Chapter 14 – Dream

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani, MystEd3




「U–um……the words at that time and also before, they were all wrong.」

「Uh huh……」

「B–but…… I like 『light novels』!」






「…… This dream again.」


It’s about my previous conversation with Andou-kun in this room…… What I saw just now is a dream, but the content is reality!


I finally conveyed my feelings that I like light novels to Andou-kun. On the same occasion while being carried away it seems I’ve also conveyed unnecessary things, but now that I’ve told him my feelings, it’s a trivial matter.


「With this, the next time I meet with Andou-kun, we can talk about light novels as much as we’d like! 」


…… That’s how it should’ve been.


Currently, I’m lying flat on the bed in my room.


Why, why did I catch a cooooooooooooold!


「But, it seems my fever has gone down since I’ve been sleeping……. With this, I can go to school tomorrow! 」


And then, tomorrow for sure with Andou-kun――


「Are you awake~? How’s your condition?」


Then, my mum went into my room while cleaning around.


「Mum, un. It’s alright. I’ve been sleeping so it seems my fever is going down. 」

「Ara– I see…… Then, you can meet with Andou-kun tomorrow, right~~」

「Hwai! W-why did you suddenly mention Andou-kun’s name just now! 」

「Ara ara~~ Even if you try to hide it, mum already knows~~」

「Mum, you don’t know about anything! Stop it! A-Andou-kun is just a friend, it’s not like I particularly like him! 」

「Ara ara ara~~ Ufufu」

「Mum, what is it……? 」

「Mum only said that it’s nice to meet a dear friend. It doesn’t have any other meaning…… But I wonder why it’s turning into 『liking him and so on』 speech~~?」

「Funya-! T-that’s…… 」

「Ara ara ara……」

「B-be quiet–! Geez, get out Mum! You’ll catch my cold!」

「Mum is fine~~ But, don’t go spreading your cold around if your friends comes to visit, alright? They might actually catch your cold if you keep yelling like that, won’t they? 」

「It’s fine. Nobody will come to visit if it’s only for a common cold. Not to mention visiting is embarrassing.」

「Ara ara~~ Kids nowadays–. Ah, but, if Andou-kun came to visit won’t you be happy? 」

「Like I said, why is Andou-kun’s name being brought up now! 」

「Well, among your friends Mum only knows Andou-kun~~ But, if Andou-kun actually came to visit you’ll be happy, right? 」

「Uu…… W-well! It doesn’t have to be Andou-kun! Whoever it is that’s worried for me and coming to visit me, of course I’ll be happy, right! 」

「Ara ara ara ara~~」

「Geez, it’s enough, right! 」

「Fine, fine, then mum will leave now~」

「Haah…… She’s finally leaving. 」


Then, at the moment my mum left my room, while facing outside she said this.


「Well, in that case~~ Andou-kun, it’s fine to go inside now. 」

「Ha? 」


「A, Asakura-san…… Hi.」


And then,  Andou-kun came inside the room while passing by my mum.


「……………… Perhaps, I’m still dreaming? 」


TL Notes:

Cryarc: I made a 4-koma doujin fanart of Loner & Juliet~! Fufufu, I hope you like it~ if you’re interested into my artworks you can visit my pixiv account.

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