Chapter 13 – Absence


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc, Kriz

Editor: Shirani, MystEd3


「Today, Asakura is absent because of a cold.」


As the class teacher said that during the morning homeroom session that message caused the boys in the class to simultaneously shouted 『Eeeeeeh!』, raising their voices in complete disappointment.


Asakura-san, she caught a cold, huh…… (Andou)


As expected, with the absence of Asakura-san, the most beautiful girl in the school, the class was understandably gloomy as the boys felt dejected.


「Asakura-san caught a cold」


「Isn’t that seriously awful?」

「Poor thing~~」

「Her friends must be worried」


Even though the girls showed less of a reaction than the boys, they still voiced their worries for Asakura-san among themselves. That’s because Asakura-san was not only popular with the boys but with the girls as well. If it was me, I’m sure nobody would care.


Somehow……It’s really quiet today. (Andou)


It’s like usual and nothing has changed. And yet, simply by not having Asakura-san sit next to me……why do I feel 『a little lonely』.


A loner is someone who is used to being alone. Despite that, having this 『loneliness』 might be because I like the moments when Asakura-san talked to me.


「–and I’m sorry to ask of this but is there anyone who can head over to Asakura’s house to deliver this handout on their way home?」


「Oi, why don’t you go」 *whisper* *whisper*

「Idiot, I dunno where Asakura-san house is」*whisper* *whisper*

「Now that you mentioned it, where is Asakura-san’s house? Do you know, Mika?」 *whisper* *whisper*

「M-me? I……Hey, I have club activities」 *whisper* *whisper*

「I also have a committee meeting…..Sorry, I’ll pass」 *whisper* *whisper*


「Ooooi, is there anyone~~?」


It came to this, huh. (Andou)


「Ah, ummm……Teacher, I’ll do it」


Hoping to meet her even today, I raised my hand.

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