Chapter 11 – The Loner Three Principles


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc, Kriz





I–it’s awkward….. (Andou & Asakura)


「Andou-kun, are you not going to drink the juice?」

「Eh, aa! Itadakimasu!」

「H–how is it?」


「The juice. Is it delicious?」

「Yeah, it is delicious」

「……Is that so」


Thank god. It looks like it suits Andou-kun’s taste! (Asakura)

Uwaaa~ I can’t even taste the juice because of all this tension. (Andou)


「B–by the way Andou-kun. At the bookstore……that, about what I said there」



He–here it comessss!  As expected, Asakura-san brought me along to her house to have a talk about that. (Andou)


「That was……that wasn’t what I mean!」

「Yes! It’s okay! I understand! I totally understand! That was a slip of tongue and by no means referred to Asakura-san true feeling!」

「You’re wrong! Eh……huh?」

「Nn? Eh, he……?」


H–huh? Why am I denying Andou-kun words! By denying, it looks like I actually fall for him, isn’t it! (Asakura)

Th–that’s a lie right? Maybe Asakura-san really serious about me……but, no! It can’t be?! (Andou)


「A, Andou-kun!」

「Ye, yes!」

「It was……wlong」

「Wl, wlong?」

「I bit my tongue… was wrong」


「Yes, it’s 『wrong』……get it?」

「Umm……is that about the word you said just now? Or about at the bookstore—-」

「Wha–whatever it is, it is 『wrong』! Geez, please understand this much! Both what I’ve said just now and also the one at the bookstore, it’s all 『wrong』!」


Right! For me to fell in love with Andou-kun is 『wrong』! Such thing is impossible! (Asakura)


I.DON’T. KNOOOOW! Like, seriously, what’s going on?!

Wait, at time like this I need to recall the Loner Three Principles to compose myself.


『Never turn around when you’re called』

If you turn around and being mistaken for another person, you’ll feel ashamed. There is no one who will greet a loner.


『Don’t ever fully open your heart when talking with the opposite sex』

A loner can’t fall in love. You’ll be given a cold shoulder if you’re confessing, so just don’t have any hope from the start.


『If someone talk to you, never misunderstand their goodwill』

That person is talking to me only because I have some use. There is no way somebody talk to me without any reason.


So, once again, if I think about Asakura-san matter based on those three points…..I see, the truth has come to light!


I must be not hearing it right what Asakura-san told me at the bookstore!

To say it accurately, this cheap loner brain of mine that love girls must have conveniently interpreted Asakura-san’s words on its own accord. That’s why Asakura-san repeatedly said 『wrong』 to me. That’s right, that’s right……That 『wrong』 is because what she said was different with my interpretation. But, what was Asakura-san truly said back then?

Hmm, think about it again, Asakura-san was indeed talked to me. But, surely that wasn’t something like a feeling of love but because there is some 『benefits』 she could gain by talking to me. The 『benefits』 she wants to gain and the similarities between me and Asakura-san……is 『light novels』?

I see! In other words, Asakura-san come talk to me to that extent because she want to have a chat about 『light novels』 with me! Then that time, Asakura-san was saying this words,


『I really like Andou-kun』




『I really like (light novels, as much as) Andou-kun!』


That must be it! Surely my loner brain unconsciously missed out the words inside the parenthesis. That’s dangerous…… I almost have misunderstanding that Asakura-san truly like me! However, though unconsciously, I was having a great misunderstanding towards Asakura-san’s words until I came here, am I already falling in love with Asakura-san without even being aware of it? Well, it is reasonable…… after all, Asakura-san is the most beautiful girl in school. The recent ‘it’?? Perhaps Asakura-san is the “disappointing beauty” type? Even if I thought that, the fact is the disappointing one was my own mind. (Andou)


「—Andou-kun? Andou-kun!」

「……Uwaa! Asakura-san!」

「Don’t ‘uwa’ me! …… What’s the matter? You suddenly fell into silence」


I knew it, he didn’t like the apple juice? (Asakura)

Asakura-san seems to worry about me, she looks at me with upturned eyes……d–dangerous!  When I was aware again that I fell in love with Asakura-san, suddenly she looked absurdly cute! (Andou)


「N–nothing! Leaving that aside, I understand! Asakura-san’s words at the bookstore, that is…… when you said like, it’s not about me but for something else, isn’t it?」

「That’s right!」


Eh, no way! How come Andou-kun noticed that was a verbal slip-up? (Asakura)

Thank god! As expected, I didn’t hear it righttttt! (Andou)


「U–um……the words at that time and also before, they were all wrong」

「Uh huh……」

「B–but…… I like 『light novels』!」



I–I said iiiiit! (Asakura)

Aa, as expected, it comes to that! I’m relieved…… Leaving that aside, I just realized that this is Asakura-san’s room. To think that the first girl’s room I get into was the room of the most beautiful girl in school…… are those light novels? (Andou)


「How should I put it, it’s the first time I come into a girl room but…… there is a bookshelf eh」

「Hyaa! N–no! Don’t look so intently at it!」


C–Come to think of it, I led him into my room on impulse. I–I’m so embarrassed! (Asakura)

I think a girl’s room will have cute stuffed toy and it’ll smell good but in Asakura-san’s room, there is only a bookshelf, moreover the bookshelf is full of light novels……there is no other scent than books which makes me feel like I’m in my room. (Andou)


「But, it was interesting to see that the light novels inside the bookshelf only has isekai cheat genre」

「Kyaaaa! I, I’m embarrassed! Don’t look inside the bookshelf like that!」

「Eh, embarrassed!?」

「If I’m not embarrassed then I won’t hide the fact that I like light novel up until now!」


Crap……the bashful Asakura-san is very cute. (Andou)

Geez! An–Andou-kun is the only one that knows this shameful side of mine…… Hah! I–is this the so called ‘secret shared only between two people’!? (Asakura)


「I’m home~~」




Someone……is returning to Asakura-san house? (Andou)

Oh no! Is it perhaps! (Asakura)


「Is there anybody inside~ ?」


「A–Asakura-san, is that maybe……」

「This is terrible……my mama has returned」

「Mama!? What’s terrible!?」


That footstep! It’s getting closer! (Andou)

Crap! Mama is getting closer! (Asakura)


Ara, nee, who might this friend be that you have ov~~er??」


Ara, ara ara ara……」


Th–this person is…… Asakura-san’s mother? (Andou)


Nee, who is that chi~ld?」

「My–my friend…….Andou-kun」

Ara, ara ara ara ara ara……ufufu」

Mooooou! What is it mama! If you have anything to say, just say it!」

Ara ara ara ara ara ara ara……」

「Go–good afternoon! I–I’m Andou!」

Ara ara how polite……hello, I’m this child’s mother. Ufufu」


Asakura-san’s mother is very young! It was not strange to say she is her sister instead! O, oi……Her 『chest』! (Andou)


Ara ara ara……」  *dodo–n*


Super huge! Her oppai is super huge! What the heck!? E!? F!? Ev–Even so! Compared to that…… (Andou)


「……hey, what is it Andou-kun?」  *te–n*


Very normal…… Maybe it’s a B. (Andou)


「—! Ge–get ouuuuuuuuuut!!」


Ara ara……fufu」

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