


Oh well! I had a feeling that it was a bit too late for that. As a result of him being unable to stomach it, a grimace formed on Grandfather’s harsh expression, signalling his displeasure.  


「I don’t want you」

「Is that so? How regrettable」


I put on a regretful expression for appearance’s sake for the time being. It was not particularly because we were blood-related; after all, I hadn’t been affected by anything he had said till now, and I still didn’t care about it. It was not like Grandfather was essential to me , I only perceived him as Father’s genetic provider.     


It seems that he understood from how unnaturally low my eyebrows were; Grandfather looked annoyed.


「You really are just like that woman. Your words sound sad yet you don’t feel concerned at all」

「If you’re conscious that you’ve hurt others with your conduct, then shouldn’t you go about changing it? Although it surely must be difficult to pass the time in this house」


I’m certain that the person himself feels it when the entire family in the household doesn’t welcome him. In the first place, it was to the point where he was close to disowning Father, so in a sense, it was not that surprising. Especially since Father and the butler that previously served Father, Joseph, were greatly antagonistic towards him.


「I don’t mind even if you hate me. However, don’t you think you should at least try to put in some effort to like me even a tiny bit?」

「But in doing so, wouldn’t I be acknowledging you?」

「No. I don’t care if you acknowledge me or not. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a stranger to me, Grandfather. You feel the same way too. However, it will never change the fact that I’m still the older sister of Ruby, whom you seek」

「….. You are an unlikable lass」

「Yes, I’m aware of that. I will not forgive anyone who intends to ruin my world. Even if it’s Father’s father」


I affirmed it with a smile.


「If you come into contact with Ruby and indoctrinate him with half-truths and try to brainwash him, I will do whatever it takes to drive you out of this house」

「Do you even have such authority?」

「I’ll beg Father in tears or use force. I have many means and I won’t be the one choosing which」


I’m still a child so even if I fought fairly against an adult, my chances of winning would be slim. In that case, it was obvious for me to use whatever means necessary to ensure my safety.


「If you just want to see your cute grandson, Ruby, then please tell that to Father. If you have a guilty conscience and aren’t scheming, I’m sure he’ll allow it」


Since he doesn’t seem to feel any attachment towards me, I’m just going to be indifferent about it. However, Grandfather was only obsessed with Ruby. A son who would inherit the legacy was precious, wasn’t he? Unlike me, who would only be useful as a tool in a political marriage.  


If he wanted to be affectionate towards Ruby as his grandfather, then I couldn’t deny him. I have no intention to carry out needless conversations like Father that would possibly drive him out. Everything would depend on Grandfather’s intentions.  


It didn’t matter whether you were somebody important or proud, nothing would change even if they told me. I just want to reduce the elements of danger and unease.   


As a smile floated across my lips, my eyes narrowed when Grandfather slightly grimaced and let out a sigh.


「I’ll admit only one thing, you’re just like that woman and Welf」

「I’m honored to receive your praise」


Grinning, I laughed with a childish allure as Grandfather turned his back on me with a face as though he was pondering over something.

….. It’s not good that he doesn’t like me as well, but even so, I don’t want him to do any unnecessary things to Ruby. It would be good if he loved him as his grandson. Then, I’m sure Father would probably not go as far as to refuse him. Why didn’t I purposely tell that to Grandfather?

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